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Bob Campbell shooting a Ruger SR1911R

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Choosing the Right Clothing for Carrying a Concealed Handgun

Hot weather finds my Smith hammerless .38 tucked into a $5 pocket holster (not leather-it absorbs rather than protects the gun from moisture). The whole package gets wrapped in a colorful bandana (usually matching my Con Hi Tops (I’m a stylish old geezer) which proudly flutters out of the strong-hand back pocket. Of my 501’s. Been carrying concealed since the 50’s. Never been busted.

~thomas unger

Go Big! Medium to Large Frame Concealed Carry in Hot Weather

I carry concealed everyday no matter the temp/ weather. It’s like carrying your wallet, pocket knife, or watch. A tool!
I carry IWB at 4o’clock. I only carry one weapon. Only have one pistol to choose from and it’s a Glock 32.(.357 Sig). Yea, it’s a little bulky, heavy too. Would imagine there wouldn’t be much difference in mine and a 1911 I would think?
But this weapon is the only one I shoot. And I like the feel and the power. Even on 90 degree days I carry it, but I don’t wear a t-shirt. I wear a shirt sleeve button down that I don’t tuck in. A relaxed look. Now, I have seen on The.V., a company that makes “dressy” shirts called untuckit or something close to that that look nice. Disclaimer: I have no vested interests in this company whatsoever. They just wear nice! It may help someone NOT to leave their weapon at home.
Great topic, Thanks again and keep em coming.

~Deplorable Robert

Summertime Concealed Carry: Gear and Tips

For me here in the Deep South anything other than pocket carry is totally unacceptable. IWB is fine as long as you’re indoors. Five minutes outside and you and your holster are covered in sweat. For years my EDC was the Ruger lcp for summer time. Excellent choice.This year I purchased a Kahr cm9 and I have a new love now.


Range Report: Ruger SR1911R

Ruger SR 1911’s are sold in the $700-750 range for the Commander models (at least around me). I own three, stainless commander 45, lightweight commander 45, and 9mm commander (which is also lightweight). I love them. My two favorites will chew any ammunition I feed it: The 9mm Commander model shoots very well with light recoil and it is always accurate. I’ve put thousands of rounds through mine with no problems. The stainless commander 45 is also pleasant. It’s heavy enough that the recoil is minimal. I also clean and oil my sidearms after every trip to the range.

~J Wil

Savage B 17 FV-SR: The Little Tack Driver

I purchased a fantastic rifle Savage chambered in the .17Mach2 just a few years back and LOVED shooting that rifle (so did my young boy) but unfortunately none of the ammunition manufacturers make the .17mach2 round any longer. I am highly disappointed and now the rifle is just a dust collector in my safe… I won’t go down the road of .17HMR as I don’t trust the future of the .17 round, I surely don’t want two unusable rifles in my safe. Unfortunatley, I will just stick with my .22 rifle from now on.


.22 Colt Government Model Range Review

Thanks for this blog. I had just purchased this weapon over the weekend. I’ve. Wen shooting 1911’s since 1999 and of his my carry on a daily basis. The nature of the 1911 is such that it becomes an extension of the hand and thus is how I wanted to teach my son, who is 11. So I went ahead with the buy after a recommendation at my local gun shop. First, I was impressed how much it felt like a 1911 in the hand in terms of weight and a surprising quality feel. My 11 year old could easily rack the slide given the blowback design and light action. This was important to me as he could not easily do son with my Kimber. Ease of handling was important due to ebha fed safety and I could have him concentrate on properly handling the weapon rather than struggle. Of course the 22 rim fire ammo cost was also an important consideration. And after putting a few rounds down range in have to say this is also my new favorite practice pistol. My son of course wasn’t happy about that fact as he now has to share with dad! In the end, your analysis and comments were seconded by my experience. Thanks again.


Go Big! Medium to Large Frame Concealed Carry in Hot Weather

I also like wearing the short sleeve “button up” shirts. I like the Propper tactical shirts which provides options. They have “carry” pockets both left and right, have patterns that help conceal what’s in your pocket. I can carry my Glock 19 easily. It also allows the waistband carry with side vents in the shirt. By the way, it gets hot and humid here in Houston and these shirts are light and comfortable even in the summer (winter, we don’t have). As Deplorable Roberts said, I don’t own stock or anything, am just a satisfied customer.


Summertime Concealed Carry: Gear and Tips

I live in Florida, so it’s hot most of the year. T-shirt and shirt weather most of the year. And very humid. I have tried holsters but always end up printing. Even IWB holsters with a forward cante. The trick, I agree, is wicking T-shirts & wicking shorts. I have also found through much experimentation with 1911’s that they always print. So I’ve switched my thinking and now carry Glock 36 with a clip attachment. All my clothes are a size to big and I have to pull my my boxer briefs up a bit more than usual, to keep the firearm from touching skin, but it works. I don’t print at all. I’d also have to not recommend cross draw. As it puts he firearm in a very bad position in a hand to hand situation because most people are right handed. Your attacker has more access to your firearm than you do.


D.C Personal Protection Reciprocity Act Introduced by Congressman Massie

@ S Feder,

Your skepticism is unwarranted and actually shows your lack of practical experience in travelling concealed. Annually, millions of people drive and fly lawfully with their concealed weapons with ease. Washington D.C. will simply be added to the ever growing list of municipalities that now must allow it.

As a federal law enforcement officer my credentials allow me to carry concealed in any state or territory. However, just like everyone else, when I am off-duty I still must comply with magazine capacity laws and other building code restrictions specific to each state or municipality I intend to carry in.

It is every individual’s responsibility to research the laws for each state they intend to travel through with their concealed weapon. But I must iterate that it is in-fact done regularly and quite easily by many permit holders given there is really nothing special about doing it.

To my knowledge I have yet to encounter a state or airline that outright forbids transporting a lawful weapon and ammunition. However, they each have their own specific rules as to how they expect it to be accomplished.

Each state and airline officially posts their rules online for you to easily research. In addition, a simple Google search will reveal a plethora of helpful concealed carry websites designed to assist folks in mapping out these laws to accommodate any trip and mode of travel you intend to carry concealed weapons on.

I sincerely hope this information has reduce your skepticism to the point you will carry more often during your travels and maybe even exercise your Second Amendment rights in our Nation’s Capital one day.


Range Report: Ruger SR1911R

Bob, I do a little bullseye shooting, and I understand the concept, but why would Ruger stick to the milspec on their sights, when, to my knowledge, this is NOT a military piece. This pistol, as issued, will strike unacceptably low at normal civilian combat distances, and is rather useless unless the buyer replaces the sights or handloads to reduce velocity and raise the POI. My wife’s Kimber Eclipse and my Glock 20, both in 10mm, are dead on at normal civilian combat distances with factory sights.

~Tim Ferrall

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