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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Why You Need a Packable AR-15 Pistol for Your Vehicle

AR pistols also circumvent laws that restrict the transport of loaded rifles. That’s a HUGE advantage. Most SBRs would fall under those rifle laws, assuming it’s legal to possess a SBR at all in this hypothetical jurisdiction.

There’s no doubt that a real SBR is physically superior to an AR pistol, but a pistol is generally legally superior to a SBR.


New Handguns for 2018 — SHOT Show Edition

I know there’s a market out there for most of these pistols. I hate to use the words “gun snobs” but Jesus H Christ. I just can’t see paying that much for a handgun. I’m kinda frugal I guess, but I’ll put my Canik TP9SA up against any of them in real world scenarios. It seems to be going the way of Harley Davidson. It used to be a brotherhood, and people built their own bikes. Now its all fashion show. Now it seems the world of weapons is following suit. All about bragging rights and aesthetics. I spent $299 on my Canik, its rock solid. Not as pretty to some, and it is definitely not a “safe queen”. Hell, a couple of those pistols cost more than my complete arsenal of 5 weapons. Yep, only 5. Grendel, SBR, Fury II, Canik, and the wife’s Raven. Hard to believe they sell ANYTHING that overpriced.

~70’s Ops

Range Report: The CZ 75 P-01 — CZ’s Best Pistol?

I bought my 1st & only CZ Pistol 2 years ago. Before that I had a Colt 1911 Mark IV which I’d modifies with a Bomar Target rib sight. I like it a lot except the quality control I considered lacking. The firing pin struck the primer 1/32″ off center. I sent it back to colt & they returned it to me with a single comment. It was within their manufacturing tolerances. That set bad with me as a machinist & vowed to never purchase another Colt product.

My CZ-P07 is a far cry from the Colt in quality & reliability. Quality is as good or better than anything else I’ve experienced. Dbl action trigger pull is 9 lbs & unbelievable smooth. Single action is a hair over 4 lbs. The feed ramp is highly polished… aa smooth as a chrome plated surface. I believe that attributes to it ability to feed everything I’ve put thru it. Cartridge length doesn’t seem to be critical since it’s never jammed or smoke stacked with anything I’ve put thru it so far, whether it be light or heavy loads.

I did months of research on CZ’s pistols & finally concluded for my needs there’s nothing better available. I did mount a Crimson Trace green laser on it’s Picatinny rail to make up for my 76 y/o eyes.

Short of shooting competition, I suspect only individual personal preferences would make someone choose differently.


Editor’s Pick: The Best Thing I Saw at SHOT Show 2018

Very cool story … and having met Sgt. Davis on many occasions I bring just one detail to your attention. Sammy is the recipient of the CMOH and not the ‘winner’. There is a distinct difference and it is a mistake commonly made. Not a criticism, but a suggestion to remember should you write any other articles of hero’s of his caliber.

Thank you

~Marc Wertzberger

Editor’s Pick: The Best Thing I Saw at SHOT Show 2018

Wow, what a great/inspiring story. I would fall into the category of eyes not dry after reading that. I support the AFRH, Armed Forces Retirement Home, as do many other active duty military members. Thanks for sharing the story, it’s good to frequently be reminded about the sacrifices others have made to not only keep this country free and safe, but also in the name of a fellow brother or sister in arms.

~Jeremiah Hensley

New Shotguns for 2018 — SHOT Show Edition

Am looking at my first purchase, and am considering the 590 Shockwave. Have not seen it in person, yet, but would this be a viable first purchase for personal safety/security?

~Dave Wooldridge

Editor’s Pick: The Best Thing I Saw at SHOT Show 2018

A truly heart-warming story. Thank you! As a fellow veteran (and retired police officer) I appreciate it anytime there is recognition of those who have “been there, done that” and show their love for our great Country and its founding principles. BTW: Like you, I started with a bow, and at the tender age of 12 built my own re-curve bow and won a couple of matches. By 18, and still in the U.S. Navy, I graduated to a Winchester Model 94 .30-30, which I bought at a PX at a Base in the south Pacific – then moved on to a Browning Hi-Power, before joining law enforcement where my service weapon was a good-old Colt .45 1911 (which saw some use in the line of duty). Also, I’ve been to the Wall (Vietnam Memorial) and saw my buddy’s name on it (we had been in high school together – a great guy). After reading your story it made me think about the harmonica that I have sitting on a shelf that I never learned to play. Maybe it’s time to learn.

Thanks again for the great (and inspiring) article.


Slug Up! Shotgun Ammo Choices for Defense

I practice using Winchester 1 ounce slugs advertised at 1600 FPS. Gun use is a Mossberg Persuader 18″ barrel with AR type stock and pistol grip. Usually shot five rounds in a fist size group at 50 yards using just the small bead front sight. Wore a Past shoulder pad after the first time.

I changed stocks using a smaller size but sticker rubber Hogue and groups grew to a foot at 25 yards. Immediately switched back.
Now have a laser on the rear rail sighted in at 25 yards but haven’t been to the range yet to test.


Range Report: CZ’s Polymer Pistol — The CZ P10-C

I own a black version and love this gun. I have owned other polymer striker pistols such as G26,G19, H&K vp9 sk. The P10c and VP9 sk share my carry rotation and I have put at least 800 flawless rounds through the CZ and about 600 through th H&K. The gen 4 G26 has been on the shelf for the last couple of months. Yes my Glock will always be there for comfort. But I am excited to see the quality competition that SHOULD prompt Glock to be create something new (carbine?). Glocks out of the box with night sights and front slide serrations would be a great addition too. Other companies are putting out some awesome pistols too. Unfortunately my bank account won’t allow for more than I have at this time. It’s a great day and age for polymer and striker fire fans indeed!


The 1911 Pistol — Reliability and Accuracy

I had a Brand New All Steel Framed Colt Commander or Combat Commander back in the Mid 1970’s. That Shot Over a Foot Low at 25 Yards. To shoot a Pop Can I had to hold the Barrel so High that I could Not see the Pop Can to have any chance of hitting it. So I had a Gun Smith Put a Different Set of Sights on it and It Still Shot Way Low. I Finally got so Disgusted with it that I Sold it to get Rid of the Aggravation.

~Larry M

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