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Display of Weatherby rifle cartridges

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Tackling Trigger Jobs — Top Tips for Triggers


Good article. I had Jim Jones, a referral from Hennings, mill off the front signt on an EAA Witness Compact 10mm and install Tru Glo TFX sights. Very satisfied with the job. Left the original finish undamaged.
I did, myself, a Precision Overwatch DAT (Defensive Applications Trigger) on my Glock 29 (yes, I like 10mm) because the grip was slightly too thick for my hand. The flat faced trigger was just enough to make the grip work just right for me. It was an added bonus that the Glock trigger was improved significantly by the DAT installation. The DAT preserves the Glock factory pull weight, pretty much but it does, in my opinion, shorten the pull significantly. Also, dandy reset. Did the job myself watching a UTube video and am fairly sure most anyone could do the same.


.410 Loads for Self-Defense — A Carjacker’s Worst Nightmare and More

Firstly let me state that you will NOT go wrong with ANY of the Federal .410 handgun Loads… I use the 2.5″ & 3″ buckshot and am ALWAYS pleased with the results (meanwhile Winchester PDX-1 is arguably the most disappointing Load I’ve ever shot in .410) so now that you know what ammo I prefer let’s talk guns! S&W Governor for everyday briefcase carry & nightstand use (Loaded with Federal Handgun 4 pellet Buck) for Fun or as a Backup gun I like my Bond Arms Derringers (also Loaded with 2.5″ or 3″ Federal Handgun Buck) Lastly my Favorite Gun, the Rossi Circuit Judge – anyone in my family from 10-100 years old can shoot it (I can even shoot it accurately one-handed!) that gun sits at the foot of my bed Loaded with (you guessed it: Federal Handgun 5 pellet Buck) even a bad shot like me can’t miss with that gun at any defensive distance & the carbine form factor makes it very maneuverable inside the house or out of doors… Finally the Revolver Action makes it safe & very reliable to use… to put it mildly, I Love that Gun & it would be my 1st recommendation to a new gun owner for Home Defense! (did I mention ANYONE can shoot it from older children thru the Elderly, show me a gun that can service that wide a spectrum of shooters)


.410 Loads for Self-Defense — A Carjacker’s Worst Nightmare and More

Sigh. Reading that is a few minutes of my life wasted that I’ll never get back.
Yes, a .410 slug can take game larger than a rabbit – it you want to get into rock throwing range – and, of course, so will nearly any serious centerfire pistol cartridge.

And, yes, due to the cult following of ridiculously heavy, unwieldy revolvers chambered in .410/.45LC we now have several otherwise-reputable ammunition manufacturers pandering to the market with “defensive” loads for the .410.

But the notion of any of the .410 revolvers as an anti-carjacking gun? OMG, No!

I suppose if a Taurus Judge (or any of the copies) happened to be the ONLY gun available, then yes, any gun is better than no gun. But even then, .45LC makes more sense than most of the .410 “defensive” loads; and more to the point, just about ANY OTHER centerfire pistol would be a better choice than any of the .410 revolver behemoths.


Flat, Hard Hitting, and Accurate: Weatherby Releases 6.5-300

Trying to collect all the weatherby calibers i can the moment i heard the 6.5x300weatherby was going to be a factory load i had to have one. Using a vanguard action i had Scott Wilson of circle w custom guns in west Virginia build me one. The cartridge does not disappoint. Shooting 130gr berger vld hunting, the gun groups well below .5moa and has already taken an antelope. I only get 50-100fps more out of it over my 26nosler, but using a weatherby cartridge has its own added value.

~Matt Blosser

.410 Loads for Self-Defense — A Carjacker’s Worst Nightmare and More

I like the article and concur 100%.
You did leave out the Federal Premium .410 loads which seem to be the best performance with buckshot in .410 pistols. The testing ive done with the Judge show them to have the best pattern by a wide margin over most others.


New Anti-gun Legislation Introduced in Congress

Clearly, once again the Democrats are trying to take the acts of a criminal terrorist to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. We can give them no quarter. None of these bills would have prevented this person from doing what he did and none of them would even have decreased the possibility of him being able to commit mass murder. Any legislator sponsoring these bills needs to be primaried. Any legislature voting for these bills needs to be defeated.

~Jeff S

New Anti-gun Legislation Introduced in Congress

I am scared very much of any of these passing will end the 2nd Amendment. It would be removed permanently from the Constitution. Which is what Government is after !!!! You need commitment to stop this by the following!! Hornady, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Colt, Henry rifles, Ruger, Glock, Winchester, N.R.A., Illinois Rifle Association, Remington & Sig Sauer ! These people realize what is at stake. These bills pass it could easily put them out of business !!!!!! Bottom line is these pass We are screwed as We could not defend Ourselves against Our Government. We will wake up to being a communist country ran by a dictator nor defend Ourselves from criminals !!!!

~Ricky Weber

Tackling Trigger Jobs — Top Tips for Triggers

Maybe, Maybe not. I had such a light trigger in my 300 blackout that it was way to sensitive for a gloved finger but it was a JP Enterprises trigger that i did custom and went overboard with about a 3.2 lb pull and 0 creep. I since learned my lesson. A 4.5 lb – 5 lb trigger is light enough for hunting. I prefer a single stage trigger but many like the 2 stage with gloved hands. It all what you prefer and can shoot safely.


New Anti-gun Legislation Introduced in Congress

The new one not listed is the enhanced performance bill, attempting outlaw bumpstocks but leaving the door open for for any manner of product, real or imagined, that effects the rate of fire on any gun i.e. semi-auto’s primarily. This could be interpreted to include magazine springs, flash suppressors, or even your finger, if we’re not careful.


By the Numbers: America’s Top 5 Pistols

If it were merely about price, Hi Point would top the list.

All of the sales and rebates in the past few months have been for inventory reduction in advance of the M&P 2.0 series. The widely anticipated Shield 2.0 was just officially announced this week.

As the author succinctly put it – “anyone who owns one knows why”. I would expand that to also include anyone who’s shot one.

Presumably, the latter does not include you.


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  1. I guess I should not be surprised by Dave Dolbee’s article By the Numbers (perhaps naive). Here is part of the opening statement “The ATF numbers show that rifles gave pistols a close run for the top spot. While the category can be broken down into three subcategories, semi-automatic, bolt action, and lever actions, no one reading this will be surprised that semi-autos dominate the category.” Does the ATF really have the numbers? I hope it is from background check phone calls and nothing more!!!

    1. John,
      Yes, the numbers were crunched using the ATF’s NICS numbers and online sales from various sources. NICS contributed the the categories, and the online sales I was able to gather determined the models. Not scientific by any means, but fun nonetheless. ~Dave Dolbee

  2. As with any hand gun, car jackers do not liked armed victims because they don’t remain victims long. Back in the 1970s I remember a story of a cab driver that was being held up at gun point. Because he did not want to damage the inside of his cab he carried a 22 Mag Revolver loaded with shot shells. I never liked 22 shot shells as I shot a rat close up with a shot shell in a rifle and did not even take that paint off, also the rate escaped unharmed too. But during the cab robbery the cabbie let the armed robber have it right in the face. It did a number on the robbers skin but also damaged his eye…. The police found him in emergency room. No damage to the Taxi, and the robber dropped his stolen gun on the exit….

    But the only shot shells I have (outside of 12 gauge) are in 44Mag

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