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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

If Wells Fargo caves, military credit unions like Pentagon FCU and Navy FCU (the largest cu in the U.S.) should step up to the plate and make the loans.

~Don P

Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

Its a slippery slope… What about Wells Fargo losing EVERY gun owners account for regular banking, mortgages, credit cards and all other banking services. Now that would probably hurt more than losing the Teachers I would think. So Wells Fargo… think twice!!! WE GUN OWNERS CAN STOP THIS NEW ANTI-GUN TREND. WE (all of us gun owners) must stick together and show the corporations to don’t tread on us!!!

~Richard Martinez

Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

Shut up cry baby. It will never happen. Keep whining about your dad life as a libtard because you can not change anything. The 2nd amendment is here to stay and most of the liberal moves will be overturned once Trump puts another conservative in SCOTUS. So get over yourself, you represent nothing. You don’t give a shot about those kids, if you cared even a little, you and your ilk would be furious about the thousands of kids killed because of texting and driving. The amount hurt or killed by guns is so small compared to that or any other way our kids and teens are killed. So get off your high horse.

~Joe V

Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

I’ve already closed my Sears Cards because they’re issued by Citi Bank and their recent decision on financing and as far as Wells Fargo goes I can close my accounts there. I’ve had accounts there over 20 years but I’m sure I can find a friendly bank.

~chuck anderson

Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

I don’t understand why the NRA is getting bad press. Drug companies kill more people and ruin more people’s lives with addiction than any other industry that has multiple lobbyists heading up their interest. Where is all the protesters and businesses against them. The NRA doesn’t kill, and lobbies to protect our rights to protect ourselves. The NRA helps schools and local police prevent school shootings by establishing safety zones and identifying areas on the grounds that cannot be seen on surveillance. The NRA promotes safety classes for gun owners. Do drug companies do anything for the people addicted to their drugs??

~Athena Kozanitis

Review: Springfield M1A — When a .223 Just Won’t Do

I first fired a M-14 in ’64 at Fort Ord, Claifornia for Army basic training. The maximum effective range was being reduced from 500 yards to 460 meters as we were going metric at the time. The M-16 which followed had to have the same effective range or their may have been political fallout preventing the new M-16 from being adopted. The M-14 I had was magic, it hit all the long range targets, but somehow missed a few up close. It inspired a lot of confidence. Later in ’66 at Fort Benning I fired the M-14A1, a full automatic with a pistol grip stock a fold down foregrip, bipod, muzzle brake. It had a effective range of 700 Meters (Might have been yards, Mr. Memory is AWOL) All done with open sights (Hard to see a man standing still at 500 yards) anyway the qualification was touchy as you had to make magazine changes under time pressure, that was hard.

I love the M-14 and would likely love a M1A. I do have AR-10’s though.


Pro-Athlete Marksmanship Training

Several of the earlier photos show an awful lot of finger inside the trigger guard. Trainers today strongly advocate using the center of the finger pad before the first joint.


Pro-Athlete Marksmanship Training

I like to incorporate my natural pointing ability into my dry fire routine. I holster the empty pistol, look at a target roughly in front of me, close my eyes and while their closed I take the pistol from its holster and point it at the target I picked out. I am usually very close to where I expected to be. Again, this is just part of my routine, everyone has a natural pointing ability, you just need to exploit it!


Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

I am a teacher and this kind of thing is why I don’t join national teachers associations. Our school district just approved a shooting club in our high school. I teach archery in P.E. We do not have locks on our lockers at school. Most of the homes in our community have gun cabinets full of guns. The young people here are taught the value of hard work, respect, and proper values. The AFT does not share the same opinion as this teacher. Maybe what this nation needs is responsible teachers who carry at school and proper values taught in the home.


Review: Springfield M1A — When a .223 Just Won’t Do

Love my standard M1A with bird cage flash hider and bayonet lug (Cultural Essential). Know how to use it, got the basic training trophy to prove it. This M1A configuration is basically an M-14 Battle Rifle. The M-14E2 version has the automatic sear attachment and selector. Fairly worthless unless pray and spray is your objective. Iron sights are enough out to 400 yards, the handguard rail and the single screw side mount rail are only good for less than you would desire in terms of accuracy. Assault Rifles like M4, AK47 are less useful beyond 200 yards than the M1A. When you get older the 7.62×51 has too much recoil. I have gone to 6mm Creedmoor (6CM), tremendous accuracy and recoil is low enough to spot your our own rounds head down in the glass and dynamically reengage as required. Supersonic past 1300 yards, the recoil factor makes it better than 6.5CM. I asked Springfield if they have any plans to add off caliber barrel options to their system. They said NO. Too bad an M1A format in 6CM with a solid two point rail attachment would be awesome. 6CM is good for large deer out to 450 yards, with a 105-grain bullet, better than a 243W.

~Phantom 30

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