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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

5 Home-Defense Shotgun Tips and Accessories

Great article thanks. From my own experience though I would not recommend one of those bandolier slings. The offer a big swinging unwieldy handle for the bad guy to grab and take the gun away from you, and worse they throw off your aim and balance of the shotgun in a big way.

Instead, I use a Speedfeed stock with 4 extra shells, two on each side, and a Sidesaddle. With 6 in the gun that gives me 10 extra, which is plenty to carry.

Likewise I’d avoid the pistol grip, which murders the web of your hand, makes operating the safety on a Mossberg harder, and is much harder to hit with. However, if you have to have one for a vehicle or close quarters then it is far better than an unwieldy gun you don’t have with you!

For women I really like the 20 gauge, especially in an autoloader; the 20 has 75% of the knockdown power of a 12 gauge, but only half the recoil, and in a softer shooting gas gun is just the ticket for a smaller person who doesn’t like the full power of a 12 gauge.

Anyway, good overview of the subject, thank you.

~Norm Morris

5 Home-Defense Shotgun Tips and Accessories

I’d say the pistol or sporter grip choice is more related to what the particular user is accustomed to, or what they have found from experience is less painful. I, as an Army vet, grew up on the M-16 series of rifles, then after several years of retirement, tried shooting skeet. The angle of the sporter stock gave my shooting wrist more ache the day after 2 boxes of shells than the recoil did to my shoulder, with a 12g autoloader. I swapped the stock to a pistol grip style and wrist pain went away. I also found it easier to pull the gun into my shoulder with the pistol grip vs the other stock, in the attempt to limit the shoulder pummeling. Just my $0.00002 (adjusted for inflation), YMMV


5 Home-Defense Shotgun Tips and Accessories

My son and I shoot a lot of sporting clays so I’m a big fan of shotguns, for sport ant home defense. I keep a tactical outfitted Mossberg 500 for home defense, but when my son brought home a KelTec KSG I was very surprised. And very skeptical. Until we took it out to shoot it. WOW! What a great firearm. We put 250 rounds through it the first time and it worked like a charm. Glad to see you highlighting it. I recommend it to all my friends for home defense.


Range Report: The Classic Bolt Guns — Mauser, Enfield, and Springfield

I have owned a variety of rifles over the years.An M1Carbine, Chinese SKS which at the time was a tremendous value. As New $100.00. A Stainless Ruger Mini 14 and various others, but the one rifle I have never considered selling is my Interarms sporterised 1915 8MM Mauser made in Danzig.I have primarily used it as a deer rifle, using the original iron sights.From the first day I owned it , I considered mounting a scope, but living in Upstate New York, long shots at deer are few and far between.The Mauser is an almost perfect “Brush Gun” ,a heavy medium velocity cartridge, and the iron sights line up easily on target. It has been quite a few years since I deer hunted, but the last buck I took was at aprox. 100 yards chasing a doe in heat through the woods.I started seated, rose as the pair turned, heading back to my left. Aiming at the top of the shoulder I tracked left for a one count and shot.At first I thought I had missed as the buck conrinued to the left. I cycled another round into the chamber and it fell.The shot had hit just behind the shoulder blade and had carried a large portion of the lungs out the exit hole. I can honestly sy I gave never missed a deer when I have fired this rifle, and I am at best, an average shot who gets almost no practice. It is a much better weapon than I am a marksman and it hits what I aim at, always! At 102 years old it is just getting broken in!

~Robin Reiley

Texas Open Carry Update: Sizable Limitations Are Still in Place

I feel like when gunslingers wore theres back in the day. People who had a problem figured it out gun vs gun, guts vs a days it’s hide your face, hide your gun..and just be ready to pounce if ya happen to be in the right place at the wrong time! I think if we all showed are guns more often, more people would show respect to those willing to lay down there lives to battle it out for the greater good??


5 Home-Defense Shotgun Tips and Accessories

On the bandolier/side saddle subject. I use an exposed hammer double barrel shotgun for home defense. On the side saddle I don’t keep extra shotgun shells, I have used molle attachment to install a small holster with a 12 round double stack 9mm subcompact Sig P250. My version of the New York City reload.

~Vegas Johnny Mac

Range Report: The Classic Bolt Guns — Mauser, Enfield, and Springfield

Really enjoyed this article. I’ve had a love for military bolt actions since childhood. After 20 years of active duty in the Army, I finally settled down and began pursuing my affection for these war horse. I have 2 Swedes (a 96 and a 38), 2 Mosins (a Finnish 91 and a Russian 30), a SMLE from Lithgow, and 2 1903A3 (one is a Remington, the other is a Smith Corona). All are excellent shooters, but my favorite is the Model 38 Swede.

~Albert Harshman

5 Home-Defense Shotgun Tips and Accessories

Great article. I agree with your assessment of the shotguns utility in a wide variety of situations. I call my safe a “toolbox”the right tool for the right job. I have a Mossberg 500 with an 8 round mag, 7 round sidesaddle, and a 7 position collapsible and folding stock. One point sing. Alternating loads. Does anyone think I missed anything? I have a Glock, AR, AK, all of them tricked out like the Mossberg. Oh yeah, and​a100 year old .303. Enfield.

~Ian S Jones

Range Report: The Classic Bolt Guns — Mauser, Enfield, and Springfield

How on earth could you leave out probably the most common and popular surplus bolt action out there, the Mosin Nagant? I was buying them up when they were still $79 and while they have their quirks they are a great rifle firing a powerful 7.62x54R round.

~Edward Pate

Memorial Day — Thank a Gold Star Family

As a 21-year veteran of Army service, including combat in Vietnam, I readily accept the comments of all who approach me who wish to thank me for my service. I have never even thought of denigrating anybody’s thanks, my usual comment in return for their thanks being…..’Thanks for your support and gratitude”. I often add to that comment with something like…..”I truly enjoyed my service…..all 21-years of it”.

Living in the Army town of Killeen, Texas…..the gate town of Fort Hood…..we have a large retired military population, as well as several thousand soldiers who are currently on active duty. It is common to receive thanks from the young soldiers as well as others, and when thanked by the young troops, it is right and proper to thank them for their service as well.

It seems that common courtesies have somewhat faded from the American scene in recent years, so whenever the courtesy of thanks for military service is extended, I urge all who are a part of that pretty small number of US military veterans who are still with us… be gracious and courteous to those who still have the gratitude to express their thanks.

Lt Col
US Army (Ret)


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