Reader Comments of the Week — August 4, 2018

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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.
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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

The Liberal-Leaning Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Right to Self-Defense
Pete … Unfortunately, I agree with you 100%! You pretty much stated everything my “spidey senses” were saying to me as I read this article. We should all know better by now than to believe that anything that seems to be rightful and Constitutional coming from our government willingly does not come without a curve. We need to remain vigilant as I believe the chips have just been slide to the center of the table.

Firearms and the Mentally Ill

You are the exact reason why I am against these types of laws … because they will not define things properly! You are just like almost everyone else in the US who needs a little help during a certain portion in their life and need some counseling and have some anxiety because life is difficult sometimes. That is NOT mental illness! IN NO WAY OR SHAPE should it be considered as such! All people have emotions and everyone has a bad time during one portion of their lives or another. The 2nd Amendment does not specify it only applies to those who are happy and joyful and play under rainbows with pixie dust!

The Liberal-Leaning Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Right to Self-Defense

The people at large are not “a well regulated militia”. Therefore these rulings are predicated on a falsehood. The motivation behind this is purely political and aimed at further dividing the American people. When the states reassert their rights to form and maintain true state militias then we will finally be able to put the 2nd amendment debate to rest.

Tiny 9mm Pocket Pistols

Bond Arms Bullpup9 9mm Length:5.10″ Height:4.2″ Width:0.96″ Barrel:3.35″ Capacity:7+1
I lost track of rounds fired over 600 rounds with zero issues.
~Celeste Gauthier

AK-47 Receiver Identification: Milled vs. Stamped

It is not true that the first AKs had milled receivers. The AK-47 type 1 had a stamped receiver and was produced for around 3 years beginning in 1948. Unfortunately, Russian stamping technology and quality control at that time was not sufficient to ensure reliable function. The type 2 AK, actually designated by the Soviets as the AK-49, had a milled receiver as did the type 3 AK. Finally, by 1959 the Soviets got the stamping process worked out and began producing the “modern” version of the AK, the AKM, with a stamped receiver.

The Best Peace of Mind a Few Dollars can Bring — GunVault’s NanoVault

I have only one thing to say about this and that is if you’re going to secure your firearm in a vehicle or your home etc. then spend some cash and buy something that works.


Yes it’s more expensive, but it might just save you some agony. Can a thief defeat it, yes, but not without some tools and effort. Tie it to your car seat frame with a cable and now you’ve made it time consuming. This alone will stop many thieves who want to simply bash and dash.
Just my opinion……

Taurus Millennium G2C — Outclassing the Competition

I’m confined to a wheelchair which makes concealed carry not viable but I carry my G2 in a bag located just under my chair cushion. I have a holster that I can put my pistol into and it also has a place for an extra magazine. The G2 is ideal when it comes to being able to fit into my bag and leaves room for my wallet and other items that I need to carry with me. The price of this pistol is hard to beat.
~Raymond Sprague

Gun Fights are Dangerous — Even if You Win

I beg to differ, I have worked local, state, federal and military law enforcement, and also became an attorney and prosecutor. Yes, I am old. First focus on the facts we know. A cop barged into a house and killed the homeowner. Every home owner is likely to have gun. The cop should never, ever go into a situation like that without knowing what the homeowner was wearing. That cop(s) should have been yelling at the dispatcher to confirm the description of the good guys, or not go in. This looks to me like a rookie mistake. I am sorry to offend, but this just look obvious.

Now, everybody needs to tell their wife or other, to always tell the dispatcher—the good guy is wearing shorts and a green shirt and glasses, and to repeat it explaining this is the identifying clothes of the good guy. It may very well be that the little woman in that case did not make it clear, we shall see….

If you make that 911 call, you tell the dispatcher I am the good guy, I am wearing…..and tell them again, or just lock yourself in the bedroom until they get there….IMHO

Video: Crimson Trace Myth Busters — Will the laser be a crutch?

One place the laser is a great help is in early pistol training.

Explain how the sights are aligned, then turn on a laser set up to be dead center over the front sight when the sights are properly aligned.

Let them fire a couple of rounds that way, then turn off the laser and continue. It simply gives them a good reference to see that “if you align the sights correctly the impact will be on the target.” No magic, just an easy way to see how that system works.
~HW Stone

Gun Fights are Dangerous — Even if You Win

First and most importantly, my sympathies to the family and friends of the homeowner. The intruder got what he deserved.
This is one of those situations that’s very easy to say what you’d do, but in the heat of the moment with adrenaline pumping through you, most of that goes out the window.

Of course putting down the weapon, and assuming a non-threatening position on the floor, would be the ideal way to wait for the police to respond, but there’s so much happening so fast, and the police are on your side. You probably wouldn’t even think they would shoot you, after all, you were in the right. You may not even realize the weapon is still in your hand. Add to that the fact that you’re not sure if he was a lone assailant, or had an accomplice. Now you’re trying to assess the condition of others that may be in the house with you. Are they alright. All this is happening at warp speed, so disarming and laying on the floor may be the furthest thing from your mind. Add to this the fact you just fired a weapon inside, so your hearing is slightly compromised. Making it hard to hear directions being directed at you. Or could they be yelling at another intruder you can’t see.

Its very easy to see how this could spiral quickly out of control. Because of the amount of variables, there is no finite answer that I can see. You could train half your life, and not cover every possible scenario. Just ask the LEO that fired and killed a man defending his home and family.
Perhaps the responding officers should have taken cover and directed the man to disarm until he did, before using deadly force. They are, after all, supposed to be the pro’s.

Its tragic, and amazing it doesn’t happen more often.
I guess all you can do, is try to remember that the people coming to help, have guns too.

As always
Carry on
~70’s Ops

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