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R. Lee Ermey - the Gunny

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Goodbye to the Gunny — RIP 4.15.18

He will be sorely missed. At 66 I couldn’t wait for his show. If all Americans like him we would be so strong. My first night at boot I had to do 150 pushups for putting my hands in my pockets,. So scared I think I did 200. Alas I still put my hands in my pockets, lol. Rest in God’s arms till we see you again Gunny.


Lawmakers Regulate Firearm Accessory Manufacturer Out of Business

I don’t have a bump stock, but have friends and relatives that do. And, 100% of the people that I refer to ,have never shot anyone, so I don’t have a problem with the stock. We need criminal control. Just because I don’t use one, I do not have a problem with the legal use of these items. Any right that we give up, will gladly be taken by the liberal hand wringing gun grabbers. The 2nd amendment is for all of us, we better stick together.


Lawmakers Regulate Firearm Accessory Manufacturer Out of Business

Rock on mister 70’s Ops. You are correct, this younger generation has been educated by TV and video games. The parents seem to be persona-non- grata. So the snowflakes don’t seem educated enough to be more than sheep blowing in the wind. Like all the school kids walking out. Fail every single one of them. They are so stupid as to not understand that we have a constitution that made this country the greatest in the world. And it’s our freedom of speech and the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. And we also have a god given right to protect our family and property also. So all I say is we all order a slidefire and frame it just to meltdown all the damn snowflakes. Hoorraaahhhh !!!!!! ????????????????????

~Darryl McDonald

Lawmakers Regulate Firearm Accessory Manufacturer Out of Business

Nobody has explained to me how the Vegas shooter got 400 pounds of equipment into that building without being questioned. And nobody has explained how he removed the windows, which weighed several hundred pounds, without anyone suspecting or hearing anything. The whole thing is either a massive failure of security or the guy had help, or both. If you really think about it, the incident just doesn’t make sense on several levels. And then you have the ATF, who deemed bump stocks legal, then later changed their minds. I guess their word means nothing, and anything can be changed on a whim. Something stinks here and it doesn’t add up.


Review: Coonans Hard Hitting .357 Magnum 1911

I have owned a Coonan Classic for several years now and I really like the gun. It can be a handful but practice helps a lot. I did chronograph the Buffalo Bore 19D loads (125 gr HP) over a Master Beta chrony and they turned in 1790+ fps consistently. These same loads shot through a Dan Wesson 6″ revolver at a little over 1500 fps (same day/temp/enviro) so there is ample evidence that the cylinder gap does cause a significant loss in velocity. Even though I had the chrony set up at 12′ the muzzle blast did manage to blow the nearest sunscreen off twice. Didn’t even have that problem with my 300 WSM. I can only imagine what it would look like at night. Not good for your night vision, I’m sure.

~Paul M

Review: Coonans Hard Hitting .357 Magnum 1911

I have always loved the 357 magnum and have owned several different revolvers . I first saw the Coonan advertised and fell in love with the thought of a 1911 357 magnum . I researched its history and after much deliberation I bought one . I waited while they built it (14 months ) and the wait was not in vain . It is a beautiful gun to behold ,now to the good part . Once you fire it you will love it the recoil is minimal compared to the load you are shooting . I have shot every load of 357 I could shoot through it not one hiccup or FTF ever.

~Coonan Fan

Snub Nose Magnum Revolvers — Unequivocal

I’d maybe give this to you on sand/mud torture tests, although no gun is immune to such conditions and very few perform well. The revolver is king in the draw/empty without malfunction. There are just so many fewer variables when compared to any semi auto. Imperfect draw, limp wristing, pushing out of battery, defective ammo, magazines, cycling obstructions, clogging… The revolver is nearly immune to these conditions when compared to the semi auto. The recover is much easier to deem reliable and simpler to use. They aren’t really simple mechanisms, but are simple to operate. The main disadvantage of the carry revolver is capacity/reloading. Statistically a non issue in most confrontations but it’s a clear disadvantage. I carried a taurus 605 with shrouded hammer with a clip draw attached successfully for years working construction, and will buy a Smith 649 eventually to replace it cause there’s few things as effective/thoughtless. That said, I do like to shoot/carry autos and would prefer a reliable full size double stack in an armed confrontation.


Scope Eye — Optical v. Functional Eye Relief

I agree with Sam that you should have the skill to shoot an animal within 150 yards. But, open sites for people like me, with far and near sighted eye problems are difficult to use. I am unable to focus on the front and rear sites at the same time and still see the target.

So for me, open sites are mostly a best guess shot. That is why I was very happy that some states allow one power or red dot scopes on muzzle loaders. This allowed me to have the same shooting level as someone with good eyesight.

My brother was hit in the eye with the 3X9 scope on my 30-06 rifle. He had only used open sites and had never used a scope before. But, we did not think that he would get a clean shot with his 30-30 with open sites at a deer that required a 45 degree upward shot with his gun based on the visual distance to the deer.
He chocked up on the scope like you would do with binoculars. Maybe he could have gotten away without getting hurt, if it had been a horizontal shot. Needless to say, that our hunt ended with that shot. And, luckily he missed the deer.

Until that accident, I had never heard that your scope could hit you in the eye. With my current knowledge, that accident could have been avoided. He took five minutes to take the shot, since he had difficulty is using the scope–plenty of time to see that he was at risk of scope recoil.

I bought three rifle scopes last year. I wish that I could have read the above article before making those purchases. Now I have to look at all three guns and determine if the scopes need to be remounted, and how safe they are to shoot.

~B Hansen

Scope Eye — Optical v. Functional Eye Relief

Thank you for a informative article written in a way that even a beginner can easily understand.I’ve been shooting for over 50 years and I learned a few things from your story.

Sam’s elitist comment about learning to shoot with an iron sight is just what we don’t need.Some people are not gifted with perfect eyesight and are manor woman enough to admit a scope will ensure a clean shot on target or a humane kill.Leave your ego out of the shooting sports and try to help those that need it.Our sport is in serious trouble from the morons who think a gun free country is a safe country!

Thanks again Ron for a great article!

~James Gordon

Goodbye to the Gunny — RIP 4.15.18

I never served in the military but I’m proud and honored to know that men and women like Gunny served and died to protect the rights of us all. He was the perfect spokesman for the rights of free, gun owning men and women everywhere. Let’s continue the fight,

for Gunny Lee

~Terry Wright

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