Reader Comments of the Week — January 27, 2018

Rep. Elijah Cummings

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion. Town Crier Cartoon

Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Study to Expose Illegal Online Gun Sales Backfires What a shocker! Anti-gun folks using conjecture and fear mongering to further their agenda, and when their little study proves them wrong, it never happened.


Study to Expose Illegal Online Gun Sales Backfires I think you’re missing the point. The feds didn’t contact sellers and say “Hi, I’m not legally able to own a firearm”. They said “Hi, I live in another state. If I meet you somewhere can I buy your gun?” And the study showed sellers knew this was illegal and refused to do so, disproving the Left’s assertion that the average Joe will break the law to make a sale. I’ve sold many firearms online and have encountered potential buyers who wanted to circumvent the law and I’ve refused each and every time.


Study to Expose Illegal Online Gun Sales Backfires Let’s see. The ATF could not succeed in purchasing online guns without background checks, but the FBI can sell confiscated guns to drug dealers without running background checks on them. (Or maybe they did find the ilk they wanted to sell to that way). I wonder where the true problem with unregistered gun transfers lay.


Study to Expose Illegal Online Gun Sales Backfires So you only read the words that suit you? What part of “the Right of the People to Keep & Bear arms shall not be infringed is confusing you? It seems that by reminding us all that a well regulated Militia depends on an armed populace instead of a military Machine, you have been Foisted on a petard of your own construction. Maybe you are so addled that you actually believe your “Legal Regulations” were established without the benefit of anyone’s personal views. Are all Liberals as bereft of sense or comprehension as you clearly are? Did you know we have automatic weapons in 2018? Militias had Flintlocks and cannon… do you know the difference? Here’s 1 more news flash, Comment sections are provided for the airing of Peoples personal views/opinions and often highlight intelligent Folks attempting to help fellow citizens who have ingested the toxic, Liberal/socialist, kool-aide commie punch simply to detox and rejoin their fellow Americans at the Range for a re-introduction into Keep & Bear101. What we like to call Bulls Eye Bingo… Range is Hot! ~Alan B.

Range Report: Springfield Armory EMP 9mm I’ve got the .40 cal version of the EMP. It’s accurate, reliable, digests any ammo I put through it, and, in my opinion, an engineering marvel. I’ve heard all the arguments for the 9mm, and the newer and better ammo for them, but I’m not ready to jump on the 9mm band wagon. Logically if improvements for 9mm ammo is advanced it stands to reason that the same leaps and bounds have been made for the .40, which I don’t see a sudden demise of, there are just to many of them out there.

~John H

Study to Expose Illegal Online Gun Sales Backfires I think it’s a eye opener that only the totalitarian anti-Constitutional democrats constantly attempt to violate that which limits their power and here they are again attempting the violate our 2nd amendment inalienable rights. Now that their attempt to violate our rights to bear failed what will happen to them and if nothing why? ~Bll M

Breaking: Springfield Armory Goes for .45 ACP With the XD-S Mod.2 I recently purchased a XD Mod 2 in 45 caliber for my personal carry weapon. I am very pleased with the firing and handling of this weapon. I do prefer the higher magazine capacity though. Springfield keep up the great work. I would appreciate a adjustable rear sight though. Added a later sight for quick response and love it.


Range Report: Colt’s Competition Pistol 1911 I bought one of these on an online auction last fall, paid substantially less than retail even including shipping and the FFL transfer fee. It’s very close to the custom 1911 I used to qualify expert 6 years in a row back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The only thing I wish Colt had added was some mild texturing on the front strap, but overall this has become my second favorite gun next to an Old Browning Hi-Power.

~Retired Navy Spook

Steel Case Ammo: Good or Bad? Reload brass and shoot brass. Play with the steel case if that’s acceptable and your weapon can eat it. I guess I would try it out If I got a good deal on it. I buy factory Remington and Winchester ammo and reload the spent cases. Nosler cases are great too. I don’t mind paying the extra coin to have better components to have quality reloading results.

~Deplorable Robert

Reader Comments of the Week — January 20, 2018 Verbal warnings issued only AFTER I run out of ammo or the threat is STOPPED. Absolutely NEVER a “warning shot”! ~Big Al

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  1. Benjamin Kurata,

    What year did Pelican and Gerber stop using halogen bulbs in their flashlights? I think Streamlight did this in August or earler of 2008, Can you verify that as well.

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