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English Longbow with two rifles

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Tips for Choosing the Right Holster

Thanks for clarifying one thing for me; small of the back carry. When I first started carrying about 3 years ago, I decided on SOB carry. I thought carefully about it before purchasing. As a right hander, I decided I needed a left hand holster for for SOB carry, and ordered my holster accordingly. I don’t go to public ranges, so I really didn’t think much more about it. Then I read several posts with different shooters advising neophytes to get a RIGHT hand holster for a right handed shooter to carry SOB. I mentioned this in comment and was told no, if you carry in a left handed holster you sweep yourself on the draw. One guy was very vigorous, and not at all polite about it. So, I tried it. I was 61 at the time (my reason for carrying, not as strong or as fast as I once was). Evidently, I am not as flexible either. Heck, as I practiced, I had a tough time drawing with the left hand holster. Anyway, I adjusted the LH holster to where I could reach the pistol, and immediately saw a great deal of difference from in the way I drew from the LH holster. When I drew SOB from the RH holster I had to swing my draw way wide, which I considered a very good way to surrender your weapon to your attacker. Since I found SOB problematic with either holster, I went to a Level 3, pancake ar 4 o’clock, and have been happily shooting better, since.


Retro Review: HK VP70Z

Oh please, spare us your criticism. I thought the article was interesting, historical, and relevant. My thanks to the writer for informing me about a weapon I didn’t know existed. And I’m no genius. The glock may be reliable, but it ain’t pretty. My idea of pretty is SIG thank you sir.

~william smith

The World’s First ‘Assault Weapon’ — The English Longbow

Advocating weapon (gun) control by the “ruling class” is nothing new. Somewhere in my archives I have a copy of “Primitive Archer Magazine” that has an article in it that talks about the English trying to impose a ban on the “commoners” possessing archery equipment (longbow) in the 800’s, because it made the “knight in shining armor” obsolete. So, don’t be surprised if some of those idiots in D.C. trying to impose an archery ban on us…


Going Old School

Browning GP35/Hi-Power.. Been carrying a Hi-Power since the late 70s.. Naturally with the Mag safety deleted and a trigger job.. My latest BHP is an FN Herstal, custom carry by Novaks.. Dovetailed sights, and full ambi combat safety.. What a fantastic pistol.. I have modern pistols, but often I still carry my old BHP.. Why? Because on my hip, it feels like an old friend well met!

~Ed G.

The World’s First ‘Assault Weapon’ — The English Longbow

The best personal defense aid is equitable or superior to whatever may be used against me, you, or us!!!!!. One might want to ask or consider the reasons why so many settlers fled Europe or their other homelands? The 2nd amendment was ratified to ensure the public would be equipped to fight against an army (British generally at that time) and to ensure the greedy whims of the monarchy would have no power in the new world.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure the wealthy didn’t tyrannize and take advantage of the poor to the point of war or revolution in which you-know-who loses and remains or becomes enslaved. It’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself in this young nation as it did so many times “across the pond,” and the framers knew this.

Since the Bill of Rights was written Crony Capitalist monopolies (The Deep State Globalists) have been growing. They didn’t acquire their wealth through philanthropy; they are definitely out to get us and that’s not paranoia, it’s just a simple fact of life. Now, lobby groups generally promote interests of the 1% whom basically own the government in a progressively increasing and obvious way.

When government officials rely on corporations for their career’s stability, and that when these corporations decide they’re capable and ready to enslave the masses [including those government officials], will you/me/we have the personal defense aids necessary to defend our freedom in this modern technological age, or will you/me/we be stuck with rusty armor?”

We go back to the simple question of “What part of “shall not be infringed” do these Leftopathic Corruptocratic Globalists not understand”? Any law restricting ownership of any firearm written since 1791 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore technically unenforceable !

”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

“Taking my gun away because I might shoot someone is like cutting my tongue out because I might yell `Fire!’ in a crowded theater.”

You know you’ve hit peak first world privilege when you protest to have your God given and constitutionally protected rights taken away from you!

If Bruce Jenner can keep his penis and still be considered as a woman then, I can keep my firearms and be considered as being disarmed.

Cain Killed Abel with a rock. Liberals at the time blamed the NRA (National Rock Association)

quisquis autem occiderit, non a facie gladii: ferrum in manu interficientis est .” […a sword never kills anybody; it’s a tool in the killer’s hand.]

~Force Recon Marine

Retro Review: HK VP70Z

I kind of have to chuckle a bit, because a group of us Ammoheads recently had a discussion, only a week ago, in our chat room on Facebook, where I brought up the VP70. We we discussing Hi Points, that nefarious low end gun, that so many of us love to hate. Hi Points are one of the ugliest guns currently on the market most will agree, but I find the design similar to the VP70 in looks and ergonomics. Several others agreed with this assessment. My experience with the VP70 was in 87′ or 88′, when a friend brought his to a range trip we had. Horrendous doesn’t begin to describe the trigger pull. It had to be at least 20 lbs.(our trigger pull gauge maxed out at 15 lbs, so there was no way to tell for sure, but that was the agreed estimate). Because of that trigger pull, accuracy suffered too. A couple of us had just recently purchased Ruger P 85’s, and in comparison they were much easier to operate (although I never cared for the accuracy of the P85, that gun could double as a maraca in a music band. you shook one and that’s how bad it rattled, even in battery). The Hi Point, being a SA design does beat out the VP70. But it’s the looks and how it felt in my hand that reminded me of HK’s worst ever gun. I had one of those 9 shot .22 LR H&R revolvers that had a better trigger pull than the HK, and that’s saying something.

~Chuck Cochran

Going Old School

After I got out of the Army in 1975, I was working in an ER in Oklahoma. We had a woman who was brought in by the local Ambulance having been shot in the head by a .38. The bullet did not penetrate her skull but travelled under her skin and exited in the back when it hit the external occipital protuberance according to the x-rays, (that’s the little bump on the back of the head.)

Needless to say, that soured me on anything, that came in that small of a cartridge. While I was overseas, as a medic on a S&R/Recon team, I carried a 1911A1 which to this day is my go to handgun for everything but hunting large game. For that I have a Smith 629 Classic Hunter.

As far as the1911, I believe that it is an awesome piece and the .45 ACP is an awesome cartridge; I have seen it perform time and again with finality. That is why I have more than one 1911, I won’t say how many, my wife might see it.

But I believe that John Moses Browning was one of the most gifted men to live in our country. Thank God for him.


How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

Each week I clean my firearm carefully and every month I clean my arm either I use or not. Occasionally after every use I cleaned my Firearm.

By the I enjoy the article. Thanks

~Bryan Anderson

Retro Review: HK VP70Z

I have one of these, you can fix the trigger, (a little) with a wolff spring.

That said, it’s not as ergonomically friendly as the Smith MP2.0, which I’d put forward as one of the best 9mm pistols on the market.

The VP-70, cool as it looks, just never feels like it fits right in the hand.

~George Hill

The World’s First ‘Assault Weapon’ — The English Longbow

“Folks such as Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi apparently think an “Assault Weapon” is anything more dangerous than dental floss.”

While that may not be absolutely factual…it provides a very good representation of the lunacy that folks like Schumer and Pelosi espouse. If you are not like that, which apparently you are not…then you’re not one of these “folks”. Therefore, that comment shouldn’t offend you.

That’s just my opinion.

~Marc Mulkey

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  1. Hi,

    About 6 months ago, I had passed the original info release that HRC had plans in the works to outlaw/ban 223/556 ammo. Judicial Watch is pursing FOIA about it – they’ve filed a lawsuit due to poor government cooperation. An update here (link below). Now it’s being billed as an initiative that involve the Obama administration – maybe they initiated it and were going to pass to HRC for roll out (in event she became POTUS).

    Thanks for all your great articles (particularly reloading material, as I just became proud owner of a Dillon).



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