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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.
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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

SAF Wins Injunction Against Deerfield IL’s Assault on 2A
I really do hope all Americans stand up for their rights to own and bear arms. As the filthy scum Prime Minister of Australia named John Howard illegally stole the weapons of all Australians. And masses of sackless Australian cowards allowed it to happen. Fight for the God given rights you have to your last breath and never allow the corrupt and unlawful governing bodies attempt to convince you that they have the right to implement laws when ever they please because it either:
A. Disarms the people
B. Makes them money

Understanding Handgun Sights
Sig’s x-ray 3 sights work perfect for me . They came from the factory on my legion and 365, I am going to put them on my 320. The big dot bright green front really grabs the eye. I can and have used just about every sight out there but the x-rays are my favorite so far.

SAF Wins Injunction Against Deerfield IL’s Assault on 2A
It’s sad that gun owners even have to fight uninformed gun grabbers in our free America. Chicago with it’s unconstitutional gun control is a model of how their unconstitutional gun control DOES NOT work.

Review: Ruger American .308 Rifle
I own two American rifles on chambered in 7mm-08 and the other is the predator in .308. I was able to make a neck shot on a small buck with great accuracy. I love the feel of the bolt. I researched many rifles from X and A bolts with nice wooden stocks. When it came down to it I wanted the nice synthetic stock and save a bit of ammo money. Very happy with my decision.

SAF Wins Injunction Against Deerfield IL’s Assault on 2A
Of the twenty-seven words contained in our Second Amendment nowhere do I see any caveats allowing for the government, any government state or local the ability or responsibility to restrict my God given and constitutionally protected right of self preservation. I see plenty of elected officials who would just as soon try and TAKE our God given right by usurpetive fiat while at the same time refusing to abide by their oaths of office.
~Force Recon Marine

SAF Wins Injunction Against Deerfield IL’s Assault on 2A
@Neal — Here in America there is no such thing as an “ASSAULT RIFLE” as you correctly mention “Sturmgewehr” StG-44 is the German origin of assault rifle. Sturm is the word for storm as in the Storm troopers which Schutzstaffel was thought to have meant the Schutzstaffel (protection squad) were the first to be assigned this waffen (weapon) because of it’s limited effective range. The left attempts to employ that politically correct term for it’s shock value designed to scare (intimidate) those who are of weak character to go along with and support their usurpetive unconstitutional and illegal idiot-ology.

AR is what the Armalite Corporation (manufacturers of the M-16) labeled product. We Marines labeled them as the MM-16 for Matty Mattel toy gun
~Force Recon Marine

Understanding Handgun Sights
Mr Campbell, thank you sir for telling like it is and not sugar coating it to save from hurt feelings of those up and coming know it alls. Your straight forward common sense and many years of real world experience shared here, will undoubtedly not only result in many more hits on target, but saved lives as well.

SAF Wins Injunction Against Deerfield IL’s Assault on 2A
Who the devil do these politicians think they are? So people who paid thousands for their so called assault weapons are just suppose to hand them in? Are you kidding me? Thousands that we gun owners put back into the economy and they think they can just take them, have the option to enforce fines, and destroy our merchandise. This just gripes me so much….i am an Illinoian (embarrasses to be one) and not wanting to be here anymore. It’s like every citizen knows our politicians are corrupted or ultra liberal and Chicagoans keep swinging the elections in favor of that crap. We are so stuck and in deep deep trouble. I constantly fear what our lawmakers will try to pull next. They have a mentality that we all need baby sitters.
~Robert VanDeVeire

Understanding Handgun Sights
Did two tours in RVN and my issue piece was a Remington 1911 .45 ACP. As old as it was and the way it rattled, it was still the most accurate piece I’ve ever used. It saved my life on many occasions.

Practice makes Perfect. Unless you practice often and purposefully you will die with your unaimed piece in your cold dead hands.

80 years old and still shoot 96 on PPC and 90 on Combat Course. Lifetime NRA member.

Top Accessories for ARs 2018
New Jersey is rapidly turning to California East with all the crazy Dumbocrat laws they are passing. The only problem is I live in PA and those damn liberals won’t stay on their side of the Delaware.

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  1. I wonder if gun shop owners might ask those who are not Trump fans to leave their stores —- it can be called “Red Hen Syndrome” if they do.

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