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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

AR-15 Maintenance: Roll Pins

For the bolt catch try the KNS Precision Bolt Catch Pin. It’s a small pin that is secured with a very small e or c clip. You don’t have to drive it our out just slide it in and with a pair of tweezers push the clip on the end. You can throw away those special punches and roll pin starters and buy a pair of tweezers instead. Or you can purchase the billet lower receiver at New Frontier Armory that has a threaded pin for the bolt catch. I’d suggest a ball end allen to install or remove it.


10 (Mostly) New Pistols for Concealed Carry

Try several before you purchase because you will want to train. I sometimes carry my BG380 but it is not fun at the range. Neither is a SCCY. Don’t get something that is not fun to shoot. Many small guns have a ‘bite’ or uncomfortable recoil. My new favorite is my M&P 2.0 compact. It is a little larger and heavier than my Shield but carries more ammo. Also it is comfortable to train with. Train, train, train with whatever you get.

~Tom Harper

The Great Debates: AR-15 vs. AK-47

It’s going to take one corrupt government for you Aussies to acutely realize why this freedom is so important. It might be happening now, it might take 100 years to happen, but it will happen and you will be helpless citizens faced with a heavily armed government.

That’s a false statistic propagated by the gun control crowd. You liberals should get your facts straight and stop being so narrow minded.


Throwback Thursday: Buckshot or Birdshot for Home Defense? Let’s Ask Science.

Bedside – 230 gr .45 critical defense HP Glock 21 w/ lazer – 25 rd mag. Mossberg 590 9 rd 00bk in the corner. Sig p320 RX for C-carry – 22rd mags.
For the Mossburg I use No, 4 Buck (Deer load) staggered with 00 buck for home defense Use 2 3/4 shells for ammo in my 3 inch chamber for more load capacity. One in chamber – 8 in mag. All cocked and locked at all times. I have dropped deer with the no, 4 buck many times but not with my home defense weps. For my home dimensions – works good for me.


Throwback Thursday: Buckshot or Birdshot for Home Defense? Let’s Ask Science.

I have to agree with the author on one point. Buck shot is good stuff, in CQB. It creates multiple wounds resulting in more hemorrhaging that deprives the brain of O2 and then incapacitation. BUT, that can take time.
The 45 ACP and even the 45 Colt have more energy than indicated in the article, and the .40 cal also (didn’t want to leave you out Mike). An entire buckshot load is devastating to the body. BUT, individual pellets do not have the bone shattering effect of .4 cal bullets at max velocity.
Shoot what you have, the best gun and the best caliber is the one you have at that moment when you need it, even if it’s a .22 cal LR.
Happy Trails…. May the good Lord take a liking to you.


Throwback Thursday: Buckshot or Birdshot for Home Defense? Let’s Ask Science.

I’d rather cut loose with a load of buckshot,and make some sheetrock fly,to scare off an intruder.The noise and mayhem should be enough.Hopefully.
Remington 870
2 3/4 ” 0Buck
18 1/2″ open cylinder

~Arnold Imsland

Magnificent 7 — Pistols for Concealed Carry

I’ve had my eye on a Canik as well, the one with the RMR looks awesome!


Dallas Mayor Wants NRA to Find Another City for 2018 Convention

I live in oregon, where folks like John Smith, not his real name, are actively trying to squash our 2A rights. Thanks to Johnny’s rant, I now will be going all the way to Dallas to attend the NRA Convention….just needed a bit of whacko liberalism incentive to point me that way on my motorcylce….thank you Johnny!

~Rusty Steelman

Dallas Mayor Wants NRA to Find Another City for 2018 Convention

The NRA is/was the best friend gun owners have.I add the was because their inability to move away from issues that most people in this country (including many gun owners) support they are in danger of becoming irrelevant. I am thinking specifically of things like bump stocks and background checks. Wake up, smell the coffee and read the polls. The majority of americans (the same ones that will elect the next congress) are getting sick of seeing their kids killed in school shootings (and all the other mass shootings). I own an ar-15 and want to keep it. The NRA is not helping.

~Roy Sprague

Dallas Mayor Wants NRA to Find Another City for 2018 Convention

Actually, most people do not understand what the “comprehensive background check system” that the Democrats want is not a background check on every sale. What they want is a background check along with a federal registration document so they can track every weapon in the nation at all times. This is what they do in countries ran by tyrants. The bizarre thing about our country is that we have an individual right of self defense. If you go back and read the 4 Democratic justices on the Supreme Court in Heller argued that the constitution did NOT give Individuals the right of self defense. People actually think the Constitution gave them the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Wrong, never mentioned in the Constitution, dare you to find it, it was in the Declaration of Independence, which did not give any rights to anybody, just a declaration in writing that told the British to kiss off that we were rebelling and would seek those freedoms by force, with guns and killing which we as a group of militants did. We killed a bunch of them just to get away so we could later create our own form of government, which we wrote down in a document later called the Constitution. What the gun ban is about is chiseling away at the individual right of self protection. If you have a hoard of gangsters attack your house, your little 9mm is not a match for multiple attackers. I am not a fan of AR rifles. you said you had an AR, but did not even specify caliber. I suppose you are aware that they now make that gun in 66 different “hunting” calibers. Like 243, 308, 17 HMR, etc. You knew that right? And also, that for a decade now the ARs have been the single favorite for hog and coyote hunting in most states that have a hog problem. Just saying, the background checks are already required for 100% of all new guns, and are required for 100% of all guns transferred across a state line.

It is already a felony for you to give a gun to your grandson if he lives in another state, unless you go through a dealer. What they want to do is make it a crime for you to give your son or daughter any gun, unless you take them down and have a background check ran on them and then have both your child and that gun put into a federal tracking database that will also be linked or cross checked with private medical records. You may recall, that is exactly what Joe Biden, said, that in an police call they could check and know exactly what guns were in your house and exactly what medications everybody in that house were prescribed. He called it officer safety, because if the house showed an AR at that address and something like prozac or xanax, they could automatically send a swat team. That speech was about 2 weeks after Newtown. Do you really want your medical records and gun records online for your local cops to access? Just saying, what they propose is pretty bizarre. That is why all those progun groups sound so goofy, people like you do not understand what is really in their proposal. FYI PS. I have never given a dime to the NRA, however, I am going to do so this year, and scrap my other charitable donations. Because it really does matter.


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  1. With all this talk about guns not 1 person has even mentioned toy guns.I am pro gun and I believe that would be a place to start by teaching kids that guns are not toys they are tools that need to be taken seriously and respected.Take the taboo out of it therefore lowering the curiousity factor.The other upside is no one will have to try and guess if it is real or not.

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