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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

You bring up some good points, and used the scenarios you picked well as examples. One of the biggest issues for myself, has been the introduction of “Red” laws in State Legislators. In several of the proposed (and recently passed in some States) there is a definite lack of professional opinion required in the Laws. By that I’m referring to the absence of a Medical evaluation by a licensed Practitioner, before the action of seizure of property. Many of these laws require only a friend, family member or LEO to state/believe that the person is at risk and the seizure can occur. None of these individuals, and I include Judges in this, are capable by law, of making a diagnosis of mental illness. With no required examination and evaluation, the laws are simply denying Due Process to an individual based upon evidentiary hearsay and not by a valid medical opinion.

I’m in agreement that we need to keep firearms out of the hands of individuals that are mentally unbalanced, but mental illness is a slippery slope. The right of privacy of medical information found under HIPPAA regulations can be violated too easily by Mental Health Gun Control Laws, and this needs to be addressed before any legislation is passed. As we learned of the extent of interaction the Broward County Sheriff’s Office had with the Parkland shooter prior to his actions, the question comes up of when should an intervention occur. I believe we can agree that the multitude of instances where there was interaction in that case was excessive, and the young man in question should have been flagged long before he ever purchased a firearm. In this case, the Sheriff’s Office took it upon themselves to downplay the events that were occurring, the end result of which was a mass shooting. We need to address this if we’re to make any success at preventing future problems. In my opinion, the second call out for him should have been a flagging event. Dismissing his behavior and actions, because he was at the time a juvenile, was a serious mistake.

In the end we must do something to address the mental health problem, but it needs to be the right something. Too many legislators are willing to pass legislation good or bad, simply to “feel good” about what they’ve done. Instead, most of the legislation they pass is further infringement on the rights of the Law Abiding citizens, and doesn’t really address the complete issues at hand.
~Clarence Cochran

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

I’m almost wondering if this doesn’t boil down to the questions:

“What right does society have to deny an individual a means of self-defense?”


“What obligation does society have to protect those that who choose not to exercise their right to self-defense?” (whether that self-defense utilizes a firearms or not)

Personally I think the answer to the first question may lie in how US society worked in the late 1700’s where capital crimes seem to have been dealt with by capital punishment (as opposed to restriction of rights of the law abiding).

…and the second would seem to have been answered in Warren v. The District of Columbia.

Obviously both of those prior outcomes/solutions could be overturned, however that would beg the question: Should they be overturned if we wish to retain liberty?

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

Well written and well thought out. One of my problems with this is the subjectiveness of the determination or who is or who is not mentally ill. Years ago, I had a spouse who was a mental patient. As such I was met with her doctor to discuss her condition and the living conditions at our home. Two weeks later I went to my regular physician for a follow up to diabetes. During this visit he asked several questions about how my life was going, how I felt and how I was coping with things. This was a bit unusual so I asked if things were OK or if there was a reason he was asking so much stuff. He shared with me he had received a report from my wife’s doctor that listed me as in possible need of mental help. Reasons: suicidal, why is I ride motorcycles. I could be violent and have killed animals, why was I used to hunt. I could suffer from depression, why was I am diabetic and the stress dealing with a mentally ill wife. I do believe there are times when a person’s, even a doctor’s, perspective and judgement despite the best of intentions is influenced by things other than the medical facts. I met with the wife’s doctor one more time to let him know why I was transferring my wife to a different care-giver. I also have concerns that some judges and lawyers also have anti-gun sentiments which could influence their actions. Things like medicine, mental health and the law should not be subjective to a person’s feelings, but based on the facts. Some people should not have firearms, some people should not be allowed to teach in our schools, some should not be allowed to sit in judgement over others and some should not be allowed to practice medicine or give mental care. Fortunately most professionals act professionally.

In the case of the Parkland Shooter, I believe the signs were there and people failed to respond to the signs. Its not a firearm issue, its a mental and moral one. If the lives of 4,000 unborn children a day are not important, why should we expect anyone to value any life?
~Stone Jones

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

For me it comes down to our basic human rights that you are innocent until proven guilty so they have no constitutional right to take arms away from anyone until they have committed a crime. The V.A. has taken thousands of vets guns away illegally and i hope the new V.A. head changes that fast. You cannot punish someone because you think they will commit a crime.
~James Stamulis

5 Home-Defense Shotgun Tips and Accessories
Hey guys! Most shotguns, although very very good home defense tools don’t have drop safeties. Long periods of storage, leaning up against a wall etc. could represent a time bomb of an AD waiting to happen. Be careful what you choose for home defense. Safety first.

The M3A1 Grease Gun — A Desperate Gun for Desperate Times
My dad was a tanker with Patton in WW2 he used a greaser himself said he could cut a man in half from the turret of that that tank with a short burst from the greaser. He loved it as a tanker weapon.

The M3A1 Grease Gun — A Desperate Gun for Desperate Times
We had the M3A1 on our tanks in Vietnam. One day while cleaning all of the tank weapons, one of my crew said “LT, the springs on the 50 cal machine gun are the same as the grease gun except longer”. Sure enough, he was correct. So we cut the 50 cal springs to size, installed them in the grease gun and loaded it. Everyone stood back while I pulled the trigger. The springs were so strong that when I pulled the trigger all 30 rounds fired in about 1 second. It was unbelievable.
~Bud Hope

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

A well thought out think piece. It requires people to think, something that the antis and the democrats can not do or want you to do.

While I have concerns about any firearm legislation in the current environment, I do believe there does need to be a system in place to allow the authorities to protect the general public, within reasonable limits. And that is a key point. ‘REASONABLE LIMITS’.

What most of the ‘red flag’ laws do not have is a mechanism to protect the rights of the affected individual. One that I saw that I particularity like, was one that allowed the person who’s firearms were impounded to appear before a judge to explain his/her side of the story with a lawyer if they so choose. This has to happen within a short period of time, like under a week.

I have personal knowledge of one he said/she said case. A co-worker (female) was divorcing her husband. While she was removing her personal property from their home, he tried to stop her. They got into an argument. Neighbors called the police. Now I have never met this ‘person’, however I have seen photographs of him. He was about 5’10” 230+ pounds. She is 5’0″ and 130 pounds. He has a criminal record including violent crime and drugs. He is well know by the local police. The police break up the argument and stand by while she finishes loading her car to move out of state. He tells the police that she has a firearm. Does not say he is afraid of her. The police search her vehicle and find the firearm. Said firearm is confiscated. It was a legal firearm within that state at that time.

Another item that needs to b discussed is bullying in the schools. The last couple school shooting, it has come out that the shooters were bullied. While that is no excuse for their actions, it does point to a bigger problem. Especially the last shooter, teachers were involved in the bullying. THEY ARE ADULTS! THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO KNOW BETTER!. If this is an example of the nation’s school systems, why are we trusting our children to them?

More food for thought.

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

I just want to commend all of the really concerned and seriously outstanding logic expressed on this serious problem throughout this series of discussions. It shows that well thought out and respectful debate is alive and well at the grass roots level of our country. Bravo to all who partook with such insight and good intention. I wish this could be conveyed to the “Bafoons” we have been duped into representing us. I see more common sense and just deliberation in this series of statements that I have witnessed in any elected official in my lifetime. Thank you all for sharing your thoughtful deliberations.

The large take-away for me is that we need to bring our “Politicians” back down to earth. They act only on their own self interest and not as our representatives. They appear to listen to the loudest, not the smartest. We must take America back because “We the People” are really in charge. WE need a referendum to address the Tyranny that exists today. Term limits must be real and short. Our representatives need to be judged harshly and immediately if they ignore the Laws of the Land. No Democrats or Republicans, just AMERICANS!

~Dan Upham

NRA A+ Rated Republican Announces New Gun Control Measure
Looks like rights taken without the benefit of due process to me.
~Mike in Flag

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