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Two boxes of Buffalo Bore Ammunition

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Video: Fired for Your Firearm — Do You Have any Options?

Are you a member of the NRA? They have a legal help policy for members that are being railroaded by inaccurate law enforcement.

If you are a member I would contact them immediately! If you’re not a member, it still wouldn’t hurt to contact them.

Maybe after the BIG retirement payout to the president of the NRA of I “believe” was over five million dollars, which seemed to tick off many members; that they MAY be willing to try to help you out in hopes of gaining new members, or trying to get old members back by using YOUR case as basicly advertisement.
Either way it may help you out, regardless of the Reason they use to do it.


Buffalo Bore Ammunition

I have chronographed Buffalo Bore’s 19D load (125 gr HP 357 Mag) out of my Coonan Classic at 1800 fps which equals appx 880 ft/lbs of energy. It will get your attention and I certainly wouldn’t want to shoot a steady diet of this load but it is impressive. All I can attribute this velocity to is the fact that there is no pressure loss due to the cylinder/barrel gap but it makes me wonder if the pressures are safe. I sure hope so! It is accurate and flat shooting for a handgun. Blew my front sight off. Twice.

~Paul Morris

Review: Blackhawk Omnivore — One Holster Fits 150+ Guns!

I love the Blackhawk Serpa holster. It seemed so instinctive to draw with my finger fully extended, that it was hard for me to understand why someone would want to “push” the button with the tip of their finger. I’m glad the author included the term “negligent discharge” regarding this rather than “accidental discharge”.


NRA: No Second-Guessing the Second Amendment

I agree with what you say on principle, that firearms ownership preceded joining the militia. But also I believe the concept of “militia” predates the invention of firearms by millennia. Militia being an ad hoc band of citizens of a locality, formed to defend against an outside threat. As opposed to a standing army which exists even in peaceful times when no immediate need for an armed force exists.

Clubs, knives, spears, bows, crossbows, and firearms, in succession, have served as militia weapons.

~Mike Watkins

NRA: No Second-Guessing the Second Amendment

When I was in School and learning about the growth of the United States of America, I was taught the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the unadulterated meanings of the words contained. WHO gave the political “geniuses” the right to twist meanings and words to suit their agenda? WHO is sitting on their haunches allowing this to happen ?? DRAIN THE SWAMP and get rid of the greedy and power mongers that are attempting a take over. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA !!!


Review: Blackhawk Omnivore — One Holster Fits 150+ Guns!

I own an Omnivore holster and like the concept a lot. I was able to switch between my 1911 and my Springfield Xdm without adjusting the holster. I like the easy of operation for the release button and really appreciate the adjustable height of the release

I did not like the quality of the holster attachment options. They are made of plastic and the on the belt attachment was cheaply made. It broke after a few hours if use. The paddle attachment is also cheaply made and did not keep the holster securely attached to my belt.

I suggest purchasing a Blackhawk M-Lok belt attachment as gives a stronger attachment point for your belt.


NRA: No Second-Guessing the Second Amendment

‘1. read Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ [Jan 1776] and its affect on the 2nd Continental Congress [we were at war with GB since Apr 1775 but still considered ourselves British]
2. Jun, 1776 the 2CC selected a committee including Ben Franklin, John Adams and young whippersnapper named Thomas Jefferson [33 at the time]
3. the task to write the Declaration of Independence fell upon Jefferson…he ‘borrowed’ concepts from John Locke, Jean Rousseau and Baron de Montesque about a new radical concept called the Social Contract i[also elaborated upon in ‘Common Sense’]…ultimate authority for government comes from the people [individuals not the state] and the people give up some of their individual rights to the government in exchange for the absolute protection of individual Life, Liberty and Property [Locke’s words] or Pursuit of Happiness [Jefferson’s words]
4. The Declaration of Independence IS the Social Contract; and the government violated the contract repeatedly [para 2] and therefore had no authority to govern the People [read it, don’t assume you know it]
5. when the Constitution was written some 12 years later [the Ultimate law not ordinary law] and ratified by 3/4’s of the State governments [closest to the people] an immediate argument began by the Anti-Federalists. They could not believe that there was no Bill of Rights….rights that protect the people, the individual, from an abusive central government.
6. the Federalists countered with the Federalist Papers [read them]
7. James Madison [the Father of the Constitution] finally agreed the first order of business by the 1st Congress of the US was to write the Bill of Rights, the 1st ten amendments to the Constitution, which guaranteed the rights of the people protected from a potentially tyrannical government…our Social Contract…the 2nd Amendment IS and individual right.

Read…case closed…revisionist history is a fable

Also, every officer of the United States and the of the 50 states take an oath to the Constitution…everyone who took this oath [all executive [police], legislative and judicial officers] are bound by this sacred oath to the people that they serve…’to support and defend the Constitution of the United States…’

Infringement of these rights is a clear violation of the oath to the people whom the government serve and protect.


Don’t Buy a Pink Gun Before Reading This

I purchased my first handgun (pink .22 Taurus) because I thought it was cute. Later.. came to find out worse purchase of my life. This site could not be a better eye opener for ladies out there! I since then have purchased SEVERAL beautiful guns but learned that quality is definitely a necessary more than color. My recent colorful purchase was a Tiffany Blue .308 Walther! I love this gun and so far it has made me very happy! So do some homework before purchasing a gun because its “pretty”!


President Trump to Speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

I’m a bit curious….. Did you complain about this when Obama was in office? Did you forget our national debt more than doubled in 8 years? Did you forget Obama as a whole spent much more than this every time he took a trip most places. I could go on, but I won’t waste anymore of my time. Have a good day!


Accuracy, Consistency, Reliability — American Eagle Announces New Loads!


I use American Eagle as my FMJ for range use and the FEDERAL HST as my self defense round. Being as they are both the same MANUFACTURER could we get a similar round to the HST in American Eagle in the 9 mm 147 Gr. ?

~Arthur L Brown Sr.

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