Reader Comments of the Week — September 30, 2017

Armscor M206 revolver on a box of Delta Precision ammunition

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

SHARE Act One Step Closer to Passage

I am a retired cop and staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment; yet in this vein I recognize two things. Silencers will become very popular among criminals, especially those bent on assassinating police. When used by hunters it also all but eliminates the three shot signal for assistance if a hunter is accidently wounded or otherwise hurt. I am uncertain and unaware of the hearing issue and would need to actually study it, yet my friends and I all grew up hunting and we all hear fine….. so what problem are we trying to solve here? Just some food for thought.

~Mike Breen

SHARE Act One Step Closer to Passage

As a retired Audiologist I know full well the effect of excessive noise on a person’s hearing. Noise induced hearing loss is a real epidemic. During my career I not only found noise induced hearing loss in adults but also among our children. Excessive noise levels do not discriminate. Any noise level of 85dB and more should generate a red flag. I know that sounds complicated and foreign to most individuals. Normal conversational speech is approximately 65dB so it doesn’t take much more for a noise level to become hazardous. It’s not just the noise level of gunshots that are dangerous and harmful to a humans’ sense of hearing. Once the damage has been done it is not self healing, it is gone. Hearing protection is such an easy concept; but sadly it has been neglected for years.

~David H. Pedersen, AbD

SHARE Act One Step Closer to Passage

Rob Bishop is for the most part a pretty cool dude. I had the pleasure of meeting with him several times while I live in Northern Utah and was and elected local official.
Too bad more Representatives, ESPECIALLY FROM TEXAS, did not Co sponsor this bill.

~R. B.

Choosing the Right Caliber for Deer

Then there are those of us who live in states (Ohio) that will only allow pistol caliber (straight wall) cartridges.
Sure, I’d like to use a .44 Magnum or a 45-70 but that would entail spending many more hundreds of dollars on yet another rifle, since I’ve already got both .357 & .45LC lever guns, and would like to think that the Uberti.45LC 1873 with a 20″ barrel (using -tailored for the action- handloaded XTPs?)might be adequate for the under 100 yard shot I’m figuring on luring Mr. Buck into from the tree stand in my back yard.
Is this realistic, or should I follow the Postman’s advice and use my 12g A5 with the smoothbore slug barrel & it’s rifle sights?


SHARE Act One Step Closer to Passage

@ 3rdMan.

I get the “Library of Congress” Subscription of “” which give a Daily Briefing on What “IS” and What “ISN’T” being passed in the US Congress. And the “SHARE” Act is a “Political Hot Potato with a Plutonium-238 Core” that NOBODY is Willing to Touch. And Frankly, I don’t see the NRA “Pushing” all that hard either…


Throwback Thursday: Keeping Your Powder Dry—How to Store Ammunition Using a FoodSaver

I’ve had a Foodsaver for years and have used it on almost every thing you can think of! I basically live off of deer meat and it’s great for that! But I can not believe I never thought about using it on Ammo, and now I have even more sealing to look forward too! Thanks for the Super Tip Shooter’s Log!! Be great for storing pistols in also!!

~Rodney Steward

Choosing the Right Caliber for Deer

Everyone believes that their gun is the best at whatever they shoot. My dad shot a turkey with a 246 wm and it looked like it swallowed a grenade, very funny. Some people in discussion take scripts too serious. Always shoot with what one is comfortable with and state allowed. There has been people say “You can’t kill a hog with a 556 { not a 223 } or a deer, well I have killed both 1 shot and it’s not hard too do that. Discrepancies are sometimes debatable, but doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Good hunting and 2A to everyone.


What I’ve Learned after Carrying a Glock 19 for 4,992 Hours

Over the years I too have bought numerous holster for a variety of pistols. My current EDC is a Walther. PPS M2. My son in law sent me your link after I finally got around to posting a video of my set up using a Clip-Draw and a Bora ll Eagle pocket Holster. Here is the link.
I truly enjoyed your post!

~Wes Schield

The Perfect Mix of Stopping Power, Reliability and Accuracy: Is the .357 SIG Law Enforcement’s Best Defense Cartridge?

The .357 Magnum (or the .41 Magnum, for that matter) will always be a more *versatile* round than the 10mm. That’s mainly due to the fact that many more bullet weights and types can function well out of a revolver (or a single-shot) than from a semi-auto. If you compare “apples to apples” and use the .357 Mag’s 125 gr. JHP load to the 10mm’s 135 gr JHP load I think you will find out that the 10mm can hold it’s own. I have measured my own load with the 135 gr. Nosler JHP at 1560 fps out of a *ported* 4.5″ barrel — that makes an honest 730 ft-lbs. at the muzzle. Were I to carry a revolver for Self Defense it would very likely be a .357 Mag with 125 gr. JHP ammo — but I carry a semi auto.

~Bob Clevenger

Big Steel — The Taurus M44 .44 Magnum

I’m a very petite woman who owns a Tracker. With .44 special, it’s a fast, accurate, and breathtakingly powerful little beast. I was very hesitant to purchase a Taurus due to their bad reputation, and I am hesitant to run the Hornady 240 XTP through it on a regular basis, but on the night that I needed it, it worked just fine. This is my preferred regular carry while on trail, or working range with untrustworthy livestock. I used to prefer longer barreled pistols, but after a bad surprise from a big cat, I now have zero hesitation on recommending the Tracker to fellow women who trail and ride. On my tiny frame there is no way this would be a c&c choice, but for open carry it serves beautifully. I’ve owned mine now for three, going on four years with zero issues.

~Mickey C

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