Reader Comments of the Week — March 17, 2018

Windage and elevation controls on the EOTech HWS sight

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Review: EOTech Red Dot HWS

I have my EOTech mounted on a Daniels Defense SBR. The setup is what my son told me his TEAM was using at the time. Since he is a Navy SEAL, I figured he would know something about target acquisition. After a day at the range with this setup, I understand how so many soldiers were scoring head shots from distance. The combination is truly awesome. It weighs next to nothing and does not reduce my field of view like a traditional scope can. I spared no expense on this rifle, including the wait time for the Federal Stamp. But it was well worth the wait. Even though I now face the wrath of some of my In-Laws because it is an “AR” I still stand firm. If and when The Government comes to take it away, I will face that time too. It will be a very sad day. One that I just cannot believe will happen. I pray it does not. In the mean time, I have an outstanding rifle combination that can take just about any game animal here in Florida. Good article. Thanks for the lesson.

~Daniel R. Thomas

Update: CMP Releases M1 Garand Ordering Information

I did as you suggested. When seeing the prices, I quickly decided A purchase at the price wouldn’t be practical for me. Not because I couldn’t easily afford the price, but because of my age. At 77 y/o it would be a lousy investment.

I went thru basic training in 1959 & qualified Expert with one. Although a bit heavy, the recoil was less at a weight of 10 pounds plus. It was a rewarding experience to shoot a rifle that was extremely accurate. My M1 Carbine wasn’t even close to the same accuracy, but still fun to shoot at 100 yards or less.


Review: Ruger PC Carbine Rifle With Glock Magazine Magwell

I’d be more inclined to consider that possibility if there were any cases of it ever having happened. However so far every case of people complaining about the HiPoint carbines have been trolls babbling third hand crap or fools who complain because the third-party “high capacity” magazines don’t work well. NO cases of HiPoint carbines “flying apart” even among the trolls.

Personally I find the HiPoint carbines almost as ugly as their pistols (although in different ways), but you cannot honestly fault their performance or their reliability with good magazines.

The Ruger looks like a rifle (not like something that ought to have an orange muzzle), and the new version of their PCC is a takedown (which will be attractive to some), the interchangeable mag wells will be very attractive IF they bring out some additional options (Beretta, S&W, Sig) but at the current price they have to be hoping for sales to two groups of people: 1) those who have too much money to spend, and 2) those whose toys are paid for by the taxpayers.


Review: EOTech Red Dot HWS

I bought an EOTech 565 in 2013 (same as 512 but with the buttons on the left side instead of the back) mounted on a custom build AR15 with Daniel Defense barrel and upper. It gets about 600 hours from 2 AA batteries, and is co-witnessed with Magpul pop-up iron sights. When the temperature drift problem surfaced, EOTech gave me the option of returning it for a full refund or having it replaced with a new one, even though it was nearly 2 years out of warranty. I chose a new one because I love the 1 MOA dot inside the circle, which gives about as rapid target acquisition as anyone could want. When I sighted in the new one, my last two 3-shot groups produced 3/4″ groups at 50 yards with only 4 holes, since each group had two shots through the same hole. Some of you are thinking, big deal, but that was with 73-year-old eyes and trifocals. To say I love this sight would be an understatement.

~Retired Navy Spook

10 Top ARs for 2018

The arrogance of the banners and grabbers continues to grow. They don’t need or want logic or facts, and just use the complacency of the masses. They have real political (corruption) power and that is very difficult to overcome. I’m not sure if they think they can really take all of our guns away, or just hope to scare, bully and intimidate law abiding citizens to not push back until it’s too late. I’m definitely pro states rights, but that is where they are already successfully testing the limits of restriction and confiscation. We may have passed the point of no return, but for now:
If you haven’t selected a modern sporting rifle, get one. Get comfortable shooting and maintaining it.
Share your passion for shooting with those you trust. Explain why it is so important to honor and respect our Constitution, especially the Second Amendment.
And God bless America.


Update: CMP Releases M1 Garand Ordering Information

I purchased one of the CMP Special M 1 Garands and I am quite pleased with the rifle.
The new stock is not a detractor from the rifle, to me, and the fit, finish and appearance of the stock and all parts is excellent. Nonetheless, CMP advised that the rifle be examined by a qualified gunsmith prior to firing it and that lead me to question whether it had truly been test fired by CMP. I have not fired the rifle because I have not yet had it examined.


Jungle Survival Preparation

I always carry a small pot and a ziploc of instant coffee.
The pot for boiling water and for beating to scare away prey and coffee for an uplift.

~T Outlaw

Gunshot Wounds — Are You Prepared?

I just took this course a couple weeks ago, well worth the time and money.


Review: EOTech Red Dot HWS

Hard to believe they treated the two of us so differently, especially since you’re LE. My cousin is a deputy sheriff, and EOTech refunded his money on two EXPS2’s that were both well out of warranty. He loved the EOTechs but couldn’t take the chance that the temperature drift problem hadn’t been solved since one of the sights was on a duty weapon that he kept in the trunk of his patrol car. He ended up switching to Aimpoints.

~Retired Navy Spook

10 Top ARs for 2018

Although this apparently is NOT taught in schools, our nation is one of only two nations in the world that is founded upon Judeo/Christian principals. Every able man and woman has a GOD given right and obligation to defend oneself, loved ones, friends, neighbors and the innocent man on the street. The LORD HIMSELF said if you have no sword (the assault weapon at the time) then sell you’re outer garments and buy one. There is no higher authority. What’s more this right and obligation is guaranteed and mandated in the constitution (amendments). If people wish to go unarmed, then let them but don’t go telling me to get rid of mine. I took an oath to defend this country and the constitution. I still live this oath. ANYONE who would try to disarm the public, or me, is no better than bin laden and should be treated as such. I fear the day is coming when the tree of liberty will have to be refreshed. GOD bless America.

~Bill L.

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