Reader Comments of the Week — December 2, 2017

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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Review: SIG Sauer Emperor Scorpion 10mm

I own this gun and agree with basically everything you have said. I shoot better with this pistol than every other I own including my Ruger 1911.

I’m curious though, as Sig now offers the Legion model in 10mm, how you would rank the two? Would you carry the legion instead?

~Colin M

Handguns and the Backcountry

I use the first rule of backwoods hiking; don’t go where the great bears are going to be. The big cats are getting lots of pressure on their territory and are getting more attention as their attacks get more frequent.

I carry a Circuit Judge 16 inch carbine with either .410 X 3″ slugs, or Corbon Colt 45 +P with a 300grain jacketed soft point. This light carbine can handle fast, with plenty of poke, and is effective at close to moderate ranges. But there is always a Ruger Security Six in 357 mag, with a 41/2″ barrel.

The rest of you will be identified by the ME when they open the great bears stomach.

~Judge Roy Bean

Review: SIG Sauer Emperor Scorpion 10mm

I have the Glock 20 and it is a fantastic gun. There is hardly any recoil, smooth and fun. The price is reasonable too. The gen 4 comes with 3 magazines so that is plenty of ammo to carry with you. While I love the Sig Sauer brand, for daily utility carry Glock it is.

~Jack D.

Handguns and the Backcountry

Here in Montana where we have grizzlies, wolves and mountain lions the minimum caliber for the woods is .44 magnum. I personally carry a Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull. In camp I keep a 12 gauge with slugs handy. Don’t waste your time with anything smaller unless you plan to use it to shoot your partner in knee while you get away.


Video: Should You Be the Good Samaritan?

I’m a US Law Shield member and I’ve been in that particular WalMart before. I have always though it’s best to hunker down unless the bad guy is right in front of you and I make it through the first few shots.

Should I be in the back of the store and hunker down, e.g. go fully defensive, I’ve always been concerned about the police response. I get lots of videos from US Law Shield from lawyers. How about hearing from LEOs?

Heaven forbid get caught up in something like the WalMart shooting. If I am caught up could we hear from street cops? I know what I’d do once cops respond but it would be nice to hear from them. They all know there are many lawful carriers out there. I have 2 goals, I don’t want to get shot by a cop but at the same time don’t want to slow down their efforts. So could we hear from some cops in a US Law Shield video?

~Mark Williams

Video: Should You Be the Good Samaritan?

A handgun is a defensive weapon, period. In any felony situation from theft to murder, unless you or yours, or if you choose…anyone within arms reach, is threatened with great bodily injury or death a handgun is used to get you to safety and let the professionals do their job. It is not an offensive weapon. Unless you are specifically threatened your job is to be the best witness possible. That is the directive given to all “off duty” LE Officers. When you get involved you risk everything you own or will ever own and offer to possibly pay enormous lawyer fees out of your own pocket to defend your actions. When a LE Officer acts “on duty” he/she is backed by their employing agency as an agent acting on their behalf. As a private citizen you are acting on your own behalf. When an “off duty” LE Officer acts, their actions may or may not be assumed and represented by their employing agency at the employing agency’s discretion. Do what you think you need to do but as for me, backed by 30 years of LE experience, my advice to anyone is…be a good witness and holster up unless you are specifically threatened, period! And yes I retired to Texas but I spent 30 years working for a major metropolitan LE department in Ca.

~Zwolinski, Jon

Video: Should You Be the Good Samaritan?

With concealed carry becoming more widespread and active shooting incidents becoming more common, this is an increasingly relevant question. Most CCW classes (required to obtain a permit) cover legal aspects to some degree, and a few really good ones have an experienced criminal attorney or LEO present real legal and street-wise advice. Most students leave these classes with a more realistic view on civilian use of deadly force.

With this in mind, it seems to me that permissive states ought to create a class of CCW that, with some extra training, includes a “posse comitatus” endorsement that, while not empowering the citizen to act as a sworn peace officer, offers some addition protection when a defensive shooting occurs in the situations described in the video. Prosecutors exploit ambiguities. This category of permit would narrow those gaps and put more burden of proving misconduct on the prosecution.


Lessons from The Farm: Choosing a Carry Holster

Good article.
The years since it’s original rendering, holsters have come a long way.
I still haven’t as yet found one that will allow the effortless re holstering because of clothing, etc.
And I still haven’t as yet been in a situation where access to the protection device needing more than returning said device inside the waistband and covered up until more discreet maneuvering can be accomplished elsewhere a short time later to get back in the holster.
For all holsters, I have found utilizing a segment of neoprene dive suit material between the skin and holster/protective device to be most helpful.
It provides cushion
and keeps sweat away.
A dab of contact cement at rear center of holster holds sufficiently. When needing replaced, peel off and apply new.

~Vic vapor

Canik 55 Shark 9mm Pistol, a Handy, Accurate Choice

I have both the Canik 55 Sharl C and a Canik TP9SF. These are 2 guns I wont sell.. they are very well made and consistent shooters.. great prices for them and after lots of rounds through them.. no issues whatsoever.. I cc both of them (not at the same time). I purchased the Alien Gear Tuck Cloak 2.0 for IWB and have the shells for each.. and yes the shell I use for the Canik 55 is the same one I use for my Desert Eagle .45 “Baby Eagle”.


Sit Down .40 S&W, .45 ACP — The 9mm has Been Crowned King?

In actual shootings, all 3, 45 ACP, 40 S&W and 9mm have all done equally well at stopping bad guys. The small percentage difference is too insignificant to matter. There is no perfect bullets or calibers and anyone that thinks so is naive at best. I carry the “Baby Glock” model 26 and I don’t ponder a single thought of being outgunned. The great about lots of different guns and calibers is a person has lots to choose from. As I always, whatever spins your prop. Carry what makes you warm and fuzzy and leave it at that.

Best wishes and stay safe everyone!


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