Reader Comments of the Week — November 11, 2017

American Eagle ammunition box on a sillouhette target

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

By the Numbers: America’s Top 5 Shotguns

I just last week received my new Kel-Tec KSG in Navy Blue. So far I really, really like this shotgun. Well built and solid. Smooth action. So far, I’ve added BUIS and a couple of after market upgrades from Hi-Tech Custom Concepts. I thought on this purchase for quite awhile, but glad that I finally “pulled the trigger” so to speak.


NSSF: Statement on Chicago Gun Trace Report

Bob Shirley woke me up to yet another subtle assault on firearms rights.

Yes, indeed, the weapon does not matter. But rather the violence or threat of violence that should determine extent of incarceration or fines.

My hope is that we find a way to tackle the root causes of large scale criminal violence and treat the problem at its source.

~JA Smith

By the Numbers: America’s Top 5 Shotguns

Short n sweet. Both the description and the weapon.
Although I appreciate the intimidation factor of the charging noise of a pump shotgun, I’m a semi-auto guy. Specifically the catamount fury 2, with the Kushnapup, bullpup conversion.
Out-friggen-standing!!!! Now THATS an intimidating sound. Round after round of 12ga. ammo being sent your way. Mmmmmm.

~70’s operator

Review: Federal Syntech Ammunition

I bought 1000 rounds of this in 9mm during the current American Eagle rebate. I believe it was .16 per round. I have not had a chance to shoot any of it yet though. I bought it due to the concerns about lead particulate in the air during practice. I quit going to our local indoor range for that same concern. This round wouldn’t do much to reduce the problem at the range, unless everyone used it , I won’t be going there to try it.

I do feel that lead used in ammunition is a valid environmental concern. I am glad to see manufacturers looking for ways to reduce the amount of lead that winds up in our environment. I can imagine the day when lead bullets will no longer be legal. We need to stop fighting that change and get ahead of that day and find alternatives to lead. We might actually find something that works better, although it probably will end up costing more. When was the last time “new and improved” cost less.


NSSF: Statement on Chicago Gun Trace Report

Chicago apparently only wants the criminals to have firearms. Emanuel is the worst Mayor Chicago has had in a long time. He doesn’t care about the people who work hard, want to live a good life and have to depend upon the Chicago police dept. for their protection who are already overburdened with the crime there. 99% of the time police show up AFTER the crime has been already committed. Ask any robbery victim, rape victim or a family member of a murder victim if a firearm might have made a difference and the majority would say probably. At least they would have had a fighting chance. I worked at a youth corrections prison for 16.5 years and when the concealed carry bill passed in my state, I heard several of the inmates from the inner cities complaining how “now we will have to pick our targets more carefully or we may get shot!” I was blown over how they were already talking about how their tactics will have to change and were grumbling about it. The criminal mind knows only one thing. Force trumps everything else. They are predators who take advantage of the weak and use ambush to take away something you worked all week to get- your pay check- to take it away from you in one minute. Like one inmate stated, “why should I work when I can let you do the working and I can take it from you at gunpoint!” Awareness is something most people lack as they are easy victims on their cell phones all the time. I would place awareness even above having a firearm in your possession. You will still get robbed if you don’t see it coming. Trust your instincts because usually they are correct.

~Bill Pitts

Throwback Thursday: Readers Choice — The 12 Best Concealed Carry Guns

While personally I carry a full sized G22 in .40 S&W, I ALSO carry my G27 in my “Murse” or on an ankle in a quality holster.
Since both shoot the same caliber and the G27 can accept the mags from the G22, they make a PERFECT match IMO.
So while I cannot fault the other guns that people mention as being the “best” I certainly feel good in knowing I have a “system” that complements each other.
The MOST important thing to remember when carrying a gun is to CARRY A GUN!
Without one (when you need one, God Forbid) you are nothing more than a potential Bullet Magnet yourself.
Stay Strapped and stay Safe!


Reality Check — What are you training for?

Outstanding insights. Brings me full circle to my biggest concern. How will the decision to engage a shooter, regardless of the circumstances. Be interpreted by the authorities? I’ve read several examples of those who were clear of any wrong doing. But it still cost them thousands of dollars to defend their actions. I truly wish some type of nation wide advanced training/certification system would be developed. I read about a prosecutors office that attempted to accuse a ccw carrier of premeditation in defending himself. Because his weapon was loaded with JHP ammo. My first thought was that the ccw shooter was attempting to avoid over penetration. And possibly harming the innocent bystanders with a through an through. It’s just down right scary out there for concealed carry americans. Does anyone have any confidence in the CarryGuard or other offers available out there. Should you find yourself in the position of having to defend yourself.

~Jeffrey Decuypere

By the Numbers: America’s Top 5 Shotguns

I agree with you on recommending pump shotguns for home defense. After 25 years of law enforcement I am now medically retired. In my experience the sound of that action being worked is universally recognized and understood regardless of any language barriers. 90 percent of the time pumping that shotgun will be enough to stop a bad guy in his tracks. Over the years I worked for three different agencies they all issued 870’s others issued Mossberg 500’s little disappointed to find 3 Mossberg’s on your list and my favorite Ithaca 37 missing. I like the Ithaca because of being left handed the safety is easily exchanged for left hand use the tang safety of the Mossberg is also a plus for South paws.


Reality Check — What are you training for?

Jeffrey, I use US Law Shield and find their coverage and accessibility to be excellent for less that $200 per year. As long as you are not committing a crime they will cover any form of self defense and will pay all expenses.
Look into it as it is a good deal.


Review: Bushnell Enrage Red Dot

Replace the T nut with a hex cap fastener, apply blue Loctite, torque it down and you’re good to go. The price is right, compared to others in its class. I like the fact that the ocular lens is nominally 30mm. Other red dots in this price range may only be 20mm. This would make a great gift for my son & gransson’s ARs. The 50-200 zero is an all around good choice for the average shooter who understands the bullet performance from up close to 300 yds. Holds are easy to guestimate. My ARs have dedicated drop tables for their twists and loads, on the left side of each receiver. I also like the 2MOA dot. I two EOTECHs, a Vortex SPARC, Vortex AR SPARC & Bushnell TRS-25 for my Ruger MKIII. I’d definitely consider the Enrage for another rifle.

~George Dean

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