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Galil Ace .308 rifle left side

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

5 Top Predator Rifles for 2017

Well, Shooter, as you will note from my comment that started this thread of discussion, I am not a varmint or predator hunter… for the pesky squirrels that insist on digging in my wife’s potted plants. Fact is, I haven’t really hunted any animals in the past 30 years. My love of firearms is simply that…..I collect them and every now and again, I get a few rounds downrange. I don’t chastise those who do hunt, whatever they may hunt, but for me, the desire just isn’t there anymore.


Should Employers Require Employees to Get a Carry Permit?

Puts me in mind of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors . . .

An armed society is a polite society.
Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.

Robert A. Heinlein


What Has Trump Done for Gun Owners in the First 100 Days?

Well there are a number of things to be considered most important of all that President Trump is not going to be a Dictator and Law Breaker like our former Muslim Terrorist President Obama and his minions Clinton, Lerner, Lynch, Holder, Johnson etc. etc. Therefore to get much of what needs to be done he needs a totally dysfunctional Congress and Government system to work with him which is unlikely unless Republicans get the stones to do away with the filibuster in both Houses of Congress. Once that hurdle as been cleared it should be fairly easy sailing despite the problems establishment Republicans will try to create to protect their individual empires. Trump is not the problem the rest of our dysfunctional government is.


What Has Trump Done for Gun Owners in the First 100 Days?

As I have observed in the responses to many subjects covered here, there appears to be a generally negative response to anything less than total and immediate victory.

For many of us living in dictatorships (CA, WA, NY, CT, MA, etc) we recognize that what has evolved over many more than just the past 8 years is not going to be solved overnight. We are still trying to get the left to accept that they lost the election… which should have told them something but which apparently fell on deaf ears.

The fact that Trump ditched the press dinner and spent his time with us tells me we still have a friend. It should be obvious that a POTUS always has far more on his plate to deal with than just our concerns.

We are a nation divided on many fronts… and that has been intentional. It has been the same tactic used by communist and socialist revolutionaries for many decades. Divide and conquer and they are still using it. When even members of our own party are willing to throw Trump under the bus rather than show a united front, we have problems beyond gun control.

I want to see a return to the 1950s when we kids could take our BB guns and .22s out any time we had our chores and homework done. A time when BB and pellet guns, blowguns, slingshots, and so on were not, as they are in CA, classified as firearms. (Can’t remember when the last bank was robbed using a slingshot, BB gun, or blowgun!)

For many in forums such as this, it may be hard for people to see that a POTUS has to wheel and deal, like it or not, to get anything done. Ronald Reagan learned the hard way that what he was able to accomplish in CA as governor he was not able to institute at the federal level, and he had political experience.

A House Divided Will Not Stand. Get on the ones like Ryan and let’s help Trump achieve his and our goals.

So, let’s “trust but verify” in the words of Ronald Reagan. Give Trump room to breathe but keep the 2nd up front in his mind.


What Has Trump Done for Gun Owners in the First 100 Days?

A law/or executive order that would criminalize any politician with 25years in prison for attempting to pass any anti-gun legislation It’s time to stop the stupidity of the left. We need to be more demanding about protecting our gun rights in this way. Time to take the gloves off!

~Sonny Weiss

Review: Galil ACE GAR1651.308 7.61×51 Rifle

I’m not to “Crazy” about the “Rounded” Forestock of the Galil ACE. I like the “Boxier” Forestock of the Galil SAR (R4) better. Do they still make them…


Criminals Strike Close to Home in Texas

@ Matt (You should read this thoroughly as there is a helpful life-lesson in it for you),

And so here you come again, frustrated to the point that you try to beat up the messenger just for offering you facts that you can’t dispute.

It is your own nasty habit that sets you up for a downfall because you tend to selfishly place your personal opinion on some pedestal above everyone else’s as if it held some value greater than the validity of the actual facts which you insist on remaining in denial about.

Simply put, when you try to argue against facts with nothing but your measly opinions, you will lose every time. But worse is when you try to be rude or sarcastic to the messenger of those facts – well, that just makes you look like a dick while still being the loser.

You should never make statements you can’t prove, and so you shouldn’t have written, “Said no FBI agent ever…” Not only could you never back that up with facts (as usual), but generally agents rarely come in contact with people that need such simple things explained to them. But since you’ve asked me, this is one federal agent that doesn’t mind breaking it down for you:

You asked me, “So you want armed citizens taking the law into their own hands?” My reply to you as a matter of fact and law (not opinion) – is that citizens don’t have to “take the law into their own hands” because it is already in their hands.

Therefore it is important for you to be mindful that asking me what I “want” will never have any bearing on the actual facts and law that protects a citizen’s right to make arrests. Likewise you are not at liberty to disagree because the facts and law renders you completely irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is that armed citizens already took the law into their own hands back in 1776 where it has remained constitutionally protected ever since. This is not hypothetical or metaphorical, this is a solid fact lawfully exercised by thousands of citizens on a daily bases.

Thereafter any authority we choose to give to the police for enforcing our laws comes from none other than the authority vested by “We the People”. Now then, here is where things become conceptually important for you to comprehend, so pay attention:

Whenever citizens bestow such power upon selected individuals (such as myself) to carry out law enforcement duties, it by no means would constitute a total transfer of that authority – because doing so would otherwise render every citizen powerless once again, and make 1776 pointless.

So to prevent that, the People have merely granted a revocable extension of our authority to law enforcers. But every citizen still retains all of their originating authority at all times; and thus may continue to exercise it individually at their own discretion as necessary.

The beauty of such a constitutionally protected right is that it allows you to cower hidden in your home if you so choose, while it equally allows others the right to act bravely to immediately prevent a crime in progress.

So just like our last conversation about the lead ammo, you again want to offer nothing but sarcastic personal opinion to argue with me as if I had something to do with the facts that are frustrating you so much. Such frustration has led to your misdirected disdain for me, when really it all stems from your inability to force everyone to cower in their homes during a crime or hunt and fish lead-free.

So I ask that in the future you please keep in mind that I am only the messenger of the facts, so stop being rude and acting like a troll just because you hate the facts which I have no control over


What Has Trump Done for Gun Owners in the First 100 Days?

Most of what you said just isn’t true. If you read it on Breitbart or some other RWNJ website, you can bet it’s usually wildly exaggerated or just plain untrue. When has Obama been caught lying on tape? “You can keep your doctor”, that’s the only one I know of. What others are there?


Boone & Crockett Club Releases Position Statement on Second Amendment

Seriously, the Boone and Crockett Club is ALL about hunting and wildlife conservation. Their reasoning is all that more acceptable because it isn’t about unfettered gun ownership that conspiracy buffs adhere to.

Boone and Crockett states their position as a wildlife conservation organization, which in my opinion gives them more credibility than arguments such as yours …..

~Robert Weiser

Boone & Crockett Club Releases Position Statement on Second Amendment

THE SECOND AMENDMENT ISN’T ABOUT SHOOTING FREAKING BAMBI AND THUMPER! The second amendment is there for defense against a tyrannical government and foreign invaders, maybe even home defense. But when the 2a was written, nearly everyone hunted for meat, there weren’t huge grocery stores sitting around full of food where you could go pick up some prepackaged refrigerated hamburgers. Hunting now is just a modern nicety made easier because of the 2a, very few people actually hunt to survive.

To say the 2a is only for hunting is dangerous for all other aspects of the second amendments intentions, The people have already been severely limited in what we can own by the government with no help from hunting only fudds who see no reason to own anything but a 26 inch long barreled shotgun and a Remington 700.


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  1. The second amendment to the Constitution was added before the signing of that document as a safeguard against our own government. It has had the serendipitous effect of making it very difficult to invade us, but that wasn’t the reason for it. If you would read the Federalist Papers, you will see the reasoning behind the first 10 amendments. They are all safeguards against government becoming tyranny. However, the second amendment is the insurance that the other nine will remain valid. It ensures that the other nine, and indeed, the entire Constitution can be enforced.

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