Reader Comments of the Week — March 31, 2018

Glock 19X with nPVD slide coating

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Video: The Legendary M1A — Springfield Armory

I was drafted in July of 1968 and ended up on Tank Hill B-!-! Fort Jackson. It was there I was introduced to my friend..the M-14. We ate slept and even showered with it. We learned to care for her and even shoot her.

I left for Vietnam in Feb. of the following year and was issued another. I did love that rifle, even though it was heavy and carrying all the ammo was an issue LOL. Later our unit was notified that we were to be issued the NEW and IMPROVED M-16. I held out as long as I could to hold onto that M14 but they actually had to come to me to take it away and give me Mattie Mattel. I missed her. Excellent rifle the M-14. I do want to purchase one to add to my list of “Vietnam Era” rifles that I own. I have, and reload, plenty of ammo to feed her. I also own and shoot a DPMS Oracle LR-308.

~Wayne Stratos

Speed and Accuracy: Accurate Aimed Fire Ends Fights

One part if the drills I do is a single shot. Our “range”, is a huge cinder cone pit in the middle of USFS land , and is often unoccupied. I run up the side of the pit, run back down. Crouch by the truck or stand. Draw and fire one shot. Holster, repeat, in a series of three. I try to mix up what direction and stance.


Class v. United States ‘Victory’ Not the End of Gun Owner’s Case

The Supreme Court. What did the framers think they were doing when they gave them Supreme power of the law??? They are politically appointed, then confirmed by the Senate that only has elections for 1/3 of the Senate every six years, All of them can hold office for life and most do. So where are the checks and balances in that system???
What is your answer to the questions? Can their rulings be overturned or reversed?


Video Review: Heckler & Koch VP9 — The Secret Is in the Trigger

As an owner/shooter and general fan of HK and Walther pistols, I feel the need to point out that HK (and others) copied Walther’s design on a crisp trigger and removable side panel grips. The P99, now the P99-AS, has a fantastic trigger. And, if you wish, it can be switched from pre-loaded (SA weight) to DA weight for the first shot with the press of a button. Subsequent shots are all SA weight. As far as I am concerned, the P99 accomplished what Glock missed. But, to each his own.
We are talking HK here. As someone that has carried a P7, and owns several, it is the world’s finest conceal carry piece. Too bad production costs killed it. The VP9 is an excellent gun. If I did not already use an HK P30SK for EDC, I might pick up the new VP9 SK to complement my VP9-T. Good article.


Class v. United States ‘Victory’ Not the End of Gun Owner’s Case

Knowing lawyers actually work for the courts how does that help a sovereign citizen on defending his 2nd amendment protections? The fact the 2nd amendment is written in plain English why do we need a corrupt government like our to reinterpret it for us? The fact is the Constitution is our license to bear arms anytime anywhere.

~Bll M

Review: Ruger Rimfire Precision Rifle

That thing looks like it came from a toy store. Ruger sure has taken a different course since dumping the 77/22. I wonder how the CZ 455 Thumbhole Varmint with fluted barrel stacks up against the Ruger. One thing for sure, the CZ certainly looks a heck of a lot nicer and will probable hold its value over the years. I will stick with CZ 452 &455’s, Sako Finnfire II’s, and Steyr Mannlicher Zephry II’s, and of course my 77/22’s. Classic design is my choice.


Speed and Accuracy: Accurate Aimed Fire Ends Fights

Bob, I am going to save this article for reading again and again. I’ll also have the family read this too. Full of great advice and help.
Thank you sir for a great article.

~Tom Hobbs

Review: Ruger Rimfire Precision Rifle

I have a stainless Marlin model 60 .22 with a Simmons .22 magnum 4×32 scope that shoots under 1″ groups at 50 yards, but mostly it’s used for groundhogs and other annoying critters. A blued Marlin model 60 was my first squirrel rifle when I was 13, purchased in 1958 for around $35. Equipped with a Weaver scope, it was rare that I didn’t hit a squirrel in the head at 25 yards.

~Retired Navy Spook

NRA: Federal Appeals Court’s Shocking Pronouncement on Your Rights

My first interaction with an officer was after a very minor traffic crash not my fault.

Colorado used to be a must inform state but is not any longer. I choose to tell him I was legally armed and handed him my permit along with my drivers license and registration.

His response was he didn’t care if I had a firearm as long as I didn’t point it at him and handed my permit back to me.

Even with CO becoming ridiculously liberal in areas I was pleasantly surprised my town cops were of like mind.


Top 8 Handguns for 2018 — A Woman’s Choice for Power

Have your daughter search online for the “Ladies Pistol Project” – a survey by women of handguns for women to use. Not talking pretty colors here – looking at form and function in a womens hands. And not just women who are proficient marksmen but the survey also include women who were new to firearms. It asked a panel to review and shoot various handguns and evaluated the responses based on hand size and overall preference. It comes in two parts – part I was a first overview while Part II was intended to examine concealed carry guns. All opinions are by women and the results speak to what a large group of women find useable and acceptable in a handgun (even going so far as to define a Frankengun based on the features the women liked from the various guns tested)

~John Wahlquist

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  1. Dave,

    Just a note that Deerfield Township in Illinois just banned semi-automatic rifles and pistols. Residents have about 60 days to remove them, or face fines of up to $1000 per day. That’s 2 towns over from me…

    Comment in the PR suggests the arguments supporting the ban were mostly emotional… (I wasn’t personally present)

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