Reader Comments of the Week — November 4, 2017

Recessed barrel crown on Glock G17 Gen 5 pistol

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Range Report: Glock Gen 5 I own 2 Gen 4 Glocks, a 17 and a 22. Both have a light rail, so that’s not something new. This is the second review I’ve read in the last week of the Gen 5, and it sounds like Glock made some significant improvements to an already great gun.

~Retired Navy Spook

Two Is One; One Is None — Preparing for Emergencies in the Backcountry I never go anywhere without a good knife and a small LED flashlight (Fenix E-12). I never venture from camp without a daypack containing the essentials for an overnight stay in the outdoors — emergency sleeping bag, tarp or poncho, knife and or axe, first aid kit, cordage, fire starting devices, compass, trail map, water and means of purifying water, flashlight, trail food, toilet paper in a waterproof bag, spare AA battery for the flashlight. I often carry a military canteen with SS cup and stand nested into the carrying case with purification tablets in the side pocket of the case with an extra water bottle in the day pack.


U.S. Government Report: Gun Locks Work, Doctor Lectures Do Not Safe storage? For all weapons you own? Gun locks installed on every gun in the house? No loaded weapons in the house? With all of this, why bother owning a damned gun ( I am not the one damning guns). All of the above renders them useless for one of the prime reasons for owning any gun; protection of me and mine, especially at home.


By the Numbers: America’s Top 5 Rifles I purchased a DPMS Oracle 5.56 as a budget rifle to add on aftermarket parts just to knock around with not to damage any of the much more expensive AR’s that I own. Much to my surspise this rifle did not need many aftermarket add-ons except an ambitious safety and a quad rail hand guard. This has turned out to be my favorite rifle! It out shoots all except for 1 of my others and the trigger has a much better pull and is as smooth as all of the aftermarket drop-ins ( some at nearly as much as the price of the rifle) that I have installed. I’m not sure if I just got extremely lucky with this rifle or if all of DPMS’s rifles are this good but I will definitely be buying more!!! ~Paul

The Perfect Mix of Stopping Power, Reliability and Accuracy: Is the .357 SIG Law Enforcement’s Best Defense Cartridge? I carry a model 33 Glock in 357 Sig and it shoots really good for having such a short barrel, but it is a handful in that caliber. I have the same size gun in 9mm and even though I knew 357 Sig would have more recoil, I was totally caught off guard when I shot the very first round out of it. My eyes and mouth were big around as coffee cup, but after I knew what to expect, no problem. It’s not a gun I care to shoot hundreds of rounds out of at one time like 9mm, but it will do the job God forbid I ever have to shoot someone. I have no interest in being in a gunfight. Anyway, is it the best cartridge out there? Obviously that is up to the person shooting it. The one that has the worst reputation is 9mm, but it’s stopped a lot of bad guys and like everyone else, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be popped with one. I’ve got no interest in being popped with a good ol’ Daisy Red Rider BB gun, let alone anything with gun powder to make it work. Best wishes to all, Cheers! ~Michael

By the Numbers: America’s Top 5 Pistols I own a Taurus 709 Slim, 9mm Luger, and love it. I also own an M&P 2.0, but that is a more full size handgun than it’s Shield counterpart, and the Taurus as well. Have not had one issue with the piece. Shoots straight, easy to clean, it’s a fantastic CC option, a reliable one in my opinion, and the price is the cherry on top.


Range Report: FXH .45 — The Hybrid 1911 From ATI I would love them to make this same gun but less race and more battle, polymer frame double stack with pic rail and all, I believe that would be a winner and very popular with die hard 1911 guys like me to which there are many and have 13-15 rounds of the old thumper at the ready! ~glenn schantz

Range Report: FXH .45 — The Hybrid 1911 From ATI First 1911 was a Taurus, only issue I ever had was the ambi-safety broke where it fits together; replaced with a Ed Brown and 5k rounds no issue. Sold it when I closed my business and kept the wife’s Colt 1911. Last year was in a gun shop and saw a used RIA for 275.00. Had feeding issues with the factory mag, switched to the Kimbers the wife gun has and no more trouble. So far I have put a Remington marked ambi on it, spring kit and Dawson night sights approaching 3k rounds without a issue. Next 1911 most likely will be another RIA their pro match ultra in .40 for USPSA shooting- with what I save over a STI I can get a lot of practice in and get to the point to where the STI is justified.


U.S. Government Report: Gun Locks Work, Doctor Lectures Do Not All my self defense (Home and auto) weapons are in key pad and/or biometric lock boxes. Small price to pay for this old man with too many grandbabies (ages 2-21) that frequent my home. All others are in the safe. For the price of one nice weapon, you can have a safe big enough to store 20–40.


Review: Walther Creed 9mm Pistol No matter what anyone else tells you, the 22 LR, 25 ACP and 32 ACP are WORTHLESS for self defense purposes. They all FAIL TO STOP THE LETHAL THREAT PRONTO.

~Clark Kent

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  1. I’ve had same experience with the DPMS Oracle as Paul. Mine is one of first out of Huntsville production. Amazing. As an old M1 (Garand and carbine) soldier, I was hesitant to become an AR user, and remain a relatively unfamiliar AR user. I still prefer the Mini 14 as a familiar piece, but it doesn’t compare to the DPMS for all around performance. Philip

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