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four black ELEY .22 LR cartridges

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Did Mass. AG Healey unlawfully overstep her constitutional authority?

I believe you have just validated my point. The appeal of gun control to the public is proliferated by emotional appeal. I’m sure you have heard the cries from the left “not one more” (referring to shootings). This is how the pro-gun control people garner support for more gun control. You say emotions are a simple byproduct of thought. That may be true. However, it is not a result of understood propositions necessarily. An emotion could be evoked by an occurrence where the cause or facts of the occurrence are not fully understood. While I believe many politicians calling for gun control may have a more nefarious reason for the control of guns, I believe the appeal for public support of gun control is based primarily on emotion.


Range Report: Glock’s Best Pistol — Glock 22

Most current analysis leans toward the .40 cal S&W chambering as one on the way out with most law enforcement agencies going back to 9MM or some other cartridge.
Personally I’d opt for one of the Glock 20 models for service issue or home defense; a G29 for carry where an open or concealed carry piece of smaller dimensions was required or a G40 for sport, hunting or specialized needs.
The 10MM will anything the .40 will do and can be downloaded to .40 levels. The 10MM series Glock’s can use .40 S&W barrels and magazines to allow a choice of .40 or 10MM.
In fact, the Glock 45ACP series can fire several different calibers with only a barrel and magazine swap.
I use the same principle with my G27. I can shoot it stock or with a 9MM barrel with only a barrel and mag change. The extractor and other part numbers are the same for both the G27 & the G26,
The FBI just let an 80+ mil dollar contract to switch back from the .40 to the 9MM. According to a career ICE agent relative, ICE is switching back to G19 (9MM) from their Sig Sauer .40 Cal after switching to the Sig from a Baretta 92 (9MM) just a few years ago. Many state, county and city police departments are doing the same as the .40 costs more to train with, still offers more recoil than allows fast follow up shots and some are comfortable with.
I just don’t see anyone getting excited about the .40 S&W anymore unless it’s just personal preference, in which case, I always support it.


Range Report: Glock’s Best Pistol — Glock 22

As a career law enforcement officer I’ve carried the Glock 22 and Glock 21 on duty. But, in my opinion, the best gun to carry off duty I prefer the Glock 23. If I could only have one gun, the Glock 23 would be it. However, having a spare 9mm barrel and mags would be a plus, just in case I ran out of . 40 cal ammo!


Did Mass. AG Healey unlawfully overstep her constitutional authority?

Everyone needs to watch “clinton cash” on you tube. Anyone working on their agenda needs to be removed from office. Her regime Is corrupt and the media is league with them. It is not just the dems. either. Lindsay Graham, mitt romney, john mccain and ted cruz are in league as well. They understand very clearly; that if they can split Us they can beat Us. God bless America!!!!


Did Mass. AG Healey unlawfully overstep her constitutional authority?

This visually handicapped Lady should get new glasses. I guess it is too difficult for her to comprehend the meaning of “Shall not be infringed She should bow to the wisdom of our founders. They obviously knew more than this short-sighted lady. I have never seen any effort to deprive law abiding citizens of their God given right to protect themselves and their family’s that did not cause a marked increase in crime and violence . Case in point,,,Look at Chicago where guns are nearly impossible for a citizen to own for their personal protection.listen to me Attorney General Maura Healey, First You are not as smart as the founding fathers of our great nation. Don’t you understand why the second amendment was added ? Heck,,Lady, It was put in to protect us law abiding citizens from people like YOU. Get over it ,,, You are wrong and if you force this garbage like law in force you will see your states crime rate go through the roof.Like Chicago, Then who will you blame.??Oh I guess you can blame Bush.

~richard b hennigh

Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control

@ Richard Hinton,

Good point. I pondered myself whether some over-zealous anti-gun prosecutor may try to use this on the average Joe to make an example. I was shocked to read some of the simplest of things they now consider as manufacturing. In just the past year I have done various works on my firearms which easily fall well within their new definition.

I suppose what spares us is their phrase – “In the business of…” But that handy hunting buddy always willing to tap new scope threads for a six-pack had better watch out now.


Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control

Can’t even pass a law to keep terrorists from buying guns. So why is anyone surprised that this administration is gonna look at every loophole possible to keeps guns out of the wrong hands. Even if it makes it harder for the good ones. Let’s grow up and talk compromise. Nobody is taking anybody’s guns. It’s outrageous to think that any gun law will lead to the impossible task of taking everyone’s guns.


NSSF Response to President Obama’s “Exaggerated Claim Based in No Real Statistics”

Our so called president, now notice, I did not capitalize president, as he is not worthy of the title or office.
Obama is a glory grabbing want-a-be dictator. He would like nothing more than to have all Americans disarmed so he and all his Democratic cronies could take over this Nation and run it with an iron fist, as is done in China and Russia, as well as, is done in Iran and Syria.
It is time for all Americans wake up and demand more of our Constitutional Rights be restored as our Founding Fathers entended them, not what Congressman or woman, Senator, and most of all, some Supreme Court Justice thinks they should be.
Wake up my Fellow Americans, and let’s take back Our Country. We can do it through our elections and by demanding it of our representatives.

~Jim Hester

Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control

@ RB,

You wrote:

“Let’s grow up and talk compromise. Nobody is taking anybody’s guns. It’s outrageous to think that any gun law will lead to the impossible task of taking everyone’s guns.”

I’m certain you would have offered the persecuted Jews the same bad advice in a 1930s Germany or the Australians during their 1996 mass confiscation. Even here in the U.S. your misguided words of wisdom would completely repulse the realities of those that experienced hundreds of their guns illegally confiscated during 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

And as I type this, your words are of little comfort to the thousands of citizens and veterans throughout the most draconian anti-gun states currently battling those governments for the return of their unlawfully confiscated firearms. It happens every day.



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  1. I recently decide to get back to shooting my .22 at our local range. I went to buy some .22 ammo and I couldnt believe! The prices. Whatever
    Happened to inexpensive .22 ammo. I used to buy this for an average of
    Around $1.50 for a box of 50.if they keep this up ,guns wont have to be confiscated they will just be to expensive to shoot!

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