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Field stripped FNS 40

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

NSSF: U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo Talks Second Amendment

I support your efforts to stop efforts by the Federals using Banks to stop legal businesses such as firearms and accessory business. However, this is not enough Banks such as Bank of America, Citi and other Major Banks have decided on their own to get into the political arena and to stop doing businesses with legal firearms and accessory businesses. These businesses have excepted taxpayer money to get bailed out and now are trying to destroy our Second Amendment Rights by trying to destroy Gun businesses and even organizations like the NRA bt denying access to the financial institutions.

~Randy Shikashio

NSSF: U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo Talks Second Amendment

Sounds as if the congressman can actually read and does read. I like his views and support him fully. What’s not to understand about SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.


Reloading: Load Density

I measure case powder volume with powder. Drill out the flash hole in your test case. Seat your bullet then fill it with the powder. Weight the powder.


FNS 40: An Overlooked Champion

I’ve had an FNS-40 for over a year now. It’s a great pistol, very reliable and accurate. The articulated trigger does take getting used to – it just felt weird when I first got it. The mags are almost works of art – the coloring on them is possibly the most attractive I’ve ever seen on any gun or gun part. I’ve never regretted buying this pistol.


FNS 40: An Overlooked Champion

Thank you for the write up. I have a FNS9 and a FNS9L (Longslide). I LOVE shooting both of them. Of all of our striker fired polymer handguns, they are hands down my favorite. That says a lot as my family does do a lot of shooting, so we have Glocks, HK’s (VP9 and P30) and S&W MP 9. the FN is cheaper than most of them, I bought mine used, have never had a misfeed or malfunction of any kind, and they always shoot at least as tight of group as anything else.

Interesting when you put one next to the new Glock 19X, similar in that they both have a full sized handle, but shorter barrel than some other 17 rounders.

I really do not know why these FNS’s are not more popular, but that seems to work in my favor as we are slowly moving over to FNS from the other brands.


NSSF: U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo Talks Second Amendment

Anyone not yet cognitively deceased by totalitarian deep state brainwashing knows that the Marxist Tyrannists rely on incremental unconstitutional fiat laws, aka, ‘gun control creep’ to eventually reach a tipping point of universal bans on private gun ownership here, as witnessed in other totalitarian countries like the UK, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Venezuela, Most of Europe, and the world, where their governments then no longer fear any serious armed dissent from criminal efforts to dominate and tax the populate.

Therefore the specious notion and fraudulent practice here of minimalizing illegal gun laws as ‘reasonable gun control’ measures, not ‘really’ violating the 2nd/A, is an outright criminal lie.

The conclusion being that there simply cannot be ANY compromise, capitulation, equivocations concerning the core meaning of what ‘Shall NOT Be Infringed’ means, which is totally and completely unabridged uninhibited possession of firearms by Americans, if you want to stop their incessent obsession with disarming us. And this includes reversing and repealing ALL current gun laws, which in fact, are illegal in the first place. Otherwise, they’ll eventually take away your guns and there won’t be anything you can do about it once it’s too late.

Since this politician does not specify or articulate an ‘Absolute No Compromise’ stance like the ones voiced in the ‘Gun Owners of America’ organization, anything he says means relatively nothing.

~Mahatma Muhjesbude

Video: How to Trick Out Your Gun (Without Going to Jail)

Guns are not toys, so stop using terms like “trick out”. Same with “Zombie Rounds” etc. These are terms dreamed up by marketing departments to sell guns to the beta males that our society is being overrun with. Same goes for “bump stocks”. I live in SoFla, it’s very flat here. If some little sh!t decides to spray off a magazine of 5.56 (and that’s all it amounts to since you can’t aim it) in the next section of land and my grandkids are out playing in the yard, it is nothing but stupid and dangerous. and for what?

These gun accessories company remind me of what Marxist say about Capitalists “If there were an order to hang all Capitalists there would be a bidding war for the rope contract”. We in this country are in a fight to keep our second amendment rights and we have to deal with guns being marketed to weak minded punks (nickolus cruz) like they are the newest toy that will make them cool and invincible, and if they are really lucky, die a legend. Grow up people, before we all have to defend our guns with our guns.

~kevin young

FNS 40: An Overlooked Champion

Seems like a good bread and butter type product. I like things that are well designed, well made and work. This whole obsession with upgrading and customizing seems like a waste of money and handguns are not cheap to buy even as pain Jane, off the shelf fare.

Not truly sold on the .40 versus say the 10mm or the round more familiar to most of us, the old and proven .45 caliber. I’m not against it per se, but everything has its use or purpose and then we humans have preferences and concerns of recoil, noise, cost and so on.

~Frank Vazquez

Range Report: Diamondback DB15 Rifle

One thing I wish I would have done before purchasing my first AR (several years ago), was more research. Knowing what I do now, I would have bypassed the gun I purchased and spent a little more initially, and had a better rifle to start, than the several hundred dollars more I spent upgrading brand “X” entry level rifle to meet specs. Live and learn I suppose, but I would do things different now. I appreciate articles like this, that are honest and give the pros and cons of the product. For those of us late to the AR world, they’re essential reading. Thank You Bob.

~Chuck Cochran

NSSF: U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo Talks Second Amendment

“we must stand strong against efforts to weaken the legal rights put in place by our Founding Fathers under the Second Amendment.”

Rights do NOT come from the Constitution.

Rights do NOT come from amendments.

We are BORN with rights — we ALL have the same rights.

Governments are instituted to *secure* (i.e. protect) those rights.

I’m very concerned how few people actually know that simple and basic concept (I don’t think any supreme Court justice know it, and I find very few legislators that understand it). It is all clearly described in the first few sentences of the Declaration of Independence, upon which our nation was founded.

Rights can’t be weakened, they can only be stolen. The protections of our natural right to keep and bear arms, the right to self defense, etc. have all been weakened by an incompetent legislative and legal system.

Where I get Sen. Crapo’s point, we need to always be sure that we speak of and stand for the truth. If we continue to refer to Second Amendment Rights, we delude ourselves into thinking that the right comes from Amendment II, and if Amendment II is repealed, so is the right. NOTHING is further from the truth. Amendment II explicitly *protects* the preexisting right. Repeal Amendment II, the (explicit) protection may be gone, but the right remains there and in full force. Spread the word.

Have a nice day.


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