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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Throwback Thursday: Hurricane Katrina — Learning the Lessons of the Past

I lived & worked in the New Orleans area during this time. Fortunately I got out….with my weapons, papers and valuables hours before the hammer fell. The city & state governments were all but useless. Unable to perform any of the functions of civil authority they still managed to gather enough manpower & resources confiscate weapons. Mind boggling. The LIB DEMs in local gov’t showed what their true priorities were when things went south. The inner city ‘wards’ of the state also showed their true colors as well. Looting & lawless behavior broke out even before the storm had completely left the area and before the actual flooding began. It was very sad

Review: Traditions Bill Tilghman Revolver

Excellent Article. I agree, although I carry modern semi’s for personal defense, there’s still much enjoyment in shooting a SAA, and they’re a great camping and trail gun. My only SAA to date is an old Interarms Virginia Dragoon chambered in .357 Magnum. I own the Bicentennial model that came out in 1974 in the run up to our Countries Bicentennial. Fitted with a 7 3/8 barrel, I can definitely get a tighter group over the bench than with my 6″ model 19. I currently use the Buffalo Bore Penetrator .357 magnum 180 grain SWC for camping/trail carry. I’ve clocked this round at 1500 fps out of the 6″ S&W, and an astonishing 1690 fps out of the 7 3/8″ barrel. I too, only carry it on an empty chamber, old habits being what they are.
~Chuck Cochran

Review: Traditions Bill Tilghman Revolver

Excellent article. I too like the COLT SAA and its clones. Too bad COLT isn’t up to making them on a regular basis. Understand a company in CONN called Standard Mfg is making a near perfect copy of the COLT for about 2 grand. Also makes an engraved model for about 3 grand. Have yet to see one at my lgs. Ruger makes a great SAA for a reasonable price both with and without sights. Too bad that other gun company located in CONN but went out of business some time ago also made some great SAA clones in the old Colt bldg. Probably the finest is the Freedom Arms SAA made in Wyoming. I have their Deputy/Sheriffs model in 454 Casull and it is top quality but very pricey and very hard to find.
~Douglas D DiToro

How to Choose a Rifle Scope

I like that budget is the first thing in your steps. A scope/optic has to fir in most peoples budget somehow, and it’s very easy to spend more than you intended. At this time, I only have one rifle fitted with an optic, and that’s my AR 15. While I look, watch and drool with envy over the number of high end scopes and optics, spending 4 figures for use on a $900, just isn’t an expense a retiree can easily justify. I have both a scope and a holographic Red Dot on quick mounts. The scope is a Vortex Diamondback Tactical Rifle, with 4 – 16x, the Red Dot a Vortex Venom 1x. I’ve had both for about 5 years now, and other than replacing batteries, no issues to date with either.
~Chuck Cochran

Safety 101: How to Properly Clear a Pistol

I like the second video. Mike does what i do never take a cleared weapon from anyone without clearing it yourself. Even when i go to the lgs and big box stores i clear the weapon. I have had times were i have had to ask the clerk to remove the magazine before i would take control of the weapon at the gun counter. video 1 is geared more to those who have been around weapons for a time.

Safety 101: How to Properly Clear a Pistol

I have no concerns about my Sig 2022 with a hammer. I just don’t know how to disengage the “cocked” S&W 9mm Shield. If a round is chambered it is my understanding that I cannot decock it as I can with the Sig. Am I correct in thinking the only solution is to eject the chambered round?
~Christopher Knowles

Safety 101: How to Properly Clear a Pistol

You can never hear this enough. Experienced or not, check it twice. Good review, good for a beginner, good all around. I liked them both, but the second one had more specific tips for how to hold the gun while doing the clearing and I thought it was more useful. I am not a novice, but like everyone else, what becomes routine can easily be taken for granted. I am glad I watched this.


Five Steps to Staying Safe During Civil Unrest

A close friend and I had our own version of “Escape from LA New Orleans style” during Katrina. I had made an ill timed decision to purchase a truck of my dreams, a 2001 F350 diesel Lariat fully loaded from a broker in Houston. We rented a car from my home town and drove down to pick up the truck. Just when we finalized our departure plan Katrina made the forecast news, we felt we could easily make the run and be well on the way home before anything bad could happen and as everyone else we just didn’t see any real danger.

As I am always inclined to do when I travel I plan my routes and pack accordingly, this was no different and I usually defensively carry a weapon and try to do so in all ways that are conforming to the jurisdictional laws of my travel itinerary. Sometimes it is impossible to conform entirely and the best we can do is breakdown the weapon and lock it up in separate compartments.

All of this being said and done, we figured a stop in NO and a night out in old town on our way back was in order. Bad call, as we moved north east out of Houston the forecasters were still wavering on the projected land fall and much like everyone else we figured it,

  1. Wouldn’t hit dead center New Orleans.
  2. Wasn’t coming that fast.
  3. And even if we hit some bad weather we were rolling in one of the biggest cabable 4X4 trucks made.

Well everyone knows what actually happened, and the only thing that did play out even slightly was the truck we were in. What ensued over the following 48 hours was nothing that even a Hollywood writer could dream up. My friend and I spent over 48 hours either sitting somewhere in New Orleans on high ground or literally plowing through roads inundated with 3-4 water. We were so thankful that the truck had a off road lift package
and was prepped for fording deeper off road water hazards.

What we weren’t thankful for was the fact that other people also wanted the truck, 24 hours into the aftermath it became very dangerous for us to be trying to move up out of the lower Parishes, I still can’t believe what was going on around us and I thank God every day, we were able to push our way through some very deep water and make it over one of the last bridges out of the city proper.

There is much we saw and to this day I can’t believe we actually made it out of the area when we did. It became evident that many people weren’t as fortunate by the radio reports and other folks we talked to, we both couldn’t fathom the scale and desperation of that we had just done. 3 days after being almost swallowed up and disappearing in that black hole we arrived home, my wife came out to look at the truck and said two things, nice truck, you stink!

In a particular retrospective manner, I still haven’t processed some of what I think we saw, I am thankful for two things, being prepared to protect myself and property and for that amazing 2001 F350. No doubt things would have been much different if not for those blessings.

A Hard Look at the .224 Valkyrie

A .224 Valkyrie WILL NOT chamber and fire from a .223/5.56 chambered rifle. It’s bullet diameter is close, but not the same. The brass is also much larger. The author meant that the cartridge can be used in an AR15 sized rifle, rather than the larger lr-308/AR10 sized platform.

How to Choose a Rifle Scope

Thinking seriously about a Vortex Diamondback Tactical for my Rem 700 in 223. Seems like the only choice out there with MOA reticle, easy to click turrets (i.e. no caps) for a price I can afford. How do you like yours?

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