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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Survival Ammunition: How Much Ammo do you Really Need for SHTF?

I think a minimum 1,000 rounds for every member of your household, if you plan on handing out rifles to your neighbors, you might want 500 rounds for each neighbor. I recommend the good stuff like Federal XM193 and IMI M193 for yourself and your family, and the cheap steel stuff for your neighbors and with which to barter.

There’s a lot of hotdogs out there that want a fight, but those people don’t know what a fight really is. War is two or more people trying to kill each other, you’re trying to kill someone who is trying to kill you and the people you care about, your closest friends, and in case of SHTF your family too. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

~Special Forces Navy Seal Delta Force Recon Wannabe

Training: Shooting Well — Shooting to Win

As a full time firearms instructor with over 40 years teaching Law Enforcement, Security and private parties, I want to applaud this article! EXCELLENT advice for not only the new shooter, but the “experienced” shooters who have had to teach themselves and the habits they have developed might not be helping them to improve.

~Patrick Lavern Alexander

D.C. Appeals Court Strikes Down ‘Good Reason’ Licensing Scheme

It never ceases to amaze me that the gun control NUTS are so dense they cannot see that criminals do not follow the law. Keeping citizens unarmed is making the public “safe?” When criminals can , and do, carry illegally, that puts the unarmed citizenry at risk. Seems awfully plain, clear, simple and common sense to me. But what do I know? I don’t share their irrational fear of THE GUN!

Level the playing field. Law abiding citizens must be able to protect themselves anywhere. Gun free zones create killing fields full of unarmed sheep. This ruling needs to stand. The citizens have the RIGHT to life, liberty, safety and security.


Review: Rossi Plinker .22

Trigger pull, double action, is smooth but heavy at 16 pounds
Single action is crisp enough at 6 lbs.

the problem with the .22 is this- if you lighten the trigger action the rim fire cartridge doesn’t take a hard enough smack from the hammer. So- a light trigger equals poor ignition reliability. For the price the Rossi is good. It should smooth up with some use.

As for availability, it goes in cycles. Few makers make the same gun year round, they make certain runs of different guns. The Plinker comes and goes on the shelf.

Hope this was helpful.

~Bob Campbell

D.C. Appeals Court Strikes Down ‘Good Reason’ Licensing Scheme

The vote was 2 to 1. What I’d like to know is who is the ignorant SOB that voted “NO”?

I swear that some of these places, NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Seattle, etc. are full of people who are effin’ crazy. They have to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the constitutional world! Delay, delay, delay. I’d like to see them prosecuted for things like this. If they continue to get away with making unconstitutional law after unconstitutional law time after time, it seems to me that they won’t stop until they are prosecuted and jailed! LOCK THEM UP!


Training: Shooting Well — Shooting to Win

Excellent piece. No preaching, no macho BS. Just excellent points from someone who obviously has years of experience.

~Allan Owen

Review: Rossi Plinker .22

I am a die hard 22 fan for over 60 years, and have owned quite a few no longer in production 22 rimfire variants.
The 22 rounds today sre marvelous creations, with many variations.
Do not favor lead but like jacketed.
Any one ever kill anything larger than a spider
with 22shotshell. I once hit a medium size rattl
er from about gifteen feet and it didn’t flich and 5 rounds later it was still writhing around biting itself.
I knowRossi has improved its quality over past years as the old models were junk.
I know their new rifles are great and fun plinkers.
Many a snob gun owner would be surprised if they found out Taurus has been making precision parts for years for many different brand weapons; Revolvers, rifles, and srmiauto pistols.
Prefer at least 4″ barrels, and contrary to author even the dubsonics will take rabbits and porcupines and coons or possum up close.
Never favored snubbys except as hide outs, and this by authors said to be accurate at, who the hell plinks at only 15’?

~Hide Behind

Training: Shooting Well — Shooting to Win

Nice article! I can honestly say when I was looking for the first gun in along while to purchase, everyone around me kept saying ” you have big hands, a .40 caliber would be a great choice with the stopping power and fit.” Not true. I have arthritis in my wrist and didn’t want the big felt recoil. The ol timer at the gun shop saw I was interested in the glock 19 but wouldn’t sell it to me until I did some research on the CANiK TP991st. Needless to say I was back the next day and not to purchase the glock! What a great choice I made listening to him! You can get plenty of hard stopping power out of some of the newer 9mm ammo. Not to mention save your wrist! Great article!

~Mark C

Ten Top-Rated AR-15 Manufacturers

Ummm how about Core Rifle Systems?! Less expensive and outperforms most of these puppies. And a lifetime no BS warranty. And cerakote!!!

~D Taylor

Training: Shooting Well — Shooting to Win

I have been a real cop for 35 years and have taught 25 years in Law Enforcement Firearms and Defensive Tactics. I do not mean to pee on anyone’s parade, but for years I have seen instructor teaching to pull the Gun hand to the chest when they are teaching the off hand shooting (this is designed to prepare the officer for being shot or disabled in the shooting hand). However, after review of several gunfights where it was necessary to use the off hand to fire because of an injury, several officer said they could not return fire because they could not raise the injured limb as they had been taught (clasp your lapel). I can not believe the myth of holding the shooting arm is put out there still. We teach a dueling type stance with the arm dropped straight down by the side (as it would be if actually injured) and that way the officer is accustomed to shooting with the arm down and not having to go through the thought process of (Damn, my arm will not come up to my lapel, what do I do not). As I say I needed to blow off because of improper training getting people hurt


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  1. Survival Ammunition: How much do you really need for SHTF?
    The answer to this is all you can safely store. You should have more than one caliber of rifle and pistol, and they should be in calibers which are popular. Also, you should handload. If you think you need 5,000 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, buy a good handloading kit and the components. Make the ammunition. But don’t rely on the 5.56 for your needs. It isn’t an adequate hunting and long range round. Have a .308/7.62 x 51 rifle or three or four on hand for use at a distance and for providing game meat. The .308 will take deer, elk and moose if you have to use it to hunt for survival (this means it will also kill ‘slow elk’ if you have to in order to survive.), You may kill big deer with the 5.56, but you’ll lose more from a failure to get an immediate kill than the .308. Also, if you do have a ‘social situation’ the .308 will shoot through barriers that will shrug off a .223/5.56. You might also have a 30-06 on hand with brass, powder, primers and bullets. It is a very popular round nearly anywhere in the world, which means there is always an abundance of components and ammunition for it, and it is extremely effective at ranges well beyond any .223 caliber round. Battle rifles in .308/7.62 Nato are easy to find, and some of them are quite capable of 800/900 meter accuracy, especially when scoped. The CMP has M1 Garands for sale, and while it is an old design, it is a proven battle rifle. It can be had in both .308 and 30-06. Fulton Armory will even build you one in a carbine configuration with an 18.5 in. barrel in either 30-06 or .308. The 30-06 carbine will launch a 175 grain bullet just as fast as a 22 inch .308 M1A. As for accuracy, Fulton Armory has accuracy guarantees for its M1A’s and its M1 Garands.
    I have a 5.56 scoped battle rifle, but I also have an H&K 91 with scope mount, and a Remington Varmint weight rifle in .308, two M1 Garands capable of 500 yard accuracy, and 30-06 bolt guns capable of 800 yards or more with appropriate loads. I a total FUBAR situation, you need to plan for more than close quarters battle. And you need to have at least one rifle capable of defeating barriers. Mine is a .35 Whelen. With the right bullet, it will shoot through a car door, everyone in the path of the bullet, and exit the other side. It will also shatter an engine block at around 200 yards. And if the people trying to take your supplies, life and family are wearing body armor, it may not penetrate the armor, but the blunt force trauma from a 250 grain bullet at 2600+ at the muzzle is over 2,000 ftlb at around 300 yards. It will break ribs and damage internal organs, incapacitating or killing the combatant without penetration of the vest. So keep a heavy rifle. A 45-70 Marlin will work for this if the ammunition is loaded properly, so having components and loading equipment is a good idea. Also, no-one thinks of a leveraction as a battle rifle. Which is a plus in some areas.
    The bottom line is don’t rely on just one type of rifle in one caliber, or one type of handgun in only one caliber. And at least two of your weapons for each individual should be in current military calibers. And don’t forget, for close quarters combat, a shotgun is really hard to beat. It will also help to keep you fed.

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