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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Range Report: AREX Rex Zero 1 Compact 9mm Pistol

This may well be the FINEST 9mm handgun on the market, at least in the full size variant. I don’t have more than a couple of mags experience with the compact version but have run in excess of 8000 rounds through the full size. It is more accurate than ANY Sig I have ever fired, any HK I have ever fired and other than one VERY highly modified Glock, it simply is the most accurate out of the box handgun I have ever encountered and I purchased it as a cheap alternative to a Sig 226! It FAR exceeds the Sig and is built virtually like Smith and Wesson Performance Center handguns the quality of build is that spectacular! I truly fear writing this review as my LAST intention is to cause any sales boom making the pistols hard to find and or to drive the price up. How on earth ANYONE can build and market a pistol of this quality in this price range is simply beyond me……….think “getting a Les Baer for $500″!!! The weight of the full size pistol makes even the stoutest of 9mm loads feel extremely tame and at 30′ you can, after becoming acquainted with the pistol cut a single ragged hole in paper while standing!! There are so VERY few firearm “sleepers” like this out there and this handgun continues to amaze me. You CANNOT damage the pistol with any kind of use. I am very confident that this pistol could easily digest over 10K rounds of +P+ ammo with no discernable problems. FIME has just introduced night sights for this pistol and I have already placed my order. Aliengear holsters makes both IWB and OWB holsters for the pistol and though I haven tried it I have heard that holsters made for the Sig 2022 of all guns make perfect fits for these pistols. I had Black Hills Gunleather make me a handmade holster for mine, a retention strap paddle design and NOBODY makes better holsters than Rudy Lozanos company operating out of Laredo, TX. Folks, I am not exxagerating when I say this IS the finest handgun of its type available at ANY price. Get one before some new law gets passed preventing the importation of Slovenian pistols for some…..well, political damned reason.

~Casey Math

I am going to meet the owner of Arex and tour the factory in Slovenia next week. I will be sure to pass along your comment. ~Dave Dolbee

Campus Carry Part II Kicks Off at Texas Community and Junior Colleges

The preamble of the constitution says the People ordained and established the constitution. The Second amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” American Citizenship was created in the 14th amendment. People created the government, the government created citizens. We need to reclaim the high ground as the creators of government, not the privileges granted to citizens by the government.

To do this we need to revive the use of Common Law, Reestablish Grand Juries as stipulated in the Magna Carta, and the 5th Amendment, and abolish government paid created fake grand juries.


Into the Mind: Lone Wolf Attacks

I never go anywhere without my primary weapon and a backup I carry Glocks over the years I have found that they will not fail when your life depends on it. I also carry an AR in my vehicle I am prepared for the worst. It’s ironic how people carry a concealed weapon and no extra mags I know if a fire fight breaks out most people will burn through their 6-12 rounds in a matter of moments. Always carry more then one mag I carry on me two extra mags and in my vehicle I have 300 rounds for the riffle and my Glock what’s nice is a Glock 21 mag will fit in the 30 unlike most weapons out there that take a specific magazine. Always be prepared one never knows when trouble is just around the corner.

~Charles Giles

Range Report: Glock 17 Vickers Tactical

Thanks for this thorough review. I have been considering a new Glock and frankly this one was not on my radar until I read this review. Nice job! I need to get my hands on one of these and if I like the grip/finish I definitely will buy one. Also, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the color of the Vickers Tactical model…. OD green never goes out of style! Thanks Again for another great review & keep up the good work!


Why You Need a Packable AR-15 Pistol for Your Vehicle

Thanks for this thorough review. I have been considering a new Glock and frankly this one was not on my radar until I read this review. Nice job! I need to get my hands on one of these and if I like the grip/finish I definitely will buy one. Also, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the color of the Vickers Tactical model…. OD green never goes out of style! Thanks Again for another great review & keep up the good work!

~Corey S.

Campus Carry Part II Kicks Off at Texas Community and Junior Colleges

Ever since Florida turned to “shall issue” CCW permits, the frightened sheep have bleated the myth of “the sky is falling.” To date, the anti gun NUTS have been sorely disappointed that law abiding CCW citizens have proven to be law abiding. Blood has not run in the streets. On campuses where qualified students are legally able to carry, no one has been shot. The fear has not resulted in the feared blood letting. Law abiding citizens are just that, law abiding, with or without their carry firearms. Shame on the sheep for giving in to to their irrational fears instead of using a modicum of intellect to see the reality of CCW.


Into the Mind: Lone Wolf Attacks


Your comment is misguided because you are referring to the deadly aspects of Islam as it is taught and practiced in the Middle East. However, the author is talking about the “radicalization” of otherwise ordinary “Westerners” here in the U.S.—there is a big difference.

This makes for a very distinct and unique problem unto itself. The term “radicalized” in this context almost exclusively refers to persons born and raised in the U.S. or other heavily Westernized cultures.

Therefore it is of particular concern, especially because most of these U.S. or Western radicals had to go out of their way to seek out their own indoctrinations. Even the Muslim families of these American-born would-be terrorist often reject their actions; thus creating the “Lone Wolf” aspect as mentioned in the title.

Moreover, at no point did the author state “mental instability” as a cause for you to refute, yet you did so anyway. Instead he mentioned how they may “rationalize” their thoughts, which then leads to terrorist desires and acts.

But again, he did this as it relates to Westerners that later become “radicalized”, whereas your mention of their “rationale” was strictly in reference to the full-blown Islamist who is raised from birth in the Middle East. So yet again, in lies another extremely big difference which places you off the mark.

But for you to claim under any circumstance that murder and terrorism is “not mental instability” or that it is somehow “perfectly rational” to Middle Easterners of Islamic faith is simply preposterous. Anyone willing to kill another outside of self-defense must be to some degree “mentally unstable”.

Even within their own culture, from my personal experiences visiting the Middle East I can unequivocally tell you there are millions of modern Muslims that disagree with your assessment and find these terrorists and radicals just as crazy as we do.


Into the Mind: Lone Wolf Attacks

Thank you for another great article Bob. I certainly agree that being vigilant and prepared, especially subconsciously, to deal with threats is paramount to stopping them. If you look outside nowadays, 99.9% of people are completely oblivious to their surroundings, mostly a result of their senses being focused on electronic devices. This of course, plays right into a lone wolf’s destructive plans. As a society, we have largely failed to learn any lessons from heinous terror attacks. The “it won’t happen to me” mindset still flourishes and anti-second amendment political agendas encourage this behavior. I find this terrifying.

But I digress… Your rationale makes me rethink my protection strategy, being a practicing CCP (holder for many years) who mostly carries small firearms (with 1-2 additional magazines), for fear of discovery (and comfort too, if I’m honest). I’m a slim guy and concealing something larger than a small firearm on my person is difficult, especially because it’s hot for 3/4 of the year where I reside. I’ve tried many different holster and alternative carry options, as long as they can be securely attached to my person/clothes and easily accessed. I won’t conceal carry my primary firearm off-body, such as in a satchel or backpack, for various reasons. I’m always open to new conceal carry suggestions.

You mention carrying a longer-range/higher power firearm in your vehicle. To me, this seems to be a legal grey area in many states, even for persons with a CCP, and in most states it is illegal to carry any type of loaded weapon, anywhere in your vehicle, if you don’t have a valid CCP. Even when transporting firearms on federal roads, it’s suggested that you separate all ammo from your firearm and store both in a separate, non-accessible locked container. This of course defeats the purpose of it’s intended use. I’m lucky in that my home state allows you to store a loaded concealed firearm within arms reach. However, I travel quite a bit up and down the east coast and being legally compliant is extremely difficult and a royal PITA. I welcome any tips or tricks. I prefer not to play the “they will never know that I have a loaded firearm in my car” game, because we all know Mr. Murphy likes to play games, when you least expect it, and he usually wins. Hopefully, national CCP reciprocity will pass, as this should reduce some of the inane legal requirements imposed when transporting and storing loaded firearms in vehicles, at least for CCP holders. I am certainly hopeful.

Thanks again and fight the good fight.


Why the Glock 23 Should be Your New Carry Gun

We could debate which has better stopping power all day. Me personally, I carry a 9mm. With all the new ammo on the market it’s really hard to say which has more stopping power. I personally keep mine loaded with either the civic duty or R.I.P. rounds from G2 Research and quite frankly, certainly would doubt that after the first hit, the attacker would keep coming. That is if they didn’t drop dead first!

~Mark C

D.C. Appeals Court Strikes Down ‘Good Reason’ Licensing Scheme

The real shame on the American people themselves is that the center of our freedom, the heart of our Republic, the keeper of our freedoms, the very core of our being, is the place where the the most anti-American rhetoric seems to be concentrated. The representatives we elect to send to this centerpiece of our government should be first in voice to fight and defend the Constitution that birthed our Republic, WE THE PEOPLE – are ultimately responsible for our own downfall by sending these anti-American people to our Senate and House of Representatives to represent us. WE THE PEOPLE need to send the right representatives to our Congress. If those we sent do not represent WE THE PEOPLE, then recall them, replace them with the Constitutionally based representatives we need to preserve our rights, not just the Second, but ALL of our freedoms that we voted on and attached to our great document. To all of the people, be part of your representative government, don’t be a bystander hoping things will work out for us. Support the candidates that will do the right thing. DONATE and work for the cause, get out of the watchers chair and be part of the force that will be our future.

~Bill W Koenig

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