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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

1911 Handguns: How to Fit a Barrel

In spite of doing a little customizing work myself in the past, I relied on a good friend who was the head pistol-smith at a well-known facility who had built many custom 1911’s that were used by some of the best competition shooters around at the time. He did the custom work on all my on-duty pistols and my off-duty well. All have flawless function and reliability, and are superbly accurate – even to this day. I consider myself very lucky to have had such a talented gunsmith as a close personal friend. Also, I agree (and know firsthand) that the barrels made by Irv Stone at Bar-Sto are super-high quality top-notch barrels, and are probably about as good as you can get – at least that has been my experience. While it can be fun to tinker, I have found there is no substitute for quality work done by a highly skilled craftsman – especially if the piece is used for defensive purposes.


Review: Smith and Wesson Model 649 — S&W’s Best Snubbie

I bought a 638 on impulse about ten years ago. I put a Barami grip on it and it’s been my standard carry for the past four years. My lifestyle and circumstances do not require major weaponry, so a “just in case” gun that is zero effort to carry and hides under a moderately snug T-shirt is perfect. I grew up with revolvers, so the DA trigger is what I’m used to.

The tactical folks are scoffing now, so let me mention this — out of all my family and all my friends, over the ten years I’ve lived here, we have had ONE incident where self-defense was needed, and that was handled by brandishing a .380 Keltec and applying harsh language. I don’t consider myself under-armed with my 638.
~Steven Scott

1911 Handguns: How to Fit a Barrel

Great artical Bob!

One of your suggestions I’m going to use on my next build!

A question for you….

I’m a big fan of the IMI Baby Desert Eagles an carry both the compact .40 an full frame .45. The octagon cut rifling makes them one of the most accurate out of the box pistols without custom work available anywhere.

I have often hoped to find a 1911 Barrel rifled in the same configuration as the BDE. Sadly, have never run across one. Have you or do you know of such a Barrel for the 1911 with the Octagonal rifling?

I’d even have one made if I could find someone todo it.
Thanks for the tips, my next build is a long-slide .38 Super Comp pistol. Hope to hear back from you soon.
~Pete in Alaska

Prepping: EMP Strike While You’re at Work — Are You Ready?

Because people don’t take the time to do basic research and learn what it is, what it can do, and how to properly defend against it. Look up the books written by Dr. Arthur Bradley or view his videos at They will be quite enlightening.

Also, I think we have gotten to a point where people prefer to overreact and drama queen things rather than rationally dealing with a situation because there isn’t as much notoriety in the latter as there is the former.
~Kurt Feltenberger

Oliver North Set to Become Next NRA President

I would like to add that I recently reread our constitution. I have passed over it several times. I would like to remind everyone of one of the powers of Congress is “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;”. So one of the duties of the militia is to execute, or enforce the laws of the union. This does not mean the statutes, codes & regulations. It means the laws, like the constitutional ones & all those consistent with the constitution. That is what a “Well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a FREE state…” is all about. It is about the People rising in a call to arms to stop our government from trampling on our rights & maintaining a free society. So all you members of the NRA, or any other guns rights group, I encourage you to start advocating for a well regulated militia. A bonafide rights protecting militia like our forefathers had prior to the Revolutionary War. They banded together to stop the tyranny of gun confiscation. The real reason the war was started in the first place was gun confiscation, not throwing tea into the Boston Harbor. So lest we band together, we will fall separately. Then it’s slavery until another revolution is successful.
~Kirk B Mullins

Kavanaugh: Protecting the Second Amendment for the Next

I support the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in the strongest possible way. There is nothing more straight forward than, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

That is the way Judge Kavanaugh sees it as plainly stated, as it should be.He is the right one for the position, to interpret the law, not make the law.
~Paul Doty

Holsters for Women. Stop Telling Me My Choices Suck!
Take a look at the new alien gear shape shifter package, 4 holsters in one purchase, and has additional options for shoulder, ankle and off body carry. 99.00 starting price , and made for each gun specifically, so it carries well
~DAVID Hirsch

Kavanaugh: Protecting the Second Amendment for the Next

We have the military protecting the USA. but that is not enough. If the Intelligent hard working true Americans that salute the Flag and believe in America are destroyed by the political False nonsense, then, the following will evolve: Democrats or the extremest on the left will take over causing the following….

The Government will collapse and the chain reaction will follow:

Intelligent hard working true Americans will become Citizens the want the Government to pay for all their needs.

Then the Citizens will become addicts of some form of Drugs…

Then, the Citizens will become Homeless Druggies…

And then, finally, We will have the Dead Citizens which are what we watch on TV…

They are called:

“The walking dead”

If you believe in Good v/s Evil, then you should be afraid, very afraid of what the future will become.

Please support the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution. No mater which President is in office…

Even if you don’t believe in GOD. At least the People the do believe in GOD are nice people.

So. I ask you this one question:

Would you rather live next to a a person that believes in GOD or someone that doesn’t?

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

Great set of questions! This is a very slippery slope and I can see where someone could easily be unduly judged before an actual crime has been committed. Then there is the due process issue to contend with. Under what circumstance can a persons rights, any of them afforded by the Constitution, be presumed guilty prior to actually committing a crime?

I certainly have argued in the past that “guns don’t kill, people do”. The mechanism used to kill someone can be almost anything: car, truck, knife, hammer, pen, gun, ax, fist, feet, etc, this list is long.

Perhaps there needs to be a mechanism that tracks behavior, speech and other things that starts a record of behavior that is suspect. Insanity takes many forms, some instantaneous and some over many years. Is it logical to say that a violent act, of any kind needs swift, severe and immediate consequences. However, as I write these words, these thoughts seem presumptive and very harmful if misplaced or misused.

The other important element to this discussion is how far should our society take such concepts. One final thought for me. Perhaps we need to introduce a mental health education and identification process into our school curriculum /system that develops a sense of human thought and decision making?
~Dan Upham

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

All the hype I have been hearing & reading about taking guns out of the hands of people with mental illness seems simple & logical on the surface. Most good ideas like this have altruistic motives. When we are talking about taking away the rights of people, we traverse a very slippery and treacherous slope. It’s like trying to climb a greased up flag pole. Only a few will ever attempt it. Fewer still, will ever make it to the top. When they do they risk breaking their leg, foot, or ankle on the slide down.

All the hype out there seems to be based on the presumption that people with a mental illness are a danger to society. Anyone that has a loved one with a mental illness should know that most mentally ill people are harmless. That leaves us with those that pose harm to themselves and/or others. In Texas there is a legal way to get those that are a harm to themselves &/or others off the streets. They are usually involuntarily sent for mental evaluation on the order of a judge that has been given evidence that would warrant such a commitment. I see no need for Texas to adopt any new law concerning this matter. Furthermore, it is important to note that a mental illness, in & of itself, should not be the yardstick to measure whether someone should be barred front observing/exercising their right to bears arms. I am behemothly opposed to legislation that infringes on any group of people because of the actions of less than 0.0001 percent of the people, (In this case, the mentally ill with murderous intent). Besides, whose gauge of mental illness are we to go by. One man’s nut case is another man’s genius.

Let us not forget about the famous serial killers out there. They were very dangerous people with a mental illness. Most people that knew them claimed they were nice people, at least for the most part. Furthermore, very few, if any, of these serial killers used a gun. Additionally, as I understand it, the latest FBI statistics has shown that a baseball bat is used more than anything else to murder someone. Where’s the outcry to register baseball bats, and to keep them away from our children. In other words, open your eyes pull your head out of the box & take a look at reality, not reality TV media bias. Mental illness is not the problem & guns are not the problem. People are the problem, more specifically, the way that they think. We are constantly bombarded with the lies spewed by the media’s biased half truths & outright lies. It’s no wonder the masses want to jump on the latest bandwagon fad. At the moment it is, taking guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

When we take a more realistic look into the problem, the lies, hype & bias start to become transparent. Unfortunately, most people do not take the time to learn the truth of the matter, or they feel like it doesn’t concern them, worst yet they trust the media. Then there are those who egoistically make bold claims of what they will do if they came after their guns. Then there’s the bunch that just don’t care. All these people don’t bother to do there civic duty to support the cause of freedom & rights, or they get on the wrong side of it with altruistic motives believing they are doing something good.

There is evil in this world whether anyone wants to believe it, or not. The only thing it needs to grow, persist & prosper is for good people to do nothing. Unfortunately, it appears that’s what we are experiencing the results of today. There are too many good people for too long doing nothing, or the minimum, and there are too many people being motivated by evil. Evil that disguises itself with goodness. Even the Devil masquerades as an angel of Light. Our founding mothers & fathers fought off the tyranny of the British Crown to live as free People. They also did it for their posterity, us today. Many of them would be ashamed of us. Their efforts, i.e., our freedoms, have been taken for granted far too long. Our inactions and misguided actions have allowed an elite class of people to take almost total control of our government. It is never too late to take it back.

What most concerns me about gun violence is the caffeine fueled and/or steroid juiced miss guided & poorly trained egomaniacs out on the streets wearing uniforms, (or suits), badges & guns beating & killing people for standing up for their rights. The bad cops out there are more of a threat to society than any mentally ill person. What aggravates the situation is that the good cops do not keep them in check, except in rare occasions. Piled on top of that is the corrupt courts that trample on our rights and add insult to injury. Not to mention the politicians that pass legislation that is an obvious infringement on our rights. All these people take an oath to protect & defend the Constitution. An oath they take to the People they serve. Most of them have no idea what it means. It means our rights trump their safety & security. They chose to work in these professions to serve the public. Instead they serve the government, or the elitist top 1%, & its tyrannical rights violating statutes, codes & regulations siphoning off our hard earned fruits of labor with taxes, fines & levies.

The populace is oppressed. At all levels we are experiencing some sort of tyranny, and it makes us angry, afraid and many left feeling helpless & hopeless. People wonder how it has come to this and what we are to do about it. Many believe nothing can be done. They have the “You can’t fight city hall” mentality. I believe these feelings, due to the oppression that is experienced, are the chief causes of people snapping & going on a shooting rampage, or murder spree. They are otherwise sane, yet disturbed people that will act out in anger for seemingly no good reason, or sink into seclusion. They will rant & rave and create trouble for themselves & others. They are the loner, or member of some extremist group, or the quite one, the strange one that doesn’t fit in, etc., etc. All of this can be prevented, but not overnight, nor by a new piece of legislation. Ever since there has been government, it has not been able to control the conscience of man, nor his actions and it never will. Laws do not & cannot create a safe & secure society whether it has guns, or not. It cannot dictate morally, nor the sense of right & wrong. History has taught us this. Many of us have never learned it though.

We live in a violent world with temporary moments of peace & security. Those whom believe that they can feel safe & secure just as soon as we get the guns out of the wrong people’s hands are living in a delusional fantasy world. If history has taught us anything, guns or no guns, someone with murderous intent, for whatever reason they have justified in their mind, will commit murder with whatever means they have available. The only way I know to protect, my loved ones & myself in today’s world, is to get educated, trained & armed. Some may say that makes me mentally ill. Perhaps we all are. It is a very crazy world we live in. I’d rather be crazy on the side of defending my rights, my family, loved ones & myself. Than to let the tyrants of this world run rough shod over us and be the next Nazi Germany, or Communist Russia. If you ask me what needs to be done about getting guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. I’d say nothing at all. They have the same rights & protections under the law as you & I do.
~Kirk B Mullins

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