Reader Comments of the Week — March 3, 2017

Asian woman holding a Kel-Tec PMR 30 handgun.

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Review: Walther PPS M2 9mm Pistol

Great article! I’ve been looking for a few months and finally decided on the M2. One minor correction, though: the night sights on the LE are phosphorescent (charged by light), not tritium which is a glowing gas.


NSSF: Gun Control Activists Rush to Download Data for Biased Reports

Howdy all. I’ve always thought the bad guys are treated to “special treatment.”
Way too many laws to protect the bad guy and make life miserable for the “Good Guys.” I know defending the bad guys is a very lucrative profession, but when do we say enough is enough? We turn bad guys loose faster than they are sentenced and that’s not working to clean up the streets, is it? When do we start correcting the problem in earnest or should I ask do we want to?

~Quick Draw

Throwback Thursday—Snake Guns

The only rattler I took aim at was a Mojave Green on a friend’s property while here was gardening. It was upright and still, which gave me the advantage of a clean shot with a Kahr 9mm 115 grain Cor Bon, which dismembered its head but for a piece of skin. There was with nothing but desert as a backdrop. Now I live on a ranch and the “Greens” are found in barns and horse pens, where a 9mm’s ricochet is far to risky for humans, dogs and horses alike. Today I picked up a modern version of a Snake Charmer by Rossi/Taurus, an 18″ single shot 410 with 4 spares in the stock’s heel compartment. I fashioned a sling, making it easy to carry to the barns, corrals and pens when feeding or cleaning, or if called to take care of business on the property by the ranchers or riders My first choice for ammo was Winchester Super Speed (1250 fps) of 25 #6 hardened shot. I figure if I do my part, the Snake Charmer should do its part without harm to others, including those neighbors down the road. It also tucks handley beneath the kitchen/living room bar divider, within easy reach from my recliner, should a miscreant invade through my door uninvited. The small single shot seems tight and well made, and cost about $200.

~Bruce G

Senior ATF Official Proposes Loosening Gun Regulations

Well, that makes sense. I believe these pro gun places have been inundated with anti gun people , even more so since the election. boy are they sore loser’s. No one but the police state with guns. With the way the police state is going i guess you can’t blame them for trying to make sure the public can’t revolt. The state wants more fire power and that is not what the constitution is all about. It is about the state having enough fear of the people to keep them in line.


Plinking Fun — Unrestricted!

Structure and discipline are paramount for new shooters to live it, learn it and love it, but standing in the lane putting holes in paper gets boring and people lose interest. My kids (college and high school) would rather plink in the backyard with their BB guns, than put holes in paper at the local range because it’s more fun to knock down cans and spin lids.


Throwback Thursday: Glock17 Gen 4 Review

I asked a trusted source what would be a good pistol for a rookie? He did not hesitate and said, Gen 4 Glock 17. BTW, he is a Navy Seal. I just passed my CCL and shot well with the 19. It is phenomenal. By no means a sharpshooter, and despite nerve-addled shaky hands, the 17 “allowed” me to cluster well. With a lesser gun and the ‘shakes” I am sure I would have been lucky to pass.


Stay Calm and Keep Shooting: Clearing Malfunctions

For a Double Feed – in most cases, you need to first relieve the pressure of the slide on the cartridges. This requires you to lock the slide back, then strip the magazine out before your rack – rack and reload the magazine.

Also for racking, many people find rotating your firing/grip hand to the inside is easier than rotating to the outside.


If Someone Threatens to Kill You, Can You Legally Respond With Force?

When driving from Houston back home I crossed the Angelina River on Hwy 59 right before closing time for the beer Depots and liquor stores closed and a guy came out of one of them almost hitting me and going into the center section. I thought I was lucky, but apparently I had made him mad by existing and he came out of the center section and weaving all over the road gave chase to me. That part of Hwy 59 isn’t lighted and way too dark for a high speed chase, however that is what he wanted. When he finally got his truck up beside my car he had a tire tool in his hand and had his windows open and wanted me to pull over. This was before Texas passed its carry permit and I had a gun in the car with me, finally realizing this idiot was a. drunk & b. completely out of control. just as I was deciding what to do he put himself into the center lane and after the heavy rains of that week he was stuck. This was before cell phones were something that were huge and very expensive so I wasn’t able to call the police. I got lucky if forced off of the road by him, I had already made up my mind that I was going to defend myself and it was not going well for him.


RCBS Releases ChargeMaster Lite

I am seriously considering one of these, and I’m glad to see that RCBS has come out with a (relatively) inexpensiver model. Particularly when loading cylindrical shaped grains of 4350 or 4064, each charge from my powder dispenser needs to be weighed and trickle-adjusted. The owner of the reloading facility at my local gun club clued me in to the advantages of these automatic powder measures during my last visit.

~Jim in Conroe

Short-Barrel Performance — The .45 ACP and Barrel Length

Springfield TRP Operator 5 inch barrel Vs. Springfield XD Mod. 2 3.3 inch barrel;
185 GR. Hornady XTP, Winchester LP primer, 6.5gr. Bullseye:
TRP = 992 fps
XD= 965 fps

185 GR. Hornady XTP, Winchester LP primer, 8.1gr. CFE pistol:
TRP = 1008 fps (Hodgdon data list for 5 inch barrel 1124fps)
XD = 896 fps

200gr. lead semi wadcutter, Winchester LP primer, 5gr. Bulleseye:
TRP = 815 fps
XD = 744


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