Reader Comments of the Week — June 17, 2017

Smith and Wesson Shield in a Galco Stow and Go holster

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

NRA: National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Moving Forward

As a CCW holder here in Reno, Nevada and a person who travels to and from Calif. fairly often, this bill hits close to home, so to speak.

I have contacted my Congressman (who is a co-sponsor of HR 38) and both of my US Senators (one who is a co-sponsor of S.446 and one who opposes it).

I suggest addressing this bill as being one that simply requires all 50 states to obey Article 4, Section 1 of the US Constitution. Obeying the Constitution is an issue that will be harder to oppose than “allowing out-of-state people to carry guns.”

~Bob Clevenger

NRA: National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Moving Forward

National reciprocity of handgun licensing is a long time coming. When one compares it to national reciprocity of driving licenses, it makes a lot of sense, since driving is a privilege and keeping and bearing arms is a right. Of course the left-wing socialist states will fight this tooth and nail, but if it goes through Congress and is signed into law, it would go a long way toward rectifying a long standing problem.

Now…..Having said all of that, I do not believe we need anything more than reciprocity that compels states to honor the carry licenses of every other state. I do not think that a national carry license is in the best interest of we carriers, since such a license would undoubtedly have some unpleasant and impractical federal “strings” attached to it. Such federal licensing would basically be a de facto form of registration, and that is a major infringement on the Second Amendment rights of We The People.


Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

I believe that all people who get their CWP is already background checked and fingerprinted and have gone through the hoops to carry . We should be allowed to carry wherever we want. as long as it is not hanging off your hip , or you take it out and make a fool of yourself for no reason , there should not be a problem . Sandy Hook would have never happened if people could have carried when bringing their kids to school. how many lives lost because of a stupid law.( if you remember right , the criminal with all the guns broke the law and carried and killed people) so that proves we follow the laws and they don’t , but someone could have saved some lives that day , and in many other cases, if CWP owners (who are obviously more responsible ) could carry where they want.


The Home Built AR-15

I’ve heard the AR requires a lot more cleaning etc. than the AK. Also, the AR is more accurate than the AK at longer ranges; 150-300 m. How is the 7.62×39 round in the AR compared to the 300? I’m leaning to the AK round. Help me out here.

Thanks You, Hav

~Hav Bauer

Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

The sad truth is if someone wants to go in and kill a bunch of people they don’t need a license and they’re going to do it. Now, if some radical minded fruitcake goes in after these students, as they have before, and one just student happens to have a firearm, guess what he might do? Blow that bastard away before he does it. No lawful-minded citizen or average person not looking for trouble is going to turn loose and kill a bunch of people and if he does something is very wrong it’s unlikely. Now, which do you think is most likely to happen, use your head not your ass.


The Home Built AR-15

I recently built my first and second AR’s. AR1 is 5.56 version with a 16″ barrel and is made up of mostly Aero parts except for the barrel and BCG (Bolt Carrier Group). The barrel is an AR Stoner and BCG is a Wilson Combat (full auto version). I researched the barrel and decided to take a chance on it and I am very pleased it and it was much cheaper than most but still Mil Spec. The BCG is awesome and worth money. Everything else is Aero and very pleased with all their parts. No rattles in the rifle and everything fits tight and right. If you sign up with Aero you can get daily deals on parts which will significantly reduce the overall cost of the build. You will be able to get all the parts you need for a complete Aero build on sale if you choose to do so.

AR2 is a 10.5″ pistol build in .300 Blackout. I love this pistol ( will eventually be a SBR (Short Barrelled Rifle). I am impressed with this round, even though it is a bit pricey. You can build the rounds for it using .223 cases (check out You Tube) and save a fair amount of money reloading your own rounds. This pistol also uses an AR Stoner barrel and an AR Stoner BCG (Mil Spec). For the price, I wan’t to give a try and see how it functions. All good so far. Takes a pistol stock and buffer tube set and the over all length is 29″ and this thing is light weight. Shoots great. Both have adjustable gas blocks from Superlative and they adjust from the front, which I like. I will get a 10.5″ .223 barrel and a 16″ .300 barrel so I can set up either AR the way I want to since they both use the same 5.56 BCG and magazine, a barrel change is all it takes. Love Peggy Sue (AR1) and Betty Lou (AR2)! Good luck with yours!


Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

Business owners can’t shut down employee’s first amendment rights, why should they be able to dictate whether or not employees have the right to self protection.


Review of the Ruger LC9: Is it TOO Safe?

I got the LC9s Pro, it has no manual safety, will fire with no magazine. I love the look and feel. Great carry size. A little more kick but not unexpected for its size. Racking is a little harder than other sub compact 9mm models. I shoot accurately with it. Overall one of my favorite small 9mm handguns. I just sold a Remington RM 380 a few days after I purchased it. I shot 12 rounds through it hated it immediately. Super long trigger pull, lots of kick and I couldn’t hit the side of a barn with it. I’ll stay with my Ruger LC9S Pro!


Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

I forgot to recommend to others in all the other 48 states to do the same thing, too. Be sure to CALL your Reps and Senators to start a similar bill into your State Government – you will not be sorry that you took some time to do this. Be sure to call your local gun clubs to get the word out ASAP. Talk to your town or city managers, too. Every voice and vote will help. Make this go viral!

~Fred Fuhrer

Review: Let There be Weapon Lights — Crimson Trace, Streamlight

I own 2 Streamlight TLR-2G weapon lights. I have tested them thoroughly when clearing the house after bumps in the night. I am a believer in the laser/light combo. But I will also caution those considering a purchase not to chase the latest highest lumen offerings. The 300 lumen level of my TLR-2Gs is plenty. The light reflecting off from the walls does too good of a job in fully illuminating me. I get that the light itself is totally giving away my position, but it doesn’t need to also give away my center of mass. Sometimes less is more.


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