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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

The BATFE Wants to Hear From You — “Bump Fire” Stocks

The ATF have been overstepping their bounds for years and it’s time we the people stand up and rise up and take back our country starting with the slime in Washington DC who are lining their pockets and are not protesting our rights starting with the democrats and working our way up.


Warning Shot? No Way…

Simple rule, if you’re going to pull it you’re going to use it. PERIOD!!! If at home it’s the same and here different situations warrant different responses but out as a CCW it’s pull it use it.

~todd gaborick

Warning Shot? No Way…

My first three warning shots are going to be in the chest. If that does not get your attention, I’m going to continue shooting until it does. You never pull a gun or branish a gun unless you intend to destroy something.

~Joe Cooper

The BATFE Wants to Hear From You — “Bump Fire” Stocks

Bump fire stocks or anything else that increases your rate of fire for our weapons is no different than driving a Corvette, Porsche or Lamborghini. I never heard of a gun or a car killing anyone unless it was in the hands of a human. So shouldn’t we also restrict the sale of fast cars because of the few who drive fast and reckless when behind the wheel ?

Let’s be real, the problem is not the device, it is the person in control of the device. Engage you brain for a moment and think of why people go over the edge. Is it the way corporations treat the employee, firing employees for no reason after years of dedicated service, firing employees after an OTJ injury, the economy going down the toilet due to corporation moving off shore and laying off hundreds of hard working people for bigger profits then bringing back the foreign made product to sell to the laid off employees they left behind. WTF ?

There is no justification to shooting anyone unless it is in defense of a threat. When everyone wore their gun on their hip it seems like people had a different respect for folks. What happened to the respect for your fellow human ? Seems to have disappeared to make room for more profits! Just my observation.


The BATFE Wants to Hear From You — “Bump Fire” Stocks

Our governments answer to everything is to legislate it to death. We already have more gun laws on the books than any one person keep up with. They only people all these laws affect are the law abiding folks who don’t pose a threat to anyone. The criminals don’t care how many laws get passed or what is made illegal they’re gonna do what they want. Passing a new gun law is only making things harder on the honest folks. I own two of the Bump Fire stocks and yes they’re fun to play with but are they really practical to use in an illegal manner? No. It’s fun to burn through a mag or two of ammo just for grips and grins but that’s really all they’re good for. Accuracy is nonexistent. Personally I think they should lift the ban on automatic weapons and do away with the requirement for a tax stamp on suppressors. Again if the criminals want them they’re gonna get them anyway so the only people that are really affected are the law abiding citizens. What is really the point. Colorado banned any magazines with more than a 15 round capacity so what do the folks that live there do? They go out of state to buy them and bring them home and since there is no way to prove they didn’t have them before the law was passed, they’re legal to own. What was the point inn passing the law. The politicians really know very little if anything about the things they are passing laws against.

~Bob R.

The BATFE Wants to Hear From You — “Bump Fire” Stocks

I have an SR9 and love it! what’s different about this one?


The BATFE Wants to Hear From You — “Bump Fire” Stocks

It may sound innocuous, just changing a few regulations, but once rules are changed or laws written then the government is going to want fees and taxes and background checks along with registration for a database of owners of bump-stocks and sales or transfers. Then some yayhoo will use a coat hanger and PVC to make a gun then we’ll need regulations, taxes, fees, registration and background checks on those items too. So when will it end? We could have avoided all this if we just followed the 2nd Amendment as it was written and not allow any infringements (under the guise of reasonable controls).


Warning Shot? No Way…

Here in Florida, warning shots will probably get you arrested.
The logic is, deadly force is not authorized unless you or others are threatened. If you are not threatened enough to shoot someone, then you are not threatened enough to scare them with a warning shot.
Likewise drawing a weapon (brandishing a firearm) can get you arrested, since there is no need to make it ready to fire if you are not threatened enough to shoot someone.
Ironically, if you start to shoot and then change you mind, you can get arrested for one of the above reasons. So, you better eject a few rounds and say, “Officer, I was scared for my life, but it jammed and he ran away.”

~Anon E Mous

Warning Shot? No Way…

An acquaintance is currently facing murder charges in a small Tennessee county after he fired a warning shot in the case of an armed, wanted felon who was approaching him with his hands behind his back and would not stop advancing or show his hand. Fearing for his life, a warning shot was fired, and then three shots center mass. The locals (who apparently are all related…) have declared because he fired the warning shot, his next shots were “premeditated”, therefore he’s guilty of murder.


Light Loads For Personal Defense


I am not certain that I follow your article. At one point, you argue for light recoil and on the other you state a liking for the .44 Special, the .45 Long Colt and the .45 ACP. That seems to me to be a somewhat irreconcilable position. In my experience, both the .44 Special and the .45 Colt or Long Colt both have substantially more recoil then the 9mm or the .38 Special.
You seem to like the .45 Colt with a 250 gr bullet at about 750 FPS. I know that load and do not find it to have less recoil than the 230 gr FMJ at about 830 in my 1911 compact. In fact, if I had to say which recoils the most, I would vote for the .45 Colt over the standard load in the 1911 compact of the 230 gr standard loads. Do you disagree?
Finally, what is with all this concern about recoil? My really petite 75-year-old wife shoots my 10 mm 180 gr standard load in my Ruger 1911 and doesn’t complain. Yes, there is recoil. She has joked it is nothing compared to labor with one of our children.
My concern is simply this. At the time, one of the best trained and somewhat elite forces in law enforcement, armed with the 9mm and using an approved load failed with multiple agents to stop two perpetrators in a felony stop. I am, of course, referring to the Miami/Dade FBI shootout that left several agents dead and wounded. The perpetrators, after being hit several times with the 9mm FBI approved rounds continued to fight and kill or wound FBI agents. If memory serves, it took a 12 gauge load from a Dade County Deputy Sheriff to subdue one of the perps.
I worry about warning people to avoid recoil by recourse to moderate or lite loads in anemic calibers, like the .38 special or the 9mm. I know of the argument that it is better to have something than nothing and that is obvious. However, I bellieve it is a disservice to lead people to think that weak rounds in the hands of anything other than a well trained expert is perfectly adequate for self defense. It was for the FBI in Miami and has also been such in the case of several police shootings.
Wouldn’t it be more honest to state that moderate loads may, or may not, perform as hoped and should only be used by those too weak or infirm to handle something better. Instead, a great many writers speak about minor cartridges as if they are all anyone will ever require in a self defense situation. That just is not proven by history.


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