Reader Comments of the Week — February 10, 2018

front end of the Glock 19X in a target riddled with bullet holes

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Throwback Thursday: AR-15 .223 vs Mil-Spec 5.56mm Chambers

I wonder about this in bolt actions. I’ve considered a bolt action in .223/5.56 for ammo availability and prices. Is it safe to shoot 5.56 in a bolt action chambered in .223?


Throwback Thursday: AR-15 .223 vs Mil-Spec 5.56mm Chambers

Great information! I own a AR-15 Competition H-Bar, the barrel is stamped CMP 5.56 NATO 1/9 HBAR. I also have a Ruger Mini 14 from the early 80’s marked .223 and a Remington 700 BDL heavy barrel marked .223. Going by the markings I gather that I can safely shoot .223 or 5.56 Mil Spec through the AR but probably should not shoot it in the other two?

I took about a 20 year absence from any type of hunting or shooting due to a career change. I’m now retired and trying to get back up to speed.


Review: Glock 19X 9mm

The main things I don’t like about glocks besides being unattractive is the ergonomics, I haven’t held a glock yet that didn’t feel like a baseball bat, square and uncomfortable, the main thing is they have no manual safety, the most important part of a firearm, too much hype today about no safety on a handgun, telling this new generation that it’s in the way, it’s on there for a reason, [ watch the video on youtube with the cop teaching a class on weapon carry, he shoots himself with his loaded glock ] if you are not competent enough to figure out how to use a safety then you shouldn’t be owning a gun, glad to see the military staying with Sig Sauer.


Four Crimes, Tiny Numbers: ATF Statistics

This article & the statistics are neither relevant nor accurate to the overall picture in the battle between us legal/law-abiding gun owners & those who speak out about those guilty of the majority of mass casualty shootings or domestic violence shootings (most of which occurred at the hands of nut jobs who had LEGAL firearm access or ownership) & those in legislative positions (who many gun owners wrongfully accuse of being completely anti-gun). These are statistics that are obtained from a very narrow-based source…only the currently licensed FFL dealers. There’s no accurate way to study or collect information from individuals who routinely deal in stolen weapons as they obviously have no FFL license so no record of the sales numbers; the same goes for interstate transfer of firearms by criminals or unethical individuals; a criminal or non-FFL individual would certainly not reveal any statistical info; & lastly there are many thousands of prohibited individuals carrying guns on the street. One cannot easily or scientifically prove that all of us law-abiding gun owners are the reason there is less crime as one person posted here…there’s just no way to study this to prove direct correlation…it is all supposition. Also the reason our country is still free is due to having the best military, law enforcement, judicial system, & our US Constitution. It is democracy, not some factless deduction that all of us law-abiding gun owners & those of us who conceal carry are directly responsible, especially against an imagined “tyrannical” or “shadow” govt. These modes of thinking are nothing but figments of overactive, abnormal imaginations. It is easy to remember all the paranoia among law-abiding gun owners when Obama was elected…the following year I had to drive 120 miles/2 hours just to buy my once very common Remington 30-06 180 gr PSP Core-Lokt ammo for my elk hunting at an almost doubled price, & it wasn’t Obama’s fault. This was a gun & ammo manufacturer fear-induced bunch of nonsense (also fomented by the NRA & the gun lobbyists) which only served to permanently drive prices higher for both guns & ammo. It was like the fake “we’re almost out of oil crisis” which was perpetrated on all of us by big oil in the early ’70s when we had lines of cars stretching for blocks & blocks all because of fear & a manufactured “shortage” crisis. All the while big oil corporate America laughed at the stupid sheep & chalked up record billions of $$$ in gasoline/diesel sales ever since then. This was similar during Obama’s tenure in both firearms/ammunition sales because too many people on both sides of the political spectrum are unwilling to keep a centrist view where the operative word is compromise! So many gun lobbyists have become rich by promoting the far right-wing “Oh dear, the shadow government is going to take my guns away!” “Oh dear, Obama will take our guns away!” “Oh dear, the Democrats want to take our guns away!” BS!

I am a lifelong centrist who wrote in my vote for Ohio’s Gov. John Kasich & not for the current traitor in the White House. I hunt & target shoot & have the permitting to conceal carry in 40 states. I have many centrist Democrat & Republican friends who are Second Amendment supporters & I am sick of all the stereotyping on both sides, but especially by Second Amendment supporters who can’t or refuse to maintain civility in the midst of all of the debate. You only hurt the cause when you share your rabid views & forget your manners! You will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! MM

~Mister Mischief

Review: Glock 19X 9mm

Seems to me, Glock got this one backwards. The Glock 19 frame is easier to conceal than the 17 frame. Seems to me that if Glock wanted to do something they should have given us a !9 frame with a 17 slide, providing a pistol that was easier to conceal but with a longer sight radius for better accuracy.

~Scott Puckett

The Top 7 Highest-Rated Handguns

This comes from a life-long independent centrist who will point out to you that the right wing is no different than the left when it comes to fomenting fear & using lies in their attempts to further their agenda as well. Firearm & ammo sales soared exponentially when Pres. Obama was elected, yet I did not lose a single reasonable right during his presidency. However the NRA & gun lobbyists also used fear & lies to try to convince those who hold your viewpoint that the Second Amendment would be abolished. So tell me who came out of this best? Try gun manufacturers, ammo manufacturers, the gun lobbyists, & the companies making firearm accessories…they laughed all the way to their overflowing bank accounts! And you & I paid the price & are still paying the price because prices only went up & have stayed up! So neither the right nor the left has cornered the market on creating & using propaganda & lies in an effort to further their own warped & unrealistic agendas. You’ll never achieve balance & truth by stereotyping & lumping an entire political party into YOUR own personal perception. There’s good & bad in all of us, & only FACT-based education & life experience gives us what we need to develop into reasonable, kind, caring, & loving humanity, or should I qualify that by saying most of us, definitely excluding the orange haired orangutan in the White House who wants to be a dictator. MM

Here’s a challenge…research all the imported ammo & firearms from our country’s enemies (of which some firearms are sold under U.S. company labeling) like Russia, China, & other repressive regimes. If you purchase firearms, parts, optics, accessories, or ammo from those countries you are not a true supporter of our U.S. Constitution (which includes our wonderful Second Amendment) as the profits from all of those purchases only goes to strengthen the militaries of said countries as those militaries control & run all arms sales with the ultimate goal of destroying our incredible USA!


Ten Top-Rated AR-15 Manufacturers

If your Bushmaster is xm15 milspec 5.56 produced about 2004/5 it can be a good rifle. Except for the difference in machining for semi-auto my barrel ,bolt and exstention tube/buffer are the same part numbers they had supplied in limited quantity to the military (for those not aware, the military had about 10 brands on the field at the time unlike today)

I shoot 62 grn nato 5.56 ammo mostly but have shot cheap crap along with various .223 name brand and only had one fail to eject due to trying a cheap Russian brand..I’ve never had a misfire and I am abusive to my rifle. Targeting is too easy and I can hit tight groups repeatedly even after rapid firing 60 or 90 rounds through her!

I do not like newer Bushmaster compared to mine.

~Shaggy illinois

M&P Shield: What’s So Great About It?

I also have trouble locking back the slide or releasing it using the slide release button, very, very stiff. Have to use weak hand thumb as cannot get sufficient leverage with shooting hand.

Have put over 1500 rounds through it so far, no change.

Anyone any thoughts on lighter recoil springs and a manufacturer of reliable springs? I shoot 180 gr ammo as standard.


Top 5 High Capacity Shotguns for 2018

How the Hell can you NOT mention the UTAS-15?! This shotgun clearly belongs in the Top 5. I have yet to see a MKA 1919 work without a single malfunction!

~James Singer

Review: Kimber K6s Revolver

Moving to the .357 Magnum, I have used a handload comprised to the Hornady 125-grain XTP and Titegroup powder for 1,160 fps. Recoil is stout but not painful. This is a good standard handload for many uses. The Hornady Critical Defense .357 Magnum 125-grain FTX breaks 1,180 fps from the K6, and the Federal 125-grain JHP, over 1,200 fps. (Each for 1,380 to 1,440 fps loads in a four-inch barrel revolver.)


From a short 9mm such as the 3 inch barrel Beretta Storm a 9mm 115 grain load is at 1100 fps and the 124 grain a little less. The Buffalo Bore 158 grain load is faster than any 147 grain 9mm. This is a harder hitter.


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