Reader Comments of the Week — April 1, 2017

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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Range Report: Ruger’s Rugged GP100 Goes Big Bore

DEPLORABLE ROBERT, I had a similar situation when I wanted a big .44 or .45 cal revolver. After looking at all the data on factory loads for the .44 mag and the .454 Casull, I got a Super Red Hawk Ruger in .454 Casull. That gives me the ability to shoot .45 Long Colt Cowboy loads all the way up to .454 Magnums at 2,000+ foot lbs of energy. There is even a .44 Mag level load at 1100 FPS and 900 foot lbs of energy in .454 Casull. If you wanted a shorter barrel then 7.5 inches get the Ruger Alaskan maybe.


Stevens Arms: Legendary Firearms Company

I purchased a Stevens stage coach 12 gauge at a recent gun show. It is a model 311 H series…supposedly open choke and has 19 inch barrels. Did Stevens make such a gun or has this been altered?

~Margin Daniels

Last to Call, First to Jail — Criminals Lie

The weapon is the last thing the bad guy should see before he is being shot. In other words, only as a last result. Just walk away. If you can not walk away, that changes things, but the weapon is a very last resort. The only time to display a weapon is prior to being fired. If you have to display it, then your life is in danger. No other time.

~Bob W

223 Rem vs 5.56: An Exhaustive Review

Years ago, I purchased a new Ruger mini 14, It is an early model with a very low serial # and stainless steel hardware. I n the manual that came with it, it specifically states that it is chambered for both 223, and 5.56 rounds. It shoots both 223 & 5.56 with no problems. Maybe the later models specs are different.

~Mike Casselman

Review: Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 .22

I purchased one of these rifles about six years ago when 22 rim fire ammo could not be found. I have enjoyed shooting it but be advised it is very heavy to carry around even with a sling. Also, shoot it about 20 times and you will probably be done for a while as cocking takes some effort. I have not found mine to be as accurate and consistent in shot placement as the author. And I’m constantly tinkering with scope adjustment. However, downrange power is very impressive. At 25 yards it tears thru both sides of a Campbell’s tomato soup can like it isn’t even there. And that’s also a good indication of the off hand accuracy I achieve. It really can’t be compared to even a mediocre PCP but for the price you just can’t beat it. I’m glad I bought one. It’s tons of cheap fun and I’ve had no mechanical issues after thousands of rounds.


4th Circuit Court of Appeals Trying to Kill the Second Amendment?

I resided in Maryland, “The Free State”, from 1977 to 1981, and I grudgingly went along with the waiting periods for purchase of firearms as well as the nutty restrictions on what one could do with them. Fortunately in 1981 I received orders posting me to Fort Hood, Texas, and found just how delightful it could be to live in a truly free state. Now, having said that, back in 1981, even Texas had some silly laws dealing with firearms, but it was certainly much freer than Maryland. Now, as a permanent Texas resident I gleefully do pretty much what I wish with regard to my collection of firearms, as we move toward an even freer constitutional carry bill moving through the legislature.


The Next Heller Case? Wilson v. Cook County Goes to Trial

Although many lawyers are not our friends, it is the politicians who truly are our enemies. Whether gun owners sue or not, politicians will keep taking bites out of our rights. All that will happen if we follow your advice is that we will allow any and every stupid law to stand. There will be nothing left far faster than if we win some on the way.


Last to Call, First to Jail — Criminals Lie

I do like that this incident is shared with your members, but each state has different laws or a local ordnance that can’t easily be known. As a CCW holder we have a duty to remember that just because we carry a gun we also have a duty to verbally diffuse or simply walk away. We also have a duty to report anything regardless of outcome which is clearly evident in this case. Had Scott called 911 to report the incident 99.9% chance he would not have been arrested. 2ndly folks just because you carry a gun, you never brandish or expose it to diffuse, that’s about as foolish as it gets. Now you have advertised you have a gun and now if I am a bad guy either up the ante by getting to my gun first or bluff to put your guard down and then I make the final assault, take your own gun from you and use it upon you. Foolish behavior and thought to ever show your capabilities, your gun should only be see when you draw it to take care of business. 3rdly Scott needs way more training on CCW, Tactics, Techniques & law. Sadly he isn’t alone, many people are just not prepared physically or mentally to carry a gun. Training Training Training will always be our friend in a stressful situation. Not every scenarios provides a green light that comes on clearly justifying any kind of gun use. This scenario is very vague and not a complete reenactment with language used by the original aggressors, does open up thought process and discussions.


Honor Defense Announces “All-American & All You Need” Consumer Promotion


Unfortunately, no matter how motivated I might be to buy American, here in the Peepuls Republik of Kallyforniya we won’t be able to buy it unless it has all the “safety” features that the Peepuls Republik demands of pistols. Also doesn’t have “micro stamping”. I wonder why? Could it be that “micro stamping” doesn’t really exist, despite what IKamala Harris decreed while Mouthpiece General for the state on her way to becoming U.S. senator from Kallyforniya? Sorry for the political rant. I’m feeling sorry for myself trapped here behind enemy lines.


Unintentional Firearms Deaths Down by Double Digits

The #1 comment from Arthur is #1! Work with your children and grandchildren! That is where our future lies! My 5 year old grandson knows that even though all those guns are very interesting, he does not touch unless Dad or Grandpa are working with him!

~Dana Griffin

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