Reader Comments of the Week — November 12, 2016

Hornady Critical Duty Ammunition boxes with a Glock 17 pistol

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

NRA: Hillary Wants Your Gun to Be ‘Unusable’ at Home

I would like to take the time to thank The Shooter’s Log along with each and every forum member that had a hand in assuring the future of America on this triumphant Election Day. I know most liberals and anti-gunners had no idea what demented plans Hillary actually had for this Country, but the rest of you patriots sensed it and took appropriate action. I am not gloating, but rather would remind my brethren that it is our patriotic duty to not only protect our own interests but even the lives of the meek and oblivious. I salute each and every one of you.


Review: Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster

Have been carrying concealed for the past five years. Started out with an IWB leather holster for my MP40 Shield. Always liked the Serpa style holster and finally Blackhawk came out with it. Had never used this type before. Got it, did some training courses with it and I absolutely love it. It is my main carry method. Will still use an IWB holster on occasion but miss the Serpa holster the whole time. Recommend it all the time to people that ask what I use and even let them try it at the range. When I get a full size MP 40 will definitely be getting a Serpa holster for it!

~Tom Hanke

Study Shows Criminals Buy Guns on the Street to Avoid Gun Shows and Internet Sales

As a woman and as a moderate liberal I carry everywhere that I am allowed to carry. That said, as a veteran that has served my country thru good times and bad I have some solid beef’s with the way things are going especially when it comes to this topic.

One being that there seems to be a tendency to lump all Liberal minded folks into the anti-gun camp. Bullshit, I can safely say that many liberal minded folks are not anti-gun fanatics.

First thing is the gun control crowds back door attempts to set up gun confiscation by restricting ownership of certain types of weapons like AR’s and high capacity magazines and such.
The law passed in California being the example. We the ones that obey the law fully well know that those who are “criminals” don’t give a shit about them. So we are the ones that suffer from their feel good laws that create even larger problems down the road. Criminals will get their guns from wherever they can. So that brings me to my next bitch. I should have at minimum the chance to defend myself and others in the case of a armed confrontation, more on that in a minute.

As stated earlier the bulk of the mass shootings in America stem from those who have had access to legally purchased weapons. So how do we prevent this from happening?
Of course we can’t, they will get a weapon by any means they can. BUT, where do the majority of these shootings take place?

Gun free zones or at least where they know that there will be less chance of confrontation by a armed citizen or law enforcement. Now with that said, The only way to help cut down on this type of carnage is to allow legally licensed citizens to conceal carry in all venues,

The armed citizen still has the responsibility to follow the laws associated with carrying and using a weapon in a deadly force confrontation.

But they by all means need to be licensed to do so in all 50 states under a uniform system. I also feel that they would have to go through a annual training and background check for their license renewal. So how do we accomplish this?

This could be accomplished at their local Police Department Range. The cost would be minimal because infrastructure is already in place. The citizen would get the required training (both live fire qualification and law updates), the police department could do the background check right then. The license would then be valid in all 50 states.

Sure this still doesn’t get the illegal guns out of criminal’s hands completely but it sure would help those of us that do follow the law feel more secure about not losing our gun rights and a criminal would be less inclined to confront someone that may be armed and it would get rid of gun free zones which would reduce the opportunities for mass shootings without being challenged.


U.S. Law Shield: Survey Shows Support for Guns in Florida Schools

Excellent! If we cannot trust our teachers to protect our children, how can we trust them to teach our children?

~David Crane

Study Shows Criminals Buy Guns on the Street to Avoid Gun Shows and Internet Sales

@Stephanie…glad that you are a gun loving lib. I think if it wasn’t for the fact of liberal, progressive, socialists wanting to restrict/take our gun rights, we probably wouldn’t have to be worried about our God given rights to defend ourselves being taken away or restricted to sticks and stones. Since you are someone who has served our country (thank you. Ex armor myself) you are aware of some of the reasons a person may need or want to have a weapon. But you seem short sighted on one thing. I do favor going through testing and qualifications training for the most part but what happens when a person who gets to an age when it becomes impractical to do serious live fire training whether it be for limited physical mobility or somewhat arthritic hands or whatever the limitation may be. Maybe that person is still able to sit in her/his wheelchair and still be able to defend their self but not be physically able to participate in a formal setting you speak off. Please don’t retort back with “then that person should not be allowed to own a firearm”! Maybe at some point that might be warranted, but who is in charge of making that call!! Big Brother… over my dead body! The other point is, and a more important point, is that maybe liberals should stop voting for politicos that want to take away the very things we need to protect ourselves. We need to be a bit more introspective. Maybe we need to put aside whether we are for opening our borders, having open ended welfare, not properly vetting possible enemies in our immigration policies, having the first and most questionable woman in American history to be the next potus, same sex marriage, LGBT rights to use any latrine they feel comfortable using that particular day…but you get my drift. If we don’t have the right to defend ourselves, then all the aforementioned things above become a moot point. I’m a conservative/independent/libertarianpretty much. And I’m a liberal in the sense of John Locke. Which is not anything close to what Libbie’s are today. God bless America and I voted Trump.

~Philo Kvetch

Range Report: Walther CCP

I was looking at the ccp, but decided on the ppq. Excellent pistol! I have ran every thing through the ppq with out issue. Very light, very accurate! The reset might be too quick for some. The ppc was only 5/8″ shorter then the ppq. I could not see giving up a 15 or 17 round mag vs 8 for 5/8″

~Bryan D

Review: Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster


I’m a big fan of Serpa holsters, as a 20 yr Correctional Officer in California requall time is critical with the proper equipment. I am looking for a Serpa right hand lvl 2 for my Taurus model 85 LE POLYMER PROTECTOR 5 shot 2 1/2 . Thanks, Be Safe out there. Adam12

~Adam Estrella Jr

Gallup Poll Showing Declining Support for Gun Ban Hailed by SAF

When government openly tells prosecutors and law-enforcement not to enforce existing laws, there is little ground for passing new ones. Remember, these politicians are for sale, where the currency initially is votes (and later is cold hard cash in their pockets). In 2008, Hillary was talking up her upbringing with guns and hunting, because her opponent was against them ( Now, she thinks the opposite opinion will garner more votes.

~Sven L

AR-15 Barrel-Twist Rates

One of the better articles on twist rate. My experience with 1 in 12 224 55 grain is that you will get random wobblers with 55 grain. Some will produce ocassioal excellent 3 shot group where a 25 shot group will display the random wobbeling bullets. Unfortunantly the vast majority of shooters never shoot enough bullets into a target to see if the mythology they regurgitate about twist rates are truth.

~Mike Eshenroder

Buyer’s Guide to the AK Family of Rifles

Very good guide to AK rifles. It covers everything that newbie needs to know about models, upgrades, accessories, cleaning and shooting!


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