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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Why I Have Never Owned a 1911…

I carried the 1911 as a sidearm in the 1970s and finally bought a Springfield Mil-Spec in stainless about six years ago kind of just to have one. I enjoy it, have a military holster and belt to take it with me when the SHTF, as they say. (I am convinced that probably will not happen in my lifetime.) If I thought really hard about it I could probably count the times I have taken it out. I just keep buying all kinds of 9mm pistols and it get lost in the shuffle. I have blown it up twice with overcharged rounds, made repairs, and it keeps going. Anyway, it is a nice to have for me. A lot of 1911 fanatics out there just like with every other gun. I think it’s a classic and can’t imagine nt having one in my eclectic collection.


Why I Have Never Owned a 1911…

In working with handguns, shooting handguns, and carrying handguns for 29 years; I have learned that all semi auto platforms can have a place based on your needs and situations.

A glock is the ak of handguns, as you can do anything to it, and it will still go bang when needed.

1911’s are beautiful, smooth, and extremely accurate, but many require a deal of care. For left handers, almost all 1911’s need retro fitting to include new sites. They are great for day to day, but not extended time out and about.

I compromise and prefer to use another Moses Browning design: Browning Hi Power family. Its action is the best of both worlds. CZ and Tanfoglio make accurate and high reliable handguns.

That said, I use versions of all three platforms and enjoy all three: Striker fired, 1911’s, and Hi Power. Adaptability is the key to surviving the ultimate natural selection: “death.”


Why I Have Never Owned a 1911…

I dislike the Glock for the same reason you dislike the 1911. I started shooting about 10 years before you and have always shot pistols with the same grip angle as the 1911. When my Sheriff switched to Glocks and supplied me with one, I could not qualify with it because of the odd grip angle and other quirks unique to the Glock. RO’s offered to work with me to change my grip and other tweaks to help me shoot the Tupperware, but I declined. I asked myself why I should change everything that allowed me to shoot all my other handguns well, so I could shoot one gun my department supplied. Since I am not a full time LEO, I simply transitioned to a non-armed position in my organization. I still don’t own a 1911, but the Sigs and Springfields I do own share the same grip angle with it, and I shoot them all better than the Glock.

~Ron Neldon

Range Report: Glock 45 9mm Pistol


Appendix carry is the second most common location for CCW. This firearm is a duty weapon, designed for law enforcement. If it were meant for CCW it would obviously be a sub compact with a two finger grip. The writer was making points, not blanket statements.


Review: Phoenix HP25A — Useful or Useless?

While the 25ACP is not the most desirable caliber, it is functional and viable. It has roughly the same power at close range as the 22LR but is far more due to it being a centerfire cartridge. While I have heard many tales about the .25ACPs failures, my only personal knowledge concerning this round was during my time with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. There was an incident involving 2 “Gang-bangers” where one was shot in the chest at a very close range and expired immediately on the spot.

I have both the HP-22 and the HP-25A. The HP-22 I have had for over 20 years and have fired probably at least 5,000 rounds through it. Other than a rare “FTE”, I have only had one mechanical failure since I purchased the weapon. That was a broken firing pin spring after more than 4,000 rounds. I contacted Phoenix and was immediately shipped a new spring. It has not failed me since.

As for the HP-25A, I have only put about 500 rounds through it but have never encountered a firing or mechanical problem. I have tried various brands of both 35gr HP and 50 gr solid rounds without a problem. The 35gr I would not recommend for personal defense as it has very low penetration. The 50 gr is the better choice. Though it doesn’t have the expansion capability, the penetration is much greater. Recently, I have been hand-loading some 25ACP rounds with 55gr cast lead HP bullets. So far my testing has shown good promise.

While the Phoenix HP-25A is not in the same class as a Beretta, neither is the price! The Phoenix HP-25A is a good choice for someone that is extremely “recoil sensitive” and wants the functional reliability of this caliber.


Throwback Thursday: AR-15 Two-Stage Triggers

I also own a Bushmaster Varmiter I brought when they first came out. Love the 2 stage trigger and all the time I’ve had it I’ve only had to replace the gas rings and main trigger spring.

Also own a Swiss K-31 made in 1943 that has a smooth as silk two stage trigger.


Why I Have Never Owned a 1911…

First of all, 1911s, with few exceptions, are NOT art guns. They are professionals’ pistols. I will agree with the fellow who stated that he could teach the average shooter to be fairly proficient with a Glock in a half hour or so. The same can be and has been said of the AK47/AKM, and rightly so, but I would MUCH rather have an M4 or some sort of M4 based PDW. I used to be a Glock enthusist, as well. I bought the very first Glock 17 (The only model made at the time) to hit the gunshop shelves in 1987. It was one of the most accurate out-of-the -box pistols I have ever fired. It was also NOT the most reliable. HydraShock hollow points would occasionally just about center the bottom edge of the barrel’s feed ramp. Might have been a magazine problem. ’87 was quite a while ago. I have owned two 19s & about five 17s since then, & only one was as accurate as that first Gen1 17, but they were all 100% reliable. Not a FTF in thousands upon thousands of rounds. Then one day, I received my first 1911. It was a POS Federal Ordinance 5″ Government Model. I didn’t know a thing about them then, past how to field strip one. That thing was a nightmare at the range, never firing more than 3 rounds without a failure of some kind. Never failed to fire, though. I quickly got rid of it & didn’t get another one for a couple of years.

Then one day I bought the book “The .45 Automatic, A Shop Manual” & my love affair with the 1911 began. That book taught me the basics of how it works & how each part works with the others & how to fix them. I then taught myself more advanced stuff like checkering, trigger jobs, grip safety installation, etc. I bought all the right tools & accessories and quickly became the most sought after 1911 ‘smith in town. I have built or customized about 80 to 100 of them since. I retired from gunsmithing & holster making a few years ago, just before the flood gates of factory custom 1911s flew open. My checkering still looks better than ANY factory job I have ever seen. I currently own 6 of John Browning’s masterpieces, with only two being Colts. These include a Light Weight Commander with Combat Commander slide, Briley ramped barrel & spherical bushing, 20 LPI checkering, Ed Brown grip & thumb safeties, Wilson Combat night sights & Bullet Proof hammer, Cylinder & Slide Marine Corps sear, STI carbon fiber and titanium trigger and a few other odds & ends. The only Colt parts left in the gun are the slide, frame, slide stop, sear spring & mainspring housing. The other Colt is an early Combat Elite with similar treatment, but retaining the factory barrel with an Army NM bushing hand fitted by myself. The others include an RIA 10mm Tactical with railed frame all the way to the end of the slide. No modifications. Yet. A Para USA GI Expert in need of a new finish, a “New Detonics” (Robbie Barrkman era gun from the late ’80s), and finally, an early super melted Kimber Custom Shop Pro CDP II. Again, the checkering looks like somebody’s first attempt.

I also have seven SIG Sauers (three P226s, [Legion, Mk25 & ’80s era plain old 226] three P229s [Legion, Scorpion & regular 229R] & one P938. Others include my Dad’s old duty gun, a S&W 4586, an M&P45 & pair of Colt Peacemakers.

Notice anything missing? A Glock. I just can’t bring myself to pay that kind of money for something with no personality & no soul. BTW, I would love to know where I can get one for $450. You must have been referencing their .380. You can NOT buy a new 17 for anywhere NEAR that price. Some people’s kids, huh?

I guess I’ve bored you guys enough by now, so I think I’ll go play with my lightweight FN Hi-Power & contemplate what it needs done to it…

~Chris Farrer

Why I Have Never Owned a 1911…

As usual it all boils down to personal preference and experience of a certain platform that you carry . I have a Magnum Research 1911G. I also own Ruger P90, P89 , Security Six 357 mag , Beretta P92/M9, Glock 22, 17 and 41. I practice with and carry all of my pistols in order to broaden my experience with different platforms. You always see arguments about make ,model and calibre. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for others. I don’t like 40sw in the Glack platform at all. I’ve shot 9mm, 45acp and 10mm perfectly fine in the Glock platform but just didn’t like the 40sw caliber instead converted my G22 to a G17 with a Lone Wolf conversion barrel. Which gives you a bull barreled 9mm.

~Wesley A Halik Jr

Why I Have Never Owned a 1911…

The 1911 beavertail is there to prevent hammer bite, not slide bite. I have a 1911 mil-spec and after about 5 rounds I am bleeding like a stuck pig at the web between my thumb and finger. Not everyone suffers in this way, it simply depends on each individual’s hand. The only way I can shoot that particular 1911 is to put adhesive tape on my thumb webbing where the hammer horn hits. Another fix (other than a beavertail) is to install a hammer that has a ring instead of a horn on it.

I have and like both 1911s and Glocks. Currently, I carry only Glocks for their increased capacity.


Review: Phoenix HP25A — Useful or Useless?

The .25 may have it’s place, but…I’ve been involved in healthcare for a shade over 30 years and while working in the ER…we had a guy come in, Code 3, who had been shot 5 times with a .25. ALL 5 shots were over the heart and, per police report, had been fired from approximately 1 meter. The guy got off the stretcher and walked into the ER. He wound up being a ‘treat and street’. This guy was not all that big, either. Convinced me that the .25 was not a caliber for defense. Oh, and he beat the crap out of the guy who shot him…’after’ he had been shot.


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  1. It’s been a dream of mine to own a fine 1911 so to be able to purchase a Gov’t Surplis 1911 I would be in heaven. I’ve previously bought a gun through the CMP, a M-1 Grand which I love. So please sign me up for one of Trump’s releases of the 1911.

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