Reader Comments of the Week — June 10, 2017

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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Oklahoma — Concealed Carry Now Legal With Military ID

I did spend the time to train myself​. When I qualified on the range for my permit the instructor passed me after I fired two single stack magazines. My point was that a DD 214 is not always enough to qualify you for carrying a concealed pistol. I am in favor of having a minimum ability standard to carry a pistol; just like driving a car. Even with a minimum driving standard, we see how poorly people exercise that privilege.


10 (Mostly) New Pistols for Concealed Carry

I personally have carried the XD 4.0 for about four years but about a year ago I sold it to a friend for his wife and purchased a Taurus PT111 G2. I loved the XD but I’m really impressed with the G2 and my 24/7 Pro magazines fit it and feed with no problem.

~Greg Barnes

Oklahoma — Concealed Carry Now Legal With Military ID

Many folks are unaware that all Military Police are considered federal law enforcement and therefore already qualify for the federal concealed carry credential known as LEOSA (HR 218).

This credential authorizes the qualifying individual (either Military Police or Civilian Officer) to carry concealed in all 50 states and territories regardless of a state’s limitations placed on their own citizens or visitors. Yes, that includes even the most draconian states like NJ, NY, and CA.

There are specific criteria you must meet to qualify for this federal credential. You must either be an active MP in any branch of Military; or a Civilian Police Officer/Agent; or retired or separated under good conditions (Honorably) with no less than 10 years of aggregate MP/Police experience. The 10 or more years of experience must have authorized you statutory arrest or military apprehension authority.

It also covers MPs in every branch of the National Guard, Reserves and Coast Guard along with other less common officer’s like Capital Police, University Police and even some Railroad Police -as long as you had statutory arrest or apprehension authority on the job.

The time spent as an MP or Cop does not have to be consecutive or even with the same agency. This allows the credential to apply to cops that may have switched to different departments – like from city cop to county deputy, or military personnel that my switch career fields or even branches of service.

The only thing to pay attention to is that you have an aggregate of Police/MP service that adds up to 10 total years or more and you could make arrests/apprehensions. There is no time limit on when you did your service either – meaning if you were an Air Policeman as far back as the Korean War, as long as you meet the time in service with apprehension authority, you qualify to apply.


Once issued, this federal credential is for life. However, for it to remain valid it must be accompanied by proof of an annual weapons qualification by your issuing agency, branch of service, or any firearms instructor who is certified to test active law enforcement officers within your state. So even though you may be retired or separated, every state has certified instructors that you can pay to run you through an equivalent course of fire related to your agency each year.

The criteria for obtaining this federal concealed carry credential is the same for all local, state, federal and military police agencies; however, based on how the LEOSA law was written, the manner in which the ID credential is issued was left up to each individual agency.

What this means is that disappointingly some agencies have yet to establish a process for issuing this ID, while other agencies have no plans to issue it all due to political reasons based on the whims of their liberal police chief or sheriff. In short, the federal LEOSA law may entitle you to the credential, but has no teeth to force your agency to actually develop a program to issue it.

However, the Military/DoD has been quite progressive in establishing a streamlined program run by a private contractor (Defense Consulting Services) to issue this federal credential for Air Force Security Forces and Army MPs. Their site is at should you wish to apply. The Military is also working on something to cover the Navy/Marine MPs very soon as well.

A final thought – one more avenue for local cops and deputies (not so much for feds) is that some states have agreements to issue these credential on behalf of all subordinate agencies that operate within their state, so do your research to see if this applies to some of you.


Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

Um, no. As much as I will fight to protect my constitutional right to keep and bear arms, I totally disagree with legislation which protects any “class” of citizens for choices they make under the provisions of the Constitution. The unintended consequences are unlimited. If we consider the US Constitution to be the law of the land, this type of legislation should not even be considered.


Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

As I have commented before, in my more than fifty years of carrying concealed handguns, I have often done so legally… well as illegally. Like other comments in this thread of discussion, my view is that I usually disregard posted venues and carry where ever I go…..with few exceptions. Like those who have commented elsewhere, I figure that should it be necessary for me to bring my piece into action, having carried that piece in a forbidden venue is not at the top of my list of things about which I am concerned.

Also as I have commented, before, when one is carrying it is necessary to do so as unobtrusively as possible. That said, one who carries must overcome an almost natural urge to fiddle and fuss with the concealed piece in such acts as checking to see if the handgun is printing or is visible when stretching, etc. The successful concealed carrier is one who is so comfortable in his or her manner of concealed carry that they essentially forget that they are carrying and may only check, from time to time, in a reflective surface such as a mirror or store window to assure that they are, in fact, well concealed.

It would be interesting, indeed, to conduct a study to determine just how many people routinely carry a concealed handgun. My instincts tell me that there are a whole lot more out there who are carrying than anybody might really think.


Top 8 Best Shotgun Ammo Guides

Love the PDX Load! Keep them in both my 870 and Snake Slayer IV. My personal protection firearms. Wanna try the new slug that separates on impact. Meth addicts beware Lol..


Ruger Mark IV Recall

Hats off to Ruger! Recalling a product BEFORE people are hurt, what a good idea and not usual for any company. This elevates my esteem for Ruger. Obviously they’re doing this for the good of the industry because most cost/benefit analysis would imply they should wait and weigh the settlement costs against recall costs, customers be damned. Manufacturing and product safety issues are not protected by PLCAA. Which if the industry wants to clear up the misconceptions about the act, could use this situation to demonstrate that it is not about total immunity from lawsuits.


The Home Built AR-15

I’ve built several ARs, it can be addictive. As mentioned in prior remarks; I have a 16″, 18″ & 20″. The latter two with adjustable gas blocks, all with YHM QD mounts for suppressors. Presently, I’m assembling an A2 lower to swap out the .20″ when the mood strikes.

I built the 20″ originally for an A2 lower, then replaced the A2 stock with a Magpul PRS. Having a spare lower, since Christmas, I decided to build another A2 lower since I had the stock, stripped lower and parts kit on hand.. So I purchased a second A2 buffer, spring & tube, and bought a two stage trigger from Stag Arms. I do not care for the stock triggers and my hands are too large for the standard AR handgrips.

I see you’ve built an SBR, reluctant to give BATF the fee for a fourth tax stamp, while I wouldn’t mind having one, or more SBRs, I don’t feel like waiting another 9-12 months for a stamp either.


5 Home-Defense Shotgun Tips and Accessories

The .223 has an impressive penetrating power. And therefore, has the potential to enter a neighboring home. the pattern of most birdshot increases by one inch per yard. And buckshot expands even less. So you do need to aim, and also be aware of over penetration into assent rooms.


Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

This is an excellent point about protected classes. When those classes are based on features a person cannot control (race, gender – classical definition, etc…) then this extension doesn’t fit. However, when protected classes are modified to include preferences of behavior (sexual preference, gender – emerging definition, etc…), then any type of behavior could fit. It becomes another tool to force acceptance of behavior, so why not use it to defend our natural rights? VERY interesting move by PA!


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  1. We have a Bill of Rights that tells the federal government that those rights come from God and it cannot take them from us.
    The ‘first’ says we have the freedom of speech. You do not need a government permit to post to a blog or pass a special test or training. Remember that you are responsible for the content of what you write.
    Why are we required to submit background checks, finger prints, photos, special training classes, pay multiple fees, and many restrictions just to exercise the rights of the ‘second’?
    We have laws that make it a crime for a felon to be with a firearm. We need for the prosecutors, courts, and politicians to do their jobs enforcing the laws protecting our civil society.
    What is the harm of someone going to the post office and buying some stamps? Now a criminal going into a post office to rob it, would not abide by the law that makes it a crime to also enter a post office armed.
    Gun free zones stop law abiding citizens from being armed there. They will never stop armed criminals from entering.

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