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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Courts Rule in Favor of Firearm Owners Against Crime

State rights, federal rights, local community rights, blah blah blah….what about law abiding citizen’s rights? “Shall not be infringed” is a pretty clear statement. I’m wondering if the anti-gun fanatics could be sued for harassment by law abiding gun owners. That may be one way to slow the tide of anti-gun stupidity.


Your Home Security System Isn’t as Secure as You Think

As an LEA my work affords me the opportunity to stay current on some of the most sophisticated security equipment available. It also allows me access to firsthand knowledge on crime trends, methods and stats which I share with family and friends so they remain alert.

I remember when home invasions were on the rise because intentionally hitting a house while residents were home made getting in and out faster. It is easier to threaten fearful occupants into telling where all the valuable stuff is hidden rather than wasting time looking for it when no one is home. Also there’s no need to break and enter when they can simply knock on the door while posing as a salesman, delivery guy or someone in need of assistance.

On a personal note I am also somewhat of a technology geek and have installed several layers of security to my home. Aside from a standard home security system, I also have security cameras covering all external sides of the house. I made certain the cameras are obvious and use security signage everywhere. I replaced my regular doorbell by installing a wide angle security camera doorbell that uses an internal monitor. It includes night vision and day color which all mounts to the door. My kids have grown quite dependent on that.

I also installed powerful motion sensing lights everywhere. But in addition to those, I’ve installed these interesting camera – light – sensor combos that actively turn in the direction of any detected movement in day or night. My neighbors have told me these units freak them out when this cyborg looking light turns on them and follows as they take their trash out. Hopefully it will help ward off any would-be thieves as well.

One last layer I’ve added is individual battery operated door alarms as a backup in the event the main system gets hacked. They won’t alert a monitoring service, but they could wake us up if intruders breach the main alarm. You can get these real cheap online and are mainly designed for travel use in hotels. The funny thing is I used them initially to scare the kids back when they were little and first learning to turn door knobs to go into rooms they weren’t allowed in.

One last tip often overlooked by homeowners – if your breaker box is on the outside of your home, put a padlock on it to act as a deterrent to prevent burglars from easily cutting power.


Tactical Shotgun Loads

Nice to see shotgun and shotgun ammo articles. I have a Mossberg 835. Chambered in 3 1/2, I shoot #4 turkey shot in it. Would have to purchase another barrel just to shoot slugs. Haven’t seen a 3 1/2 inch slug but would give it a try!

My go to shotgun is my Ithica 12 gauge. 2 3/4 chamber. Have deerslayer barrel which means use of rifled slugs are required, and a mounted scope, to put that slug on target out to about 100 yards. Great for deer. Great for self defense.

Keep the great articles coming Bob. Very informative and now with all the snowflakes arming up, they need to be taught proper gun safety and handling!!!

~Deplorable Robert

Why the Glock 23 Should be Your New Carry Gun

The G23 always works with lightly-built shooters where the G19 fails. Weak grip will induce stovepipes in the 9mm, whereas the snappier recoil of the .40 will cycle the pistol without fail. The .40 caliber Glocks can always be down-sized to fire the Nine with a conversion barrel, but the Nines can’t be up-sized. Every student I’ve worked with who had reliability problems on the range shooting a Nine saw their reliability issues disappear when handed a G23. They all acknowledge the extra recoil, but cling to the G23 because it WORKS.

There are loads in .40 that will eclipse the .45 ACP in power factor, but who cares? The permanent wound tracks in gel between .40 and .45 are pretty much the same.

Politicians will always favor the political “popular” answer over the legal “right” answer. The only hope is to have judges who will follow the law, and not be political. But most people — probably and maybe even especially most lawyers — don’t even really know there is a very real difference between law and politics.


Missouri Bill Seeks to Hold Gun Free Owners Liable for Damages


I am a retired lawyer, having graduated with honors from law school where I was a member of the Editorial Board of the Law Review and was made a member the Order of the Coif. So, I’m just a has-been.

My undergraduate degree is in engineering, from one of our nation’s service academies where I graduated with honors before serving as a combat officer during the Cold War. Among other responsibilities, during much of my active duty I was directly responsible for overseeing small-arms training, deployment and maintenance.

I prevailed in hundreds of cases to verdict as first chair trial lawyer, and won more than 90% of the cases I handled on appeal. I have never personally argued a case before the US Supreme Court, but I have helped write winning briefs in important cases before that Court.

Based on my experience I would caution that NOBODY — with or without both a doctorate degree in law AND a license to practice law — can accurately claim to be an “expert’ in any particular area of law.

To understand this, please recognize that the practice of law is both art and science.

The science of law is in accurately ascertaining what courts have done in the past on specific issues. In my experience, very few lawyers do that particularly well — and , with all due respect, I have never met a non-lawyer who has done it competently on a consistent basis.

The art of law is in ascertaining how prior decisions might guide courts to decide other issues in the future. Because that art requires prognostication, any claim to such expertise is, literally, a claim of prescience (the ability to see into the future). Obviously we do not have the technology to do that.

So, nobody really knows what a court will do on any particular issue in the future. The opinion of a duly-licensed practicing lawyer who has been retained and paid to conduct the necessary research and analysis is the most enlightened guess anyone can get on such a matter. Anything else is just a bunch of “Joes” shooting the breeze — fun and possibly entertaining, but not reliable.


Tactical Shotgun Loads

The #4 Varmint Express sounds impressive, for the SLUGS I’ll stick with my Brenneke, Black Magic and/or the Classic Magnum. Both are heavy duty protection against Brown Bear and Rogue Moose, as such they are the best SLUG ammo I can buy and use.

They DO recoil hard but I can handle it.

~Arthur L. Brown Sr.

NRA: California — Prisoners Of The State

I am deeply concerned about the recent developments with California gun laws. More restrictions on those who obey the law, combined with the release of “non – violent” prisoners and relaxed drug laws create the perfect storm for increased violent crime. I am a retired cop. I do not express my opinion flippantly. My concern is real. It is based on 19 years in law enforcement and common sense. I have watched the pendulum swing many times, but the current swing may be the one that breaks the machine.

~Harry Hollingshead

NRA: California — Prisoners Of The State

In one of my other lives, when I graduated from college in 1963, it was the rage to seek employment in the Golden State. I recall that many of my classmates at Eastern Michigan University had interviewed for positions in the Los Angeles Schools, whose salaries were very attractive at the time. Thank God, I had been in ROTC and accepted a commission in the US Army, thus avoiding the temptation to sign a contract with anything remotely related to California…..and put me into a very rewarding 21-year career in the Army.

One of my sons took up residence in San Marcos, and I visited him from time to time…..always while carrying suitable firepower…..and always thankful to be returning to my adopted state of Texas upon the conclusion of the visits. Even my somewhat liberal son eventually saw the light, and he left California and took up residence in Texas…..albeit in Austin…..a colony of California expatriates that is attempting to be as crazy as California.


Is the National Firearms Act Headed for Extinction Like the Dinosaur It Is?

Take a close look at the Supreme Court ruling back in 1939. No one from the defense appeared at all, and the Gov’t lied through it’s teeth, and even so, the Court ruled that the law could stand only because nobody had shown that a short barreled shotgun was a weapon in common use by the military of the day. Thus, even by that court’s ruling, weapons that WERE appropriate to Military/Militia use would have been out of bounds to gov’t control.

And as for the fiction that the NFA 34 was/is a revenue generating act, which was the only reason it got passed in the first place, simple book keeping checks would show that it has cost many times as much in enforcement costs as it ever brought in in revenues!

~SSgt J A Turner (USMC ret)

Courts Rule in Favor of Firearm Owners Against Crime

Hunting and home protection are good reasons to have a weapon like a pistol, rifle or shotgun, but limiting the 2nd to just those weapons is just what the anti-gun tribe wants you to see in the second amendment. The real reason that the 2nd exists is to give citizens the opportunity to defend themselves from an overreaching government. I love hunting, but that isn’t why I get aroused by an AR-15! If we lose control of our government, that’s why I will abide by the second, and so far, I still see it as out of control. Let’s not forget that Hitler was a law and order sort of leader, but one of the first things he did was to limit which types of firearms a non-military or law enforcement person could have. I have great dreams about what Trump can get done, but I hold all persons holding power over we little people in at least a little contempt…even Trump. Citizens who are not criminals or crazy should be allowed to have ANY type of weapon short of a nuke, but that’s only IMHO. We are being strung along as chumps by both sides of this issue. I’m a literalist…if I can afford to buy an M1-A2 tank, arm it with whatever firepower I can get my hands on and park it on my property, then that too is covered literally by the second…get it?

~Jason Young

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