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Range Report: European American Armory Witness Elite Match

I own one in 40 S&W. I love the thing. One item I recommend for high volume shooters is a Hennings guide rod. The factory guide rod didn’t have a large enough bearing surface against the frame and can start to deform the frame with heavy use. The aftermarket guide rod solves this issue.

I think I’ll get another in 10mm.


Gun Control: Will Triggers Soon Make the Gun Illegal?

Push back people. Pay close attention. This year, Jan of 2018, The Washington State Legislature proposed 7 anti-firearm control laws to be adopted and ratified as Law. These illegal gun grabbing proposals include forcing gun owners to keep all Firearms under Lock and Key 24/7, to banning any and all Trigger modifications, including common Trigger enhancements for Target and Competition Shooters. There is a Large Magazine Capacity Ban proposal as well. All 7 of these are Unconstitutional proposals of the United States Constitution and The Washington State Constitution.. This is beyond outrageous. It is outright TREASON. Really, these “Gun Grabbers” need to be held accountable for repeated attempts to overthrow the 2nd Amendment. We now interpret their aggressive and egregious actions as TREASON.

This is what we have allowed to happen, The slow drip drip drip, mission creep.They are chipping away at the 2nd a little bit at a time, each year, year after year. Now it is time for major “push back” and there is now a “line drawn in the sand” by them, the Gun Grabbers. This is their creation. They own it. Yes, it is their making.

So what to do? Simple, Fight back with the pen. It makes a difference. When you send these politicians Cease and Desist letters, instructing them that their Actions may be deemed “Treasonous”, and if they continue, they will be arrested, detained, and charged with TREASON for attempting to overthrow the United States Constitution. It works. They back off. I have proof that they will back off. My elected Representative where I live responded to me in writing, and he clearly understood the consequences and stopped the push to pass the bills. He responded to my letter in less than 6 days. HUGE Victory.

That is what must happen. Instruct them that they, themselves will be charged with TREASON. No threats. Make sure you tell them it is a PROMISE and they will back off. It worked for me, it will work for you. We, Patriots in Washington State with the help of the NRA-ILA, have shut the Washington State Gun Grabbers down for this year. But wait a minute. Rest assured, these Anti-2nd amendment fools will be back at it next year. They simply never quit, and nor should you or I, ever quite pushing back.

Get involved,let these Lawmakers know how you STAND. Time is short, now get busy with it. Do it today and watch the cowards run for cover. You have the power of the Pen. Use it or lose it.

~Mr Walker

Range Report: European American Armory Witness Elite Match

Great article, speaks well to effectiveness of this gun. I own it In 9mm, it’s proved both reliable and very accurate, often providing groups of 1.0-1.75 inches. While reading some comments on review hw stone brings up a valid point on secondary market parts, parts are readily available on several sites I’d simply order some spares if that’s a concern. On other hand if there is an EMP or solar flare, your not going to be able to use the secondary market for ANY gun parts. Don’t have any reservations buying this gun! The slide is the smoothest I’ve ever racked in my life, recoil is non existent and fit and finish are top notch, puts my kimbers, smiths, spring fields and colt to shame in fit and accuracy.

~David scotto

Gun Control: Will Triggers Soon Make the Gun Illegal?

I too reside in the great state of Washington (place of birth and all) and I too have taken pen action. I sent an email last night to federal rep for eastern WA specifically regarding guns, 2nd Amendment and the proper use of a dictionary so all those in every level of government can then get the exact same results from their reading and interpreting the 2nd Amendment. Also asked her to send along to state level elected officials so all are on the same page. Here, in the last 10 years, we have had an enormous influx of Californians, Arizonans, Nevadans and the results are now becoming quite obvious – We are to become another California!! The only ways to stop this is to vote out the CA’s, vote in actual Washington folk and make sure they are ones that truly support each and every piece of the state and federal Constitution. Doing this at state level and federal level is the only real way to get gun grabbers out of elected positions that make our laws! Next is to find and stop all the monies from changing hands between gun grabber folks and groups and our elected. Stay active, stay alert and most of all BE AFRAID cuz they won’t stop.

~Jeffrey Koon

Throwback Thursday—Beretta’s PX4 Storm Pistol

I tried out a.40S&W Storm at the range back when I was shopping for a HD pistol along with the Springfield XDm, the Smith & Wesson MP and the Glock 20.`

The Glock was the first one I kicked to the curb for its lack of a protective beavertail that resulted in repeatedly getting slide bite no matter what I tried to do to avoid it.

The Smith & Wesson MP was OK but not on a par with the XDm which fit my hand better and had a more natural grip angle.

The PX4 Storm was a major surprise – or rather, more of a shock as its super light trigger was the main attraction here: it allowed super rapid follow-up shots almost as fast as a full auto SBR. I was able to place five shots within an inch circle at 7 yards in less than 3 seconds.

I decided that the trigger was way too light for a self-defense weapon and wound up buying a Sig P250 (which I later regretted).

If I had to do it over, I’d buy the 9mm Storm Compact in a heartbeat.


Review: Kimber K6s Revolver

I liked my first Kimber K6S, so much I bought a sesond one, I carry mine in a Galco belt holster open top, my bullet choice is Buffalo Bore 38 Special heavey, for short of the things I really like about my K6S is the great trigger, I can stage it and then get a precise crisp break for an accurate shot, it handles rapped fire with no problems and follow up shots are very controlable and easy to put on target, this is just a great defensive gun to say the least..
Nice review , thanks for posting

~Rod Klomp

Gun Control: Will Triggers Soon Make the Gun Illegal?

As an engineer I’m trying to wrap my head around the absurdity of trying to ban “accessories” that can be found as stock items on certain firearms (where those “accessories” would be considered repair/replacement parts) — and the only explanation that seems to support the creation of such proposed legislation is that: there must be something in the water……

Of course this also makes me wonder how long before someone tries to legislate “an allowable rate of fire” because some people have just gained the ability to shoot “too fast” (even though many don’t appreciate just how quickly even a break-action single-shot firearm can be run).


Review: Kimber K6s Revolver

I’ve owned a witness match in .40 for several years. It is one of, if not the most accurate handgun I own. I primarily fire reloaded cast bullets, fueled with Tightgroup. It is pleasant to shoot, the trigger is outstanding. It is a solid handgun, but loaded with 14 rounds in the magazine, it is not light. I highly recommend this pistol as an affordable platform.

~J. Michael

Review: Glock 19X 9mm

I met a guy who was on a Texas Ranger biker gang task force. We were leaving his hotel room one night to go eat and while he always carried a model 66, 2 and 1/2 inch SW, he picked up an identical gun and stuck it in his pocket. Upon inquiry, when he was on general duties he carried these two guns, if he was going on a raid or kicking a door he carried 2 identical 1911s. His claim was in his experience, you never want to reload in a gunfight and do not want to switch types of guns for something like a smaller backup gun. When in law enforcement, I always carried a backup, just never 2 of the same. FWIW


The Cowboy Assault Rifle

I don’t know, but I think some of you are kind of missing the point. The idea here as I read the article, is a camp and knock about rifle that will not set the user back a lot but can be used against large critters with teeth and in a pinch as a self-defense weapon. It needs to be handy, fast and have a good wallop at close range. It needs to have sufficient penetration for big bears who may come into camp at night and still be able to take game at ranges inside 150 yards. Now I own a mini14 in .223. I also own three M1 Garands, one HK91, two bolt guns also in .308/7.62 NATO, two bolt guns in 30-06, two 300 WinMags,a 25-06, a 6mm Rem. and a .35 Whelen. I’ve carried the M16 in various configurations in various parts of the world. But this isn’t about fighting a war or defense during the apocolypse. Its about having a light, handy rifle for defense in the wild. I’m not going to shoot a bear with a 5.56 if any other rifle is available. I wouldn’t use it on a mountain lion or a deer, either. Both the toothy ones would probably kill me before they died, and the deer would run to the next county before expiring. And then the Game Warden would arrest me. But I own a Rossi .44 magnum that will work great for all those animals inside 100 yards. And in a pinch it will handle two or three two legged attackers, too. I use 300 grain hard lead bullets in it at about 1500fps. It has about 22 inches of penetration. My next rifle for this work is either the HK or the M1 in Tanker configuration. Both will handle up to 180 grain 308 bullets. But both rifles are less handy for close work, which is what would be needed in a camp at night. Muzzle flash would also be a problem with the .308 or 30-06 in short barrels. The .44 doesn’t have that problem. Even better for this use is the .480 Ruger or the 454 Cassul. Both deliver 45-70 levels of penetration and energy. By the way, the .223 is not a very good people round either. At 250 yards and beyond, you’re shooting a man with a .22 magnum or less. I much prefer any of the heavier calibers. The 5.56 is not as effective at 300 meters as the 7.62 NATO is at 500 meters. The main thing is that the .44, the .308 and the 30-06 will stop a bear and anything else in North America at close range. The .223 won’t. Apples and Oranges. That .44 with the short barrel fits real good under my pickup seat, too.

~Elton P. Green

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