Reader Comments of the Week — June 9, 2018

Bob Campbell shooting a SIG P365 pistol

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Review: SIG 365 — A Smashing Little 9mm

I have two personal carry pistols that I switch out often. I live in FL so we are in shorts almost year round. More often I carry the Beretta Pico for the ability to conceal very easily in a pocket. The other is a Beretta Nano, which looks and sounds very similar to the Sig 365. I may rent one to see how it handles. I absolutely love the way the Nano handles. Great review!

~Patrick Warncke

Is the .22 LR Suitable for Defense?

When I read the title to this piece I was hoping the author would touch on .22lr in an actual rifle not strictly handguns. I’m quite confident I could send 3-4 rounds center mass from my Core-15 AR with its dedicated .22 upper before the bad guy knew what hit em. I could always swap the .22 upper out for either my .556 or 7.62-39 uppers but I cant get the thought of blasting holes clear through my house into the surrounding neighborhood out of my head.

~Jason B

Review: SIG 365 — A Smashing Little 9mm

I own two P365 that I have fired over 1200 rounds. I love this little pistol. It is very accurate, a great trigger and feels good in my hand. I am a retired police officer and carry 24/7. I carry IWB in a StealthGear Ventcore mini. It also fits perfectly in my Karr PM40 OWB holster and it fits a little bit loose in Glock43 holster. I really like 13 round capacity with 12 rd. mag and the 10 rd. fits perfectly in the watch pocket of my jeans.

~Bill Montes

Is the .22 LR Suitable for Defense?

As well as countless others found in the trunks of cars in long term parking at Chicago’s O’Hare Intl Airport or parking lots (Allen Dorfman – Teamsters Pension Fund infamy). Then again, another Chicago hood, Ken “Tokyo Joe” Ito took a couple to the head at point blank range and lived to point a finger at his two assailants who immediately moved to long term parking ????

It is what it is. If it’s all you got, it’s what you use to defend yourself.


Review: SIG 365 — A Smashing Little 9mm

I’ve seen quite a lot of bad reviews about the Sig 365 and it’s reliability. Failure to fire, failure to eject etc. Not sure if the “positive” take sellers are giving this gun are completely honest. Thar being said, I have not shot one. But I wouldn’t buy one with all the stories I’ve heard. A gun need to work. If it doesn’t, what’s the point?

~Brandon Franks

Is the .22 LR Suitable for Defense?

“Even the best quality ammunition in rimfires sometimes fails to fire. This one took a good hit from the firing pin.”

I don’t know who calls that a good hit – as a gunsmith with 3 decades of experience I would call that a very light firing pin strike.

A few commenters here have all had good points in that the comparison of .40 caliber pistol ammo to .22 LR – there is no comparing them. A 12 gauge 00 buck load will certainly prove more deadly than that .40 caliber round, so why not compare them ballistically? Because such a comparison is nonsensical.

I don’t think many people would choose .22 LR for defense as a general rule, but the fact it can be and is deadly when used for defensive purposes speaks for itself. There have been many such cases where criminals have pressed the attack against a person armed with the .22 LR and many of those resulted in the attacker achieving ambient room temperature.

Is .22 LR ideal for this purpose? Of course not, Can it be used in an emergency when there is no alternative? You bet. There are many dead men who thought that the little 22 wouldn’t hurt them.

I have also seen a lot of people reference the unreliability of the 22 LR round, and yet no study with the observed statistics is ever referenced, which tells me that the number of failures is well below what some are reporting. It is much more likely that the weapon has an issue than the ammo. Duds are bound to happen with any caliber of factory ammo, but the firing pin length, depth of the strike and the condition of the breech face are critical with .22 LR. – If you have ever dry fired your .22 it is just a matter of time before you start having problems, But that isn’t the fault of the ammo or the caliber, that is a mechanical issue with the firearm.


Review: SIG 365 — A Smashing Little 9mm

I have a P365 on order, I am drooling over being able to have a pistol about the same size as my Glock 42 but the extra capacity magazines especially the 12 round one has me thinking this might just become my EDC. Geez maybe that’s what they had in mind when they named it, ya think???

~Ben Sciortino

Review: SIG 365 — A Smashing Little 9mm

I love my Kahr CM9 but even extended factory magazines only get up to 8 rounds and protrude. And I sold my GET because it’s so beefy. This pistol is truly a Unicorn. Plus, it’s a Sign. I might become a convert but I do love my Kel-Tec P32, my Seecamp LWS32, and my Kahr. The 365 is next on my shopping list.

~Chris Abraham

Is the .22 LR Suitable for Defense?

So much overlooked. The .22 has less recoil which allows you to refocus quicker and get more shots on target. Affordable ammo allows you more practice, making you a better shot. If a .22 bullet, or 5 .22 shots center mass doesn’t stop someone, a 9mm or .38 in those same holes very well wouldn’t either. Because you missed vital locations otherwise the .22 would have stopped them.

When I watched the video of the deputy who put 5 shots in to the chest of a criminal from a .357, who lived, but was killed by a single shot from a .22, that was enough for me.

I don’t carry a .22, but I definitely trust it for my wife as her home defense weapons. I built her a Ruger 10/22 charger with the ATI stock conversion, and bought her a Kel Tek PLR22. Both are small and light, she can hold with 2 hands yet they are short, and have mounted lights, red dots, and laser. And still light and easy to hold. Both have 25 round mags. Gives her a lighted firearm with plenty of rounds, no scary recoil, fun to practice with, and laser to make her a good shot. Break in, and she will light you up.


Top Cops Opposing Concealed Carry — Did yours make the list?

Illinois is not listed above because Illinois does not honor licenses from other states. The list above only represents states who honor all other licenses, hence national reciprocity changes nothing for them.

So many people here aren’t understanding that.

~Danny L Griffin

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  1. Brandon, Do you have a firing range near you? If so call them to see if they carry fire arms to rent w/ammo.If they do rent the SIG 365. It is the only way you can see if it as good as people say.

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