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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Ask a Lawyer: Tribal Lands and Guns

RICK….you are pretty much right on…..Our constitution has become muddied, warped, and misinterpreted by evil leftists. This has happened gradually over the last 50 years or so…..and the reason why is because WE LET IT HAPPEN! The American people sat on their couches …got high….drunk with comfort and abdicated their “self governing” responsibilities ! The only way we can get all of our rights back and straighten out this mess is with public education of our citizens. We now have a opportunity with President Trump to do this so LET US GET TO WORK!!! To start we need to take back control of our educational institutions from kindergarten to universities and teach CORRECT history and patriotism like we use to!


Range Report: Smith and Wesson Victory .22 Pistol

I purchased one of these guns. As soon as I got home the first thing I did was try to disassemble it. The take-down allen screw was so tight I stripped three different allen wrenches trying to loosen it. Eventually I stripped the allen screw in the gun. I took the gun back to the store, told them of the problem and they sent it back to S&W for repair. When the got the gun back from S&W, before leaving the store I tried to loosen the allen screw to make sure the repair was done properly. The screw was still tight but I was able to loosen it. Other than this problem this gun is a great shooter. It fires any type of ammo I feed it (both cheap and expensive) without any failures to feed or eject. It’s now easy to disassemble and clean. The gun is accurate and I am now totally satisfied with it. There are also several aftermarket accessories available for the Victory. There are different barrels , grips and a better trigger than the factory trigger. One of the downfalls of the Victory is that after firing 100 rounds or so the allen screws the holds the barrel to the frame tends to loosen a little, so be sure to occasionally grab the gun by the grip and barrel and wiggle the barrel it to see if it became loose. Always have the allen wrench with you to tighten it if necessary. At one time I owned a S&W Model 41 but had to sell it for financial reasons. I could kick myself now for selling it and the difference between what I originally paid for it and what I received for it when I sold it, at the present day the Model 41 is too expensive to replace. Regardless, I’m happy with the results with the S&W Victory. Buy one. You won’t be disappointed.


Scout Turkeys Early or Be Disappointed Later

I hunt the same property (1200 acre farm) every yr for the past 8 yrs .I have watched the turkey on this property in spring ,summer and fall so my deer hunting and other including coyote i am scouting turkey and the other game and all there habits ,where they roost at night and feeding patterns i even watch certain birds as they grow into jakes and gobblers ,fawns to adult deer ,etc. so i guess i have an advantage over some others and it is private property so most of the time i am the only hunter there and it has become pretty easy to hunt there now for turkey i pretty much know where they will be and this farm is loaded with wild turkey and game here in Ohio.


Can Your Town Outlaw Your Guns?

This has been one of my main arguments for years, even after leaving LE. Keeping out the “Riff-Raff” seems to be all the lawmakers in Washington and local progressives, seem to have in mind. What they fail to understand (and I even question this) is that the “Riff-Raff” have no respect for nor intention of following any laws, signs or ordinances anywhere. If they desire to carry, they will! That leaves to law abiding citizen or CC holder wide open for possible threat of life. It is unbelievable how the minds of some people work, both lawmakers and the criminally intent.


Everyday Carry with Charter’s Pit Bull 9mm Revolver


I took my chamber off and polished each chamber with red rouge and a felt tip on my dremel. Then followed with flitz and a clean felt tip. Cases eject much better now.


.223 vs. 5.56: Which Ammunition is Safe for “My” AR-15?

All Bushmaster rifles are chambered to accept 5.56mm ammunition and always have been. The NATO Spec 5.56mm chambers have a longer “leade” or throat than the SAAMI Spec .223 caliber chambers which have about half of the leade or throat of the 5.56mm chambering. While it is safe to fire both 5.56mm and .223 caliber ammunition in our rifles, the 5.56mm ammunition should not be fired in rifles chambered in .223 caliber as they will develop very high pressures.


Can Your Town Outlaw Your Guns?

This is stupid. I bet this law is broken as often as the one that prohibits firearms within gay so many feet of a school and yet there is frequently traveled public road within the prohibited road.
Everyone that has a carry permit goes to the post office. No one goes home to put up their weapon.
Those that are caught must have really acted out to end up getting their car legitimately searched.
The last case precedence I saw the case was dropped.
The law is STUPID.
Please do reply as I can always use UPS and FedEx.


~Stephen L Stewart

Range Report: Smith and Wesson Victory .22 Pistol

While at present I own neither the S&W or the Ruger Mark IV I have fired both with around 5-750 rnds each with multiple brands of ammo, all 40 grn coated , the Ruger MK IV Hunter is to be my next purchase.
While Ruger is several bucks more expensive, IMNSHO, as both plinker/target or small game getter, along with asthetic appeal there is no 22 cal pistol under $1500 that can touch it.
in 1967 after returning from a running red green land my wife bought me a standard Ruger semi auto and that pistol now in her cousins hands still functions and is as accurate today as back then.
I fired it 50 rnds or more almost every day for months before regulating it to only head shots on western grouse, rabbits, wild pigeons, coyotes, garbage dump rats and embarrassing buddies expensive toys.
For the lesser bucks you get a lesser weapon with the S&W than if one were to buy a used bull barrel Ruger target.
Victory over what?

~Hide Behind

Can Your Town Outlaw Your Guns?

From all of the comments posted dealing with this subject, it is apparent to me that most of we concealed carriers often violate federal, state, and local laws…..whether it is inadvertent, unconscious, or willful. While practical, rational thinkers will ponder and expound on the ludicrous nature of these restrictions and so-called “gun free” zones, until such practical and rational thought gets into the legislative process, we will likely continue to be in violation of some law or policy simply because we are out and about in our chosen mode of armed preparedness.

As one who routinely carries at least one handgun at all times, I have chosen to remember that concealed carry is just that…..keeping the weapon concealed beyond any potential observers’ capability of detecting our weapons. This means that one must insure that his or her weapon does not “print” under their clothing and that when reaching or bending, said weapon continues to remain out of the range of vision of any bystanders. It also means that one must be so comfortable with the chosen mode of carry that there is no inclination…..conscious or unconscious… fiddle and fool with the piece or the clothing that covers it. For those who are relatively new to concealed carry, it can be somewhat difficult to overcome the tendency to fuss with the thing that has become an appendage to our body, but after long experience at concealed carry, one usually can gain the self-control to just leave the gun alone, with an occasional check in a mirror or other reflective surface to make certain that your piece is truly concealed.


Can Your Town Outlaw Your Guns?

@ Stephen L Stewart,

Actually the “last case precedence” was convicted. He was a Postal Service employee who mistakenly left his personal carry bag on the floor in a common employee area. He was off that day, but another employee naturally looked through his bag to see who to return it to, when a full .40 cal. magazine was discovered.

While the magazine by itself was not necessarily an offense, that employee notified Postal Inspectors (they amount to the police for the Postal Service) and when the employee returned the following day the Inspectors questioned him and asked to search his vehicle. That is where they found his gun in the glove box which was located in the post office parking lot.

While it may not seem like much, his punishment was a $50 fine and the loss of his job for not following Postal Service Regulations. Either way, it was still a permanent conviction on his record for life and serves as the precedent by which any of us can also be convicted, whether we are employees or not.

You are absolutely correct in your presumption of the mass number of concealed carriers that must do daily business at post offices across the U.S.; I also agree with your overall sentiment that this Postal Service Regulation is quite ill-advised for that very reason, and should be overwritten by a Trump Executive Order. Otherwise, it sets innocent folks up to become felons.

Until then, one word of advice is to park at a property next to the post office and store your gun in your vehicle and then walk next door to the Post Office.


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