Reader Comments of the Week — September 3, 2016

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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion. Town Crier Cartoon

Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Range Report: HK45 Tactical Oh SNAP! Excellent response!! Well done Bob….all around. I picked-up one of these about a year ago and couldn’t be happier. I also then bought a Galco (SUM292B) holster and….my god, what a great holster!…coincidentally fits my M&P 40 quite nicely. The family didn’t know I had bought the holster and they were not used to me carrying, so I decided to do a test, and for about 4 solid months, I carried concealed IWB – spring time – 3-4 times a week, most of the day each time. They never once knew I was carrying the HK45. I’m average at 5’10” / 195 lbs and usually just had a loose shirt or light jacket over a tucked shirt. Based on my experience and despite this being a large frame full-sized weapon, I would debate it’s reasonably concealable. I would not debate, however, that there are far smaller and more convenient concealable firearms out there. The HK45 is now my primary home defense weapon with a TLR-3 mounted. I’ve decided, after mounting an x400u to my M&P 40, and getting a custom holster, that clip volume feels more comforting out and about. It’s all about placement though, isn’t it. Thanks again.

Cheers, ~Bill

I Trust My Life to Taurus I have the TCP 732 & TCP 738. They stopped making the .32 acp. Both of these pistols fire SPOT ON. I also have the Taurus Judge Public Defender Poly and love it. I ordered the 24/7 G2 Compact .45 acp Stainless over 6 months ago and was just told by Kimberly in Customer Service that they have NO plans on manufacturing this pistol now. What a shame. They finally got it right on this .45 acp, but will not make anymore. I went ahead and bought a Glock 30s to fill my need for a compact .45. I hope in the future they decide to start making them again.

~James Wagner

150+ Shootings in 15 Days — Gun Control or Gun Offender Control? Biggest problem besides the worthless potus is the overcrowded jails and because of this they rely on the plea bargain system which in turn makes it a revolving door system all over again. Build more jails so they can lock them up and keep them locked up and quit paying the public defenders to help the gangsters get right back out because the courts are loaded and the judges hands are tied. Chicago is a mess all around, look who’s running our country and where did he come from? I say no more pleasant bargains and hold them for the max for whatever crime they commit, period. Some of the judges are the problem too. Need to revamp the whole system starting at the Whitehouse and all the way down. Just my opinion but as they say, ” Crap flows downhill.” ~Lance Dacus

PolyCase: The Next Generation of Range/Target Ammunition It’s NEW Application to an OLD Problem. The British Started Color Coding Ordnance Munitions in 1629! If “YOU” Couldn’t Read, You Could Probably Identify with a “COLOR”. The Practice was used in the American Colonies in 1645 in the Massachusetts Colony’s Surveyor of Ordnance. Poly Coating Bullets, is an Application of a Dry Lubricant to a Specific Bullet Caliber Classification and Muzzle Velocity. Each Moly Coated Bullet, Burns Off (Color) at a Specific Muzzle Velocity. Primarily Used on Barrels that AREN’T “Chrome Lined”. Non-Chrome Lined Barrels (4140, 4150 or 4350 Common Steel)… ~Secundius

150+ Shootings in 15 Days — Gun Control or Gun Offender Control? Actually you are dead on. Our entire political and justice system has taken a turn for the worse. Corruption is rampant, everyone defines the law the way they see it personally, everyone from the White House, to Congress to the Supreme Court now makes their own rules and totally ignores the Constitution when it gets n their way. We are living in a near lawless society and the only thing that will ultimately come of that is anarchy and civil war. We are close.


150+ Shootings in 15 Days — Gun Control or Gun Offender Control? You forgot about that thing that’s called the Constitution. That thing that allows you to legally own a gun. It also gives anyone charged with a crime certain rights.


I Trust My Life to Taurus Kahr cm9 is another great pocket pistol I carry daily I had a Taurus TCP only reason I sold it had got laid off from work went to buy another one they had the cm9 almost same size an weight but in 9mm but personally never had a problem with either feeling like it would not do the job but hard to beat Taurus’s lifetime warranty.


I Trust My Life to Taurus I don’t think anyone should put down a gun maker it is all personal choice like a Chevy to a ford to a Kia get what you like your the one paying the bills and the one that has to feel good about it. And a 380 well again your choice. You are the one that lives with your choices. Good job of protecting yourself and your property.


150+ Shootings in 15 Days — Gun Control or Gun Offender Control? Roger, Are you saying that any law passed would be able to eliminate every firearm in the entire world? Do you advocate getting rid of military weapons ? How will you get Russia to go along with this ? If the people of Chicago are bringing in guns from outside, then they will continue to do so as long as there are any on this earth. If you can convince Hillary, Obama, Bloomberg, and other rich elitists to get rid of their bodyguards firearms, I will then listen to you. Otherwise your argument sounds very stupid.


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