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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Range Report: Smith and Wesson’s Easy Shooting M&P Shield .380 ACP

You are right about the .380. It is certainly better than nothing, but most I know regard it as the bare minimum in a fight. And, if it’s life or death it is always better to have more than the bare minimum. Even proper shot placement (which is always paramount) doesn’t necessarily stop the fight with a .380. I know of an off-duty officer (who was armed with a .380) who came face-to-face with an armed felon in bank holdup, and in their shoot out the officer hit the felon right in the ticker, but the felon kept fighting for a couple more minutes before he ran-off and finally collapsed. The officer (a true hero, in my book) was lucky enough to dodge the felon’s fire while keeping innocent bystanders from being hit, but he doesn’t carry a .380 anymore.


Preppers: Choose Your Weapons

RiIFLES: AK Hunter with scope mount 7.62×39, 75 round drum. DCM M1 Garand 30.06. M1 Carbine with under folding stock.SHOTGUNS:
12 ga pump, semi auto. 20 ga pump, side by side coach gun.HANDGUNS: .45acp, 9mm, . 38 Special, .357 magnum.

~Stewart C.

Preppers: Choose Your Weapons

I have a basic ATI 6 round pump shotgun, a single action revolver and rossi m92 both in 45LC, one caliber for 2 firearms, then have a springfield Xd9 4” and a springfield 1911, both are easy to find mags for and other accessories plus the Xd is also proven for reliability in all kinds of weather.

I also have an SKS yugo that can be used in a fight or to hunt, the ammo is very cheap and can bring down most animals you may encounter and ive heard of many people being able to take grizzlies with them and they can be made to take AKmagazines. Next on the list is something for a carry/pocket gun maybe a officer size 1911 to be able to share mags and ammo with the full size brother.
Consider when you have a bunch of guns and if you have to move, you will also need ammo for each, so to try and have multiple firearms that can share same ammo helps because ammo can end up weighing more then some of your guns.
Also maybe a good sog or kabar knife as well as a few multi tools, one of those knives that have compass and survival kit in it. A good supply of lighters and matches. Maybe a portable hatchet and folding saw.
To me the tools to get whatever you need where ever you are are more valuable then a bunch of food that can go bad.

As for a 22lr, id just get a nice single action revolver that comes with the 22lr and magnum cylender in maybe the 5.5”-6” barrel. And it may sound like i have to many firearms, but there is also a chance i might be with someone else when shtf and it is good to be able to provide them the ability to defend themselves.

Vehicles are good but rely on gas, oil and other fluids which can be tough to come by. As well as spare tires if you are in rough terrain.
I’d like to get into training and working with horses because when shtf, a horse can be a proven good source of mobility as well as a way to carry extra weight if need be.


ATF Starts Process to Outlaw Bump-Stocks — Act Now!

Once you give up one little thing it will never stop, it’s a lot learning to walk, you start out with baby steps and keep going! They know what they’re doing!

~Rodney Steward

ATF Starts Process to Outlaw Bump-Stocks — Act Now!

1. The term machine gun is a technical term commonly used to describe a type of firearm that is manufactured to be automatic with no select fire. The proposed change would change the entire classification to include semi-automatic firearms that have not inbuilt ability to fire in a fully automatic fashion and instead basis the classification on the abilities of the firearm owner

2. The cost associated with the proposal would be completely on the firearm owners and accessory manufactures in losses. Furthermore, in referring to #1, there would be no benefit as the effectiveness of such a device is solely dependant upon the ability of the user to operate said device and not the device itself.

3. As online business is a rapidly growing market that many employ, it is unreasonable to expect every retailer to invest time, effort, and funds where applicable to maintain such a presence as this would simply act as a burden on smaller retailers that do not have the presence as a foundation to start from

4. It is illogical to expect all owners and retailers of such proposed devices to follow such demand. As such those already on the market and in ownership would have to be grandfathered in to any such proposal or risk violating the 4th and 5th amendment rights of owners that are unaware of the change in classification

5. There is no possible implementation of the current proposal without the violation of multiple constitutional rights of owners and manufactures as well as any law abiding citizen.

~Adam Haynes

Preppers: Choose Your Weapons

Feel like I have most of your bases covered. Very good article & some great ideas/points along with some great comments. My selection:

2 AR’s, XD-9, 2 Glock .357 Sigs, 1911 .45 ACP, Remington 12g 870, Savage 10 .308. Collectively, several thousand rounds of ammo.

Need to improve water, MRE supplies, & survival gear.

~Brian C

Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months

King and Pierce Counties are bastions of liberalism, which may explain why the numbers have dropped the most in those places.

WA and OR anti-gun/gun control supporters have been watching CA and learning how far they can push things. Perhaps they have pushed them to the point where pro-gun people have given up on CCWs and chosen to seek simply keeping their basic rights. Though this is far from what James Madison and George Mason envisioned.


Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months

I used to live in Seattle in the early 1990’s, and obtained my CPL with no problems. Washington has become so very liberal that, even though I loved living in the Seattle area (more conservative Eastside back then), I am still perplexed by the ever-growing liberal culture. Either they were/are Boulder (Colorado) rejects, or Boulder is filled with Seattle rejects.

Back to the point. I think the general population have become apathetic “sheeple”: follow the crowd in ignorant bliss, until eaten by the predators. Many conservative “sheeple” have been beaten down so much, that they succumb to the liberal agendas. That is how the Left works, and so effectively.


Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months

I think it has a lot more to do with the influx of snowflake types – and their mind numbing effect on those that may be on the fence about supporting their Second Amendment rights. King and Pierce counties have the worst infestation. There has been a steady migration from the south up ere for several years. This has accelerated with the rise of tech companies – the industry draws millennial slackers like fruit flies. And they are not known to be NRA members, as a rule.
I was born here and have 63 years of watching how things develop around these parts. The human pollutants that have been streaming here make me want to puke. But the pendulum always swings both ways. This too will change.


Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months

Perhaps because gun owners realize that CWP’s are only valid until the government decides that they want our weapons, then the CWP’s become an address book for the government thugs to find the addresses of all gun owners.


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