Reader Comments of the Week — October 7, 2017

Expanded Hornady Flex Lock bullet

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion. Town Crier Cartoon

Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Ammo Testing is Complicated Good info. Thanks for the article. I use critical defense for my carry sidearms. For me, what is critical in a self defense round is reliability. Nickel case to prevent corrosion,and consistent feeding in a S.A.. I carry a G19 or PT709. My bedside handgun is a Taurus .44 spc. Handloads. SJHP. I prefer the revolver for home defense. Zero chance of failure or mistake. I can handload to balance penetration thay way shots won’t go through walls into the neighbors house. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Cheers ~Clifffalling

2017 Set to be Second Highest Gun Sales Year in History This report makes me very happy. People are waking up to the dangers of dictatorships and globalism (socialism, fascism, and outright tyranny) where the world will be controlled by the few (oligarchs). Real patriots for freedom and liberty are doing their due-diligence, and will fight to maintain their God-given rights of self-protection, liberty, and justice. These responsibly armed Americans are the true thinkers and protectors of our Republic and our Constitution.


Throwback Thursday: Wanna Fight? The Top 5 Combat Rifles of All-Time The M14 an “honourable mention?” NEVER. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle if you were issued the M14, then deemed it should hold such a lacklustre position! ~Kenn

Throwback Thursday: Wanna Fight? The Top 5 Combat Rifles of All-Time “…the “ping” of an empty en bloc clip is as sweet a sound as a touch of Hoppe’s No. 9 is to the nose.” It wasn’t a sweet sound to the soldier in a firefight. Even setting aside the popular myth of Germans somehow hearing the ping and focusing on that one empty rifleman (there’s no actual record of this happening), the sound of being empty is *never* a sweet sound to someone in a firefight.


Ammo Testing is Complicated Most gunfights take place at 21 feet or less. I carry a Walther PPQ 9mm. I use RIP Ammo for two reasons. I don’t want the bullet to pass through an assailant and strike an innocent bystander is reason number one. The second reason is when RIP strikes it breaks into 7-9 pieces each traveling a different direction making it more likely one will strike a vital organ. Destructive ability is top shelf. Remember, the one who walks away from a gunfight is the winner.


Throwback Thursday: Wanna Fight? The Top 5 Combat Rifles of All-Time Dave, Love the list and your passion for each of these venerable platforms. Agree that AK-47 must be #1. My only contention is with the Springfield, which is a superb rifle, but a derivative of my nomination, the Mauser. Given that after 120+ years the design and function have changed little, that there were dozens of variants, many, many countries that licensed or outright copied the design, it has to be my pick for #2, with the M-16 #3. Let the debate continue … ~Greg

SIG’s P227 High Capacity .45 Excellent pistol! I am a Sig fan anyway but this gun is perfectly balanced and extremely accurate. You may have to save your nickels and dimes for awhile like I did folks but it is well worth the money. I feel more comfortable with a 45 for home defense and the hi-cap is just icing on the cake. This gun will be “under the pillow” from now on.

~Stephen Miller

Ammo Testing is Complicated Chris, I have seen videos of both Ranger LE 115gr 9mm JHP and the same specs in Winchester White Box and both penetrate 12 to 18″ and mushroom quite nicely in gel blocks. I have shot them out of 8 different firearms I own including Glock 19, Taurus Millennium, Bersa Thunder Pro, TriStar P100 (Canik 55), Springfield XD 9, Canik TP9SF Elite S, FMK9, and Taurus 92AF. No problems with any of the 8 using this particular type of ammo. So I would assume you are good ground with what you are using.


Throwback Thursday: Wanna Fight? The Top 5 Combat Rifles of All-Time Never seen so many comments to one of these articles before, read a lot of what folks are saying and I’m surprised that the .303 Enfield isn’t being mentioned much. 10 round capacity bests the k98 or the moisen, quick action, and mine is more accurate then my Springfield 1903 A3 and my Moisen Nagant. The .303 round itself may be inferior to the K98’s 8mm or the 762×54 of the Moisen, but it’s still used often in Afghanistan and served the British Army throughout the world wars. Thought it at least deserved a mentioning.


Choosing the Right Caliber for Deer In response to deer hunting in California, be aware of the non-lead ammunition requirements. I and my son are both new to hunting, but we have been shooters for many years. I have a number of battle rifles that would make good deer rifles, but finding non-lead ammo for them is a non-starter. If I ever want to use any of them for hunting I will have to load my own. I ended up buying a couple of Remington 700s in .308 and 30-06. Federal Power-Shok Copper is plentiful [and can be found for] for $24.54 a box. It gets rave reviews or I would have gone for the twice as expensive Barnes. My son took a 150# boar last month.


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