Reader Comments of the Week — July 14, 2018

Savage Axis rifle topped with a Riton Optics scope

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.
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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Review: Smith and Wesson Model 649 — S&W’s Best Snubbie
I like my 442 a lot, put old magna grips with the tyler t on it, its a handful to shoot though. It sees a lot less carry now then the shield and the cm9, but is still the go too pocket carry piece.
Nice article, thanks.
~Taylor D.

Prepping: EMP Strike While You’re at Work — Are You Ready?
The idea of a get home bag is most important. I travel for work often, and the thought of having 200 miles between myself and my girls is terrifying. That 3 hour trip turns into a 20 day trip with a 6000 ft elevation climb. No bueno. At any rate. Couple things. Build a small faraday cage for an emergency radio and a couple walkies. I also have all my documents and pictures on an SD card with an old phone in the box. When packing a kit think about what doesn’t have micro circuits. Most simple flashlights and batteries should be fine. If you have a pre 80’s vehicle, much better chance of still working. Make sure you have extra fuses.

The most important thing is to have a plan A and B. If I am away for work, I know my wife knows the plan. She knows how to get the BoBs, get into the safe and where the rally point is, if it came to that.

Other than that, I would recommend never burning bridges when you don’t have to, and don’t advertise your prep to anyone.

.243 Rifles — Sorry Honey, I Have a New Love
The first rifle I bought my son was a model 700 in 6mm Remington. Great caliber and a little faster than a .243, if you are looking for more velocity. I love it so much I got one in a Ruger #1. I also have a Cooper in .243. It is so accurate that bullets through the same hole at 100yds is not uncommon. It came with a 3 shot factory target with one hole in it at 50 yds. Awesome rifle.

.243 Rifles — Sorry Honey, I Have a New Love

I have used a .243 since I was 18. It is the first deer rifle I have ever owned. She is a Ruger Mark 2, stainless synthetic as I hunt hard and can’t be worried about scratches or rain. I will say I am quite particular with shot placement but this rifle has never let me down. I have harvested dozens of deer with it, none have run farther than 75 yards. Many have been taken beyond 200 yards and almost 1/2 of those never ran they just dropped in their tracks. It is rewarding to watch them expire in sight because the only downside to this caliber is you don’t get much of a blood trail. I use Federal premium ammo as that is what the gun likes. She has never been a tack driver as a lot of guys can claim with theirs as it has a sporter weight barrel but she holds about 1.5 MOA.

I have taken a lot of ribbing from other men asking if I’m not man enough to use a real gun. My answer is that I enjoy eating what I shoot and have no reason to ruin half of the meat. I have even started shooting most of my doe in the head to save even more meat and of course no tracking is needed. The .243 has and will always be my go to for deer and smaller. Plenty of power, accurate, and pleasant to shoot on the bench. The price on ammo isn’t so bad either! Happy shooting y’all.

Review: Smith and Wesson Model 649 — S&W’s Best Snubbie
I wish they would bring back the original .38 special body guard. It was smaller than the .357 bodyguard now being produced and lighter in weight especially the rare one made with an aluminum frame.
~cisco kid

Intuit’s Policies on Firearms Business Don’t Add Up for 2A Companies
It’s not Trump’s fault. These are the results of the brain washing of our youth in schools by the teachers (leaders of the Sypathetic Party) instead of teaching our children the fundamentals of education. Making a sincere effort to boycott these businesses who both openly and secretly fund to destroy the rights our fore fathers died for in the name of FREEDOM need to be left penniless and disgraced. But I agree with the rest of your statement.
~Horsetown Homie

Intuit’s Policies on Firearms Business Don’t Add Up for 2A Companies
This is standard operating procedures (SOP) for totalitarians and Progressives (Leftists of all stripes).
“Two steps forward; one step backwards” is the tactic — create restrictions then over-apply these restrictions; then back down. But the Leftists at Intuit are still discriminating against legal and lawful activity (gun ownership and use) which is their “one step forward”.
This constant “picking away” at their adversaries/victims was used successfully ever since Marx & Engel (and S. Alinsky) wrote it down.
There will be many other attacks on the gun and hunting industries (including fishing).
~Hike The Ball

DoubleTap Ammunition: Great Performance, Excellent Reliability
I am a former 30 year law enforcement officer. We went back and forth with the gold dot and tallon. I would like to see your thoughts and or a side by side demo and let’s finally put this argument to rest.
~Mike Halphen

DoubleTap Ammunition: Great Performance, Excellent Reliability
I have to disagree with your second paragraph. It is the “street” results that really tell the tale. The lab results only give a rough, estimated comparison between ammo loadings in a repeatable, homogenous medium. One of my PD’s went away from the 9mm after repeated reviews of actual pd shootings showed it was not quickly ending the situations. They transitioned to .40 S&W issue, with officer option to .45ACP, and the need for multiple hits fell. You can’t duplicate that in a lab.

DoubleTap Ammunition: Great Performance, Excellent Reliability
Charlie, no one here relishes the idea of being forced to shoot “other folks,” so please spare us your emotional tripe. Firearms are tools that allow us to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property against criminal attack. We have an absolute, God-given, constitutionally protected right to defend those things, and the firearm is the most effective and therefore most sensible tool for the job. Making poor ammunition choices for defensive firearms is akin to buying an axe and purposely grinding the blade to dull it. Using less than optimal ammunition gives your attacker(s) more of an upper hand than they already have. Is criminal attack rare? Yes, of course. So are auto accidents and drowning, but we still wear seatbelts and watch our kids around the pool. I have no idea when or where a criminal will pick me or my family, but I’m bloody well going to be as prepared to defeat him as I can be. If, God forbid, I’m forced to shoot him, I probably won’t sleep right for weeks, but I’ll still be around for my family, and they for me.

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