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Using a slave punch to line up the holes

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5 Top Gun Control Myths

Dave, your article here about gun control (whatever that really is) is quite good, and very timely with the school massacre in FL just recently. My point of view is that we have a serious social problem in his country, and people think it is fine to take their anger out by killing those that supposedly wronged them (such as in FL), or strangers (as in Las Vegas).

There are several issues that should be addressed, but other than banning certain guns (or all of them), many of steps can be taken to really reduced this ‘epidemic’. How are all these mass murders getting their weapons? How did a 19 year get them? How did the LV shooter get the parts to make his AR-15 fully automatic?

Furthermore, what are the penalties for killing in mass like what just happened in FL. What are the penalties for those that either gave him the weapons or sold then to him? What are his parent penalties?

I am an owner of two Ruger Blackhawk single action revolvers (not the sort of weapon anyone would take to a mass killing) and believe in the 2nd Amendment wholly, but I would never base my politics on this issue. I am a fairly liberal person, but I am behind gun ownership completely. I remember going to the outdoor shooting range with my two revolvers, and firing next to a person with a .50 cal. rifle, and the volume and concussion each time he fired was so great, I had to move down about 8 or so lanes! It must have been a blast to shoot it! And then another time someone had a 300 Win Mag and I had to move away again! sometimes I have to move just because I am getting hit by the ejected casings, which my guns do not do at all.

It has been a lot of fun to see all these people with many types of rifles and handguns at the range and talk to them as well. Some have let me shoot their weapon, and I have let some shoot mine, especially the .45 LC single action revolver with a very hot load (from Buffalo Bore).

I do have a friend who is very much a die-hard Democrat, and naturally anti-gun. I sent her your article, to try to put some sense into her anti- gun feelings, which I think your article does quite nicely. But, like abortion, gun control has become more of an emotional issue, and what steps I think that should be taken or seriously considered are not done or even discussed at all. all I hear is take ‘that gun away’ vs.’ don’t take any guns away’.

Thanks again for your article.

Vincent (02-17-2018)


5 Top Gun Control Myths

Let’s use history to teach us something. They banned alcohol and it created speakeasy’s and generated millions of dollars to crime. Drugs are illegal yet in every state there is drug problems. No gang member previously arrested legally purchases guns but the majority if not all of them have them. There are laws In place to prevent murder of any kind and yet it still happens. The simple truth is the only laws that are not broken are by those following the laws to begin with and are not the reason the laws are put in place to begin with. We do have A serious problem with the youth of today. Instead of thinking of what laws to put in place to prevent it that they will just ignore anyway and instead we should be focused on what type of help we can offer to those reaching that level of life where they consider breaking the law is worth it. We need to make sure the laws we have are being followed and enforced. Don’t ban the gun, but if a criminal is convicted and uses a gun to commit a crime stop slapping them on the hand and letting them out.

~Frustrated with the media

Winchester 1894 Rifle and the .32 Winchester Special Cartridge

I have .32 Winchester Special Model 94 and used it to bag my first buck in 1963. I learned the hard way that moving the lever forward just far enough to eject an empty cartridge is not far enough to load the next cartridge. I have to move the lever a little further forward to load the next cartridge. Failing to do that , I had an empty chamber when I turned to look behind my to see a buck staring at me about 20 feet away. I slowly swung the rifle around and squeezed the trigger, only to hear the firing pin click. That click spooked the buck and I watched him disappear off of my hill before I realized what had happened.

~Randall Finn

5 Top Gun Control Myths

You’re SO uninformed it’s ridiculous! The AR’s and AK’s that are available to the public are semi-automatic. The ones used on the battlefield are select fire – with the capability to fire fully automatic.

What about the M14? (Civilian version is M1A). It has much more firepower, is also semi-automatic, and can have similar capacities as AR’s and AK’s, but you didn’t mention those. Could it be because since you haven’t heard their names mentioned on a tag-line on CNN yet?

The VT shooter used a 9mm Glock and a .22lr pistol.

The guns aren’t the issue, it’s the idiots, lunatics and criminals who get their hands on them. There’s zero recourse in banning guns, because then, only the people who shouldn’t own them will find a way to get them, and all us responsible owners will be the ones punished as a result.

Nobody has stated the obvious yet: Locked doors and/or metal detectors would have prevented the Florida school massacre. But, I guess the government doesn’t have enough funds to equip all schools with such revolutionary and cutting edge technology. And while I don’t like the thought of my child having to walk through metal detectors to go to school, it’s a solution that’s much more feasible and attainable than thinking that a ban on guns will solve anything.


5 Top Gun Control Myths

Actually, the constitution does NOT guarantee the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Those words are in the Declaration of Independence. Courts have repeatedly upheld that driving is a PRIVILEGE which must be EARNED (usually by proving proficiency and physical ability) and which may be revoked for reasons of lawbreaking (e.g., driving while intoxicated) or for medical reasons.


5 Top Gun Control Myths

I greatly appreciate the article by Dave Dolbee on “5 Top Gun Control Myths”, especially being written so soon after the horrific shooting in Florida this week. The liberal press/progressive politicians have already jumped on that shooting to advocate more “common sense gun control” laws. So good to see CTD not afraid to publish a “common sense” article explaining the mindless rants against our 2nd Amendment liberties and gun ownership. Keep it up; don’t back off!

~Bill Nickerson, Sr.

Range Report: Dan Wesson Guardian

I just got my DW Pointman .38 super a couple of weeks ago. Just breaking it in and I’m in love. I’ve got three other DW 1911s. A Valor in 9mm a specialist in.45 acp sand a Valor Commander in .45 acp. Had the Commander a the range yesterday to put another 50 rounds through it. What a gun. Superb.


Winchester 1894 Rifle and the .32 Winchester Special Cartridge

I inherited my grandfather’s model 94 .32 Winchester. It is an early 50s production rifle. It is still a great shooter with a lot of sentimental value. I got my first deer with that rifle at 12 years old back in 1984. My kids have all shot their great grandfather’s rifle and have learned to appreciate it. I reload for it using Hornady leverevolution powder and the 160-grain Hornady leverevolution bullets and it shoots great. It is a great piece of my family history and will continue to be for generations

~Matt Cox

5 Top Gun Control Myths

The standard .223/5.56 round is designed NOT to do max damage. Dum-dum rounds are banned fm use in war because they are designed to do max damage.

I would much rather be shot by a .223/5/56 than a large caliber round which makes a much bigger hole.

Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment is abt permitting civilians to keep and maintain weapons of war. When it was written, the musket was high tech and a weapon of war. Why did the Founders write that in? To keep the tendency of gov’t to be oppressive.

~Elena George

AR-15 Maintenance: Roll Pins

Mr. Zediker is spot on (as usual) with this article about roll pins. I have built about a dozen AR’s (both upper & lower receivers) from scratch, and have learned similar things about roll pins.

Two “words” of advice:
1. STAY AWAY from GRACE USA roll-pin punches. All the punches in their 7-punch set are way too long for 99% of gunsmithing jobs, and the steel is softer than brass, or even copper! The 3 smallest-size punches are no straighter than my 57-year-old wobbly legs. They bend every which way with every use.
2. It seems that most (if not all) roll-pin holes in gas blocks are too small for the roll pins that are supplied with the blocks. My routine practice is to now chase the holes with the next size larger (than the original hole), or next size smaller (than the pin) drill bit. I have had to improvise the roll pin on a couple of gas blocks because the holes were too small.


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  1. I just sent for a plinker .22 Model 60.Am I going to have to go down and have a federal screening so I can keep my semi-auto weopon of mass destruction?I guess it’s a good thing it’s a .22 and not a .223!

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