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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases? Californian’s, Stock Up Now!

I’m putting every extra dollar to online ammo purchases right now. I’m working overtime to help with this. As far as a plan and figuring out how much i’ll need for the future… as much as I can possibly afford to buy from now until dec 31st is how I see it. The selection available at local stores isn’t even a fraction of what I see available on online and the prices are so much more expensive. I paid 40-45 cents a round for 5.56 at a box store the other day. Online I’m paying 30 cents/round for good quality 5.56, no tax, free shipping. We are gonna be screwed after Jan 1 2018. California is going downhill fast. My fellow Californians, I say to you, put every extra dollar you have into online ammo purchases. Put your other hobbies and interests aside for the next 6 months and buy, buy, buy! Good luck.


Is Your Handgun a Combat Gun or Target Gun?

I have two go to, EDC pistols my Glock 19 and my M&P 9C. Glock 19 needs no explanation, carry it in a gcode incog with an X300. Carry 15 rounder and a 21 round pmag. My M&P 9C, has all the enhancements APEX offers, trijicon HD sights, and a viridian CTL light/green laser combo, carried in a hidden hybrid holster. Carry a 12 rounder mag and 17 rounder mag with a neomag mag holder.


Is Your Handgun a Combat Gun or Target Gun?

Over the last 55 years I have carried a number of different pieces from .38 revolver, 9mm and .45s. I agree that target shooting is definitely different that self-defense. Although I carry different 9s and 45s from time to time, I seem to carry my 1911 w/TRU-GLO fixed sights 8 rnd. mags w/.38 6 rnd. backup most of the time. I have had a CCW since the mid-1970s. God Bless.

~Hav Bauer

Is Your Handgun a Combat Gun or Target Gun?

Most of us will experience a “close quarters” incident, from about 10 to 35 feet, so being able to hit a target at 100 yards (300 feet) is nice, but not necessary. Learn to use the “front sight” for rapid target acquisition (aim) with both eyes open and you will stand a greater chance of survival.

BTW, if you hit the target with two rounds “center dead” and the target doesn’t drop, the target is probably wearing a vest, so make the next two rounds to the head. Keep pumping additional rounds into a vest will ensure that you run out of ammo and are an easy kill for them. (Happened outside the court house in Tyler, Texas a few years ago).



The Merits of the Full-Sized CZ 75 for Home Defense

I would say that a CZ 75 is a fine weapon however when finding a firearm that’s right for someone else, the best thing to do is let them pick it what feels best in their hand. Major things to consider are ergonomics can they reach the controls, can they rack the slide reliably every time and weight a heavier gun will have less felt recoil but will also be more taxing to the arms during long trips to the range. A CZ 82 is an all steel 380 similar to the Beretta Cheetah which would work well for what you are describing. But going to a range that rents firearms would be an invaluable resource.


Is Your Handgun a Combat Gun or Target Gun?

I have always trained with each hand and both instinctive and aimed shots. At the fight distance of 20 feet I do not believe that anyone has time to aim beyond the bounds of an instinctive shot, maybe two, THEN possibly aim for placement. I presented this to my SWAT captain CCW trainer and he agreed. Why does instinctive shooting seem to be a forgotten art?


Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases? Californian’s, Stock Up Now!

This has nothing to do with “Public Safety” and everything to do with controlling the populous. Like criminals are going to line up to turn in their “high capacity” magazines or ammo? This law just makes these items a higher risk for theft and raises the price in the black market. Congratulations CA lawmakers! This article doesn’t address how to store all this extra ammo and now that it’s a theft magnet you can’t stack it in your garage or risk calling attention. Also, the next logical step will be to limit the amounts you are allowed to possess and/or purchase at one time. So, if other states like VA, that want to limit firearm purchases, get their laws to stand against the 2nd you can expect CA to adopt them too. As well as, gun grabbers in other states pointing to CA as the laws to implement. I thinki I would push Mass Disobedience or Mass Migration over ways to comply. This will take decades to dismantle. I hope NRA, CRPC, NGOA, NAGR are up to the task.


Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases? Californian’s, Stock Up Now!

Reloaders have alternate plans to deal with this legal nonsense. It is far easier and cheaper to stock up on primers, powder, and bullets, than it is to stockpile ammo. Also, it is my understanding that reloading components are not going to require a license to purchase—YET! What makes this legislation even stupider is the fact that manufacturing date codes for ammo are on the box, not the cartridges. With Nevada and Arizona only a 3-4 hour drive, I predict that virtually no one will be buying their ammo from California dealers. This, of course, is one of the covert reasons for this legislation-to drive gun shops out of business.


Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases? Californian’s, Stock Up Now!

@ chris,

First it should be noted this is no longer being “proposed” in California, it is now the law with effective dates.

As for your FOID equivalent, the big difference for CA not only requires a renewable paid permit like your FOID, but in addition also requires an in-store background check to be run for a fee on each and every ammo or magazine purchase.

This means popping into your local Walmart just to buy a little box of .22 ammo for some weekend plinking now turns into a paperwork fiasco and background check the same as if you were making a major firearms purchase.

The increased frequency of background checks will more than likely cause major retailers to stop carrying ammo, while sporting goods stores will raise prices to cover the extra costs.

In regards to your lack of concern over the government tracking your purchases, I feel you’ve missed the point. Of course they wouldn’t raid your lawfully purchased stash now. The tracking is so they know who to target in the future should civil unrest break out.


Range Report: PTR 91 MSG 91

How can you write an article about the H91 or the excellent PTR91- discuss the delayed rolling back action, and not mention that the action is directly descended from the MG42 machine gun. Perhaps the finest MG of WW2.

I have PTR PDW pistol version of the rifle and spent the time money and paper work to make it an SBR. I installed a GL Shock Absorbing Stock on to in. It is now the shorter than an AR with about the same felt recoil. Great gun.

~Vegas Johnny Mac

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