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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Glock’s Long Slide Model 41 .45 ACP: I like the G 41. It shoots well, easy to take down, clean and put back together.

My BIGGEST gripe is that I cannot find a decent leather holster for daily civilian carry. I can find all sorts of “tacticool” plastic holsters, police duty holsters, etc. but not a leather holster that has all the features, heck, not even a few of the features I want.

What *I* want, is a lined leather holster, thumbreak or auto-lock retention (ala the SHERPA holsters), full-length coverage and a ridged top opening to make reholstering easier without having to use two hands. These are the MANDATORY features.

~John M.

NRA: 5 Things Hillary Says She Will Do To Your Rights If She Wins: When I was going to High School in the early 80’s I saw a bumper sticker that remains true to this day. It stated “If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns” and it’s true! I have guns. I’m not a criminal! I have been honored to serve our country for six years in the U.S. Army! I’m a decent law abiding citizen. I pay my taxes and abide by the law (although sometimes exceed the speed limit a bit). I live in a State (California) which has some of the most draconian laws in the Country. My gun ownership is not malicious. I hunt and plus, it’s simply just fun to go shooting at the range with with my kids not to mention the ability to protect myself and my family if absolutely necessary.


NRA: 5 Things Hillary Says She Will Do To Your Rights If She Wins: Good to see a fellow student of old English and military history! Thanks for that! In many of the original old books I’ve read, I’ve come to understand that when arms are referred to, the word “regulated” usually meant well supplied and maintained, and in modern form; where as when referred to personnel, it meant well drilled and disciplined. So it is obvious the 2nd Amendment points to the weapons, and they must be up to modern standards and well supplied and maintained. I’ve been reading old English military manuals since I was a kid, and I’m positive about my understanding of the word.


SAF Slams Apple Execs for Changing Handgun Emoji: Wow G-Man, I do not deny being a pretty loyal Apple products user. Again, it seems more Conservatives that I know, tend toward Apple products. That is my direct observation, not some easily skewed “statistic”.

I think Apple is totally stupid for changing the emoji. Hence, I will probably not update to the iOS when the change is implemented. I likes my guns. The snowflakes and rainbows all laud Apple’s decision. Whether the stupid decision will affect their sales or not is questionable. (This act of supreme stupidity may actually have an unexpected good consequence if their sales sag. Apple has been taking a wrong road since Job’s death.) Product-wise: You simply cannot compare apples and lemons, really.

So we each reveal our technology bias. We both agree the emoji change is colossally stupid.

btw, I carry revolvers. I am a woman. When I go to church each week, it is not a question of AM I carrying, concealed under my long skirt. It is a question of HOW MANY am I carrying.

~Guns and apples

I Trust My Life to Taurus: I bought a Taurus TCP and Guns & Ammo tested three of each of the brands, and found the Taurus TCP the most reliable of them all. I have found the same. It is accurate, reliable and I prefer it over the other really small pistols I, or my sons, have.



I Trust My Life to Taurus: I’ve been considering a compact (and I mean compact) carry pistol in .380. I have to be honest, Taurus really wasn’t on my “radar”, As in the back of my (admittedly dense) head, Taurus= Big Revolver (Judge,Raging Bull…) This article put the TCP firmly on my “radar”! ~James Slick

I Trust My Life to Taurus: Just a couple of months ago this gun made my shortlist of 3 confirmed most reliable pocket 380 pistols. I was shopping for a new backup to my Glock and it came down to this, a Khar 380, and the pricier S&W Bodyguard 380.

The relatively new pocket pistol market has now been around long enough to offer up better and more reliable data on just which of these small pistols have emerged as the true winner in real-world dependability testing – hence the 3 guns which made my final shortlist.

Aside from proven outstanding performance, reliability and dependability, all 3 of these guns have slides which lock to the rear – which was one of my criteria with my next purchase. Ultimately the S&W Bodyguard (BG380) earned my hard earned dollars; but not for any performance reasons – instead it was for discount pricing combined with extra features.

Even though the S&W Bodyguard (BG380) should have cost more, it was able to edge out the other 2 guns with extras such as the built-in Crimson Trace aiming laser, 2 magazines included, and a case. But what sealed the deal was the significantly reduced cost from special discounts offered by my dual-career status in both the military reserves and as a civilian law enforcement officer.

This allowed me to purchase the gun tax free on a military base while also getting the S&W law enforcement discount on top of an additional 30%-off sale that was running at the time. I simply couldn’t pass the BG380 up. Otherwise any of the guns I’ve mentioned make for a very dependable buy.


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