Reader Comments of the Week — April 14, 2018

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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion. Town Crier Cartoon

Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months I moved from Western Washington to Idaho 11 years ago. Although I had other valid reasons the gun laws made the move easier. Since then I bought 3 NFA firearms. One doesn’t need a CWP in Idaho, although I do have one just to speed up gun purchases. Idaho believes in individual gun rights and I am just 57 miles from Washington.


Throwback Thursday—Shooting Steel Cased Ammo In Your AR-15 Steel case are fine to shoot. The problem is the ammo is dirty. The Ar chamber will foul up faster than using brass case. I clean well after i shoot steel. Another mistake is trying to shoot brass after shooting several hundred rds of steel. they tend to hang up from the sludge ,,one more thing is to avoid shooting steel case in the wylde chambering, the tolerance is a bit tighter than a 5.56 std ~Berto

Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months Pure stupidity, if you think more anti gun laws will keep you safe, take a look at Chicago. Chicago has so many gun laws on the books, but they have more shootings than most major cities in America. Law abiding gun owners are not the ones involved in these shootings. Criminals don’t give a damn about all of your feel good gun laws, they don’t follow the law.


Throwback Thursday: Six Visual Distress Signals All good information. Your daypack should also contain some type of cordage like 550 paracord. Mine also has a few feet of of wire, like stovepipe wire or bailing wire, and a large bright bandana that can be used for signaling. The Mylar emergency blankets don’t take up much room either.


Gun Control Senator Sentenced for Trafficking Arms Yeah, and 3 days before the SHARE Act was supposed to be put to vote, the Las Vegas shooting occurred. 45 minutes later, before anyone outside of the LVPD knew what weapons were used, Hillary tweeted, “…Imagine how many more people would’ve died if the shooter had used a suppressor.” Coincidence? I think not! ~KN

Range Report: Springfield TRP 1911 I bought 3 trp’s and use for daily carry. They go for a little North of 1000 and Pro model North of 2000. I can’t say how much I enjoy mine. Truly enjoyable to shoot. Even the +p. If in the market for 1911 spend the extra couple of hundred dollars ~Kevin Wimer

Throwback Thursday: Six Visual Distress Signals Two things regarding content of emergency kit: Note “paper and pen”, paper and PENCIL is better. Water (rain, snow, dew) will make the ink run and become unreadable. Pencil writing will survive the wet. An excellent reflector can be obtained from old computer hard drives. Disassemble them and take out the incredibly shiny platter(s). They’re the right size, light, durable, and have a hole in the center already.


Washington State Loses 11,000 Carry Licenses in Four Months My guess is it has more to do with marijuana than anything else. If you look at the Washington state permit application – the dreaded weed questions pops up at #5. My guess is that most folks are still carrying concealed, they are no longer renewing their permit since the state legalized marijuana to avoid answering the question.


Range Report: Springfield TRP 1911 My Springfield TRP is back from when they first came out. Followed shortly by my Springfield M1A. Now 10 rifles later and 8 pistols later the two Springfields are still my favorite and I still have both of them. I guess it was a foolish search to find something better.


5 Top Predator Rifles for 2017 I to agree the Abolt II Varmint Boss should be and stay at the Top of the List.

~Larry Hinricksen

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