Reader Comments of the Week — July 22, 2017

Four Patriot Series patches for the Razor electronic ear muffs.

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Reloading 101: Determining Safe Maximum Velocity

I’ve been handloading since 1968 & decided within a year that I’ll never load for anything but accuracy. Since then, I’ve never been concerned about velocity. If I sense more effort with bolt lift, I begin paying more attention. Since I’m a titewad, I prefer to stay away from maximum loads for only one reason. Maximum loads erode the barrel throat faster and premium barrels are expensive.
I pay attention to primers & if I see any minute signs of cratering, I’ll try .5 grains more to see if it increases. If it does, I’ll drop back one full grain. to see if anything changes for the better. If it does, I consider that my maximum load.
I always start midway between minimum & maximum. On any new powder or bullet combination. I also keep very detailed records of all my loads. I never chamber a round until I’m ready to shoot simply because a hot chamber can cause increased pressure if the cartridge is cooked for a while. Which I also believe can affect accuracy.
I prefer a single shot rifle for that reason.


Punishment by Process: Defending Against Prosecutorial Abuse

I AM ALL IN : Believing the prosecution should pay for all cost concerning STAND YOUR GROUND defense if found NOT GUILTY. I strongly suggest contacting our congressmen and women and urge them to keep fighting for what is right and not to back down to the pressures from Gun Grabbers. Its not the Gun its who is using it that merits its right or wrong use.


Punishment by Process: Defending Against Prosecutorial Abuse

It is stupid and mindless comments like David Emery’s that cause all firearm owners problems. Going on an anti-Semitic tirade and then simply stating you are not anti-Semitic does not make it true. When you say such pitiful garbage and link yourself to us firearm owners and users through a great site like this you drag us all through the mud you wallow in. Try taking the intelligent high road once and criticize the schmuck based on his poor judicial rulings or his over-reach of legislative powers from the bench but c’mon…try using your brain for once before the mouth gets in gear!

~Ken Brubeck

Punishment by Process: Defending Against Prosecutorial Abuse

It is time for the Legislatures in America to IMPEACH JUDGES who exceed their authority… Judges are not there to make law … PRECEDENT is not law it is the dicta of a particular court and does not stand as law. Judges are seated to administer the law and the court they are assigned not to engage in legislation or to interpret the law… Juries are the laws interpreters and if they need help they can ask the judge … Juries are the final check and balance in the law, not a JUDGE… an unelected administrator.


Reloading 101: Determining Safe Maximum Velocity

Primer pocket growth almost always happens only when the pressure exceeds the yield strength of cartridge brass. That means that the implied focus is on those cartridges with a SAAMI Max pressure greater than about 55,0000 psi.

There are a lot cartridges, even modern ones, with SAAMI max pressures that are less than this level. Hence, reading primer pocket size for these cartridges can be a dangerous practice.

~Joseph Smith

National Legal Update: Hearing Protection Act Rolling Into Bigger Bill

They should remove any other weapons, short barreld rifles and short barreld shotguns from the NFA “68” gun control act registry as well. All these restrictions do is punish the law abiding and drown the government in paperwork. 10 plus months on a background check? Really, especially when you’re currently a NFA stamp holder in good standing? The government needs to be more efficient and stop the rediculous background checks from scratch every time just so a law abiding citizens can shorten a weapons barrel by a few inches.

Better yet abolish the entire NFA registry and restore the 2nd admendment rights of all citizens.

~Steven Steenhout, Wasilla, Alaska

Video: As Temperatures Go Up in Texas, So Does Road Rage

Been close to having to pull my weapon out, but never to that ” point of no return”.
I ride a Harley, and was riding down the interstate. The car ahead of me had a smoker driving it. Am sure he knew I was behind him( loud pipes). He threw a cigarette out his window, but instead of just throwing it out ,they flicked it UP into the air which made it fly right into my windshield.
Naturally I was mad after this, so I pulled up next to this idiot, and motioned for him to roll his window down at 75 mph. I politely yelled “Thanks for the cigarette Buddy”, and he proceeded to give ME the finger.
I went to another lane and this guy was trying to pull me over. I attempt to get away( which I did ) but this guy chased me for several miles at 80+ mph, flashing headlights. I was carrying concealed. As long as I was moving, there was not an immediate threat. If we stopped in city traffic, or I had pulled over, it might have been a different story.
Haven’t had to have a fist fight since I was a teenager, but nowadays, everyone carries knives, or guns, pipes, etc.
I don’t take any chances.
Best if not to engage, but to LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY.
Go in peace.

~Deplorable Robert

Ruger Vaquero: The Single-Action Cowboy Gun

Everything Sully said about the Vaquero is true. I have one of the older versions and it can handle quite a bit…it is no ‘cowboy action shooter’ in this regard, but more of a blackhawk with style, form and function. I am lucky, because I bought mine used with major action work done on it and it rivals my Colt Python as far as the single action goes. I only mention this to say that it is possible to tune this fine pistol to near perfection. Once you get the Vaquero action tuned, you will be thinking about it while shooting a semi-auto and will be the envy of your shooting friends. It’s the closest thing to sex with a pistol I can imagine. I only wish it had as many shots as the westerns we like to watch. Now, there is an analogy.


Reloading 101: Determining Safe Maximum Velocity

I typically reload but on occasion I will fireform new brass to load for accuracy. Mostly just to prove loads and compare Brass geometry after firing. I’ve found that even in the same lot of new cases there will usually be cases that show pressure signs sooner than the bulk of the lot. I separate these cases when I find them and work a load at lower pressure using the same powder if I can keep the load density above 80%, then load the lot accordingly. I generally try to find the optimum velocity for the bullet/barrel combination I’m working with and paying close to pressure signs. I have yet to find any two firearms to yield the same results with the same load. A safe load for one chamber may be too hot in another. I shoot for lower pressures if I can get my optimum velocity changing powder or primer or even seating depth if needed. Don’t usually worry about chamber yield pressures because the brass will fail first.


Review: Walker Game Ear Razor Electronic Muffs

The Razor muffs are great. I’ve tried a few different brands of < $100 muffs and definitely prefer these.

One aspect of electronic muffs that often isn’t discussed is how they handle the noise reduction. Many popular brands simply cut out the microphone briefly when the noise passes a certain threshold, which makes carrying on a conversation when someone else is shooting very difficult. However, the Walkers use audio compression to reduce the volume to a safe level while still letting the sound through – so you continue to hear everything around you.


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