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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Lessons From Bloomberg—the Face of Gun Control—Who Admits He Deceives

Anyone who is still capable of critical thinking and asking critical questions understands that Bloomberg, Soros and their ilk have a much deeper agenda. They seek total control of our society, and they know that cannot be accomplished if our society is well armed. History teaches that any attempt at total control MUST begin by disarming the masses. Our guns pose what they consider an unacceptable threat to their total control of our society. Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control.


The Fantastic .45 ACP: Five Inexpensive 1911 Alternatives

I absolutely trust and can solemnly rely upon my FNP-45 Competition Model. Unbelievable 15 .45 ACP’s on board (15+1) and a red dot if I so choose. The competition model was the first with a pre-drilled piece of the slide that could be removed and a red dot installed. There are a few places that will make a gorgeous holster for this firearm with/without the red dot. they will even make the holster able to carry the FNP with a red dot AND a L/L mounted on the rail. (Dara holsters is one)


You Make the Call: Gun-Phobic Professor Quits Over Campus Carry

None of the CCW holders I know or trained with have taken “professional handgun fighting courses” other than the meager 6 hour classroom and paper target training that was required by the state.

Our LEO instructor was careful to caution everyone against thinking we could act as if we are LEO.


Federal Releases New Personal Defense HST Load in .38 SPL +P

Reminds me a lot of the old .38 hydro-shok rounds. I still have have a few of those rounds rolling around in a big box that I used to keep boxes of ammo in. They were given to me by an uncle of mine that was a deputy sheriff about 35 years ago. I wonder if they would still have enough potency to penetrate a target at 50 yards?


Tiny 9mm Pocket Pistols

I see this is a few years old so I’m not surprised to see that the Sig Sauer P938 is not included. I find it to be a very concealable and reliable gun based on the popular P238 pistol. I had a M&P Shield but I like the Sig better as it is more like a 1911. Perhaps an updated article would be good to see the evolution of the “micro” carry guns available now.


The All-Around Soviet Rifle — The SKS

Again many thanks for your help and info!!! I originally bought the rifle as a wall hanger for my “man cave” and did bare minimal to clean it…because of lack of knowledge and not really wanting to use it as a shooter. So I put it away and more or less forgot about other than pulling it out and wiping it down occasionally. After reading this article reminded me about it and I should finish the cleaning job. Thanks to you, now I know how to do it ,I have to get some kerosene and finish the job. I don’t remember any paperwork whatsoever being included with the rifle….I bought it sometime late 80s or early 90s. That should tell you how important it was for me to “Get’ Er Done”. I seriously wish I had bought more of them NOW. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I am going nearly blind. Thank you for info, time, and help. After posting earlier I took CW3Charlie’s advice and do a little research…..One thing that is going on that is creating A LOT of confusion is does the MILITARY (NOT NORINCO) SKS fit into the BATF C&R category…. The answer is YES and NO….First it has to be 50 years or older and there are other things that go with it being considered/listed as a C&R firearm. Here is another link for info for the owners of SKS’s This guy does have A LOT of info on them and other weapons: Thank you again and I can’t thank you enough…I hope you will consider the link here and others elsewhere as a form of payback, if you did or did not know of them, I hope you will find them perhaps, at least somewhat interesting and of use. All the best and thank you again.


Range Report: The Classic Bolt Guns — Mauser, Enfield, and Springfield

Always been a turn-bolt fan. And like the author of this article, I too, love to see these ‘old war horses’ in original condition, rather that butchered up and so-called, ‘sporterized.’ The article as great as it was, completely ignored another ‘great’ military turn-bolt, the Moisen-Gnant 91/30. Have used various configurations in both hunting and combat situations, with a few exceptions, they were accurate at 100 meters & beyond. Have also used the ‘short rifle’ versions too, the latest being the Chinese version.

~Dark Angel

You Make the Call: Gun-Phobic Professor Quits Over Campus Carry

@ J W,

It will never matter what the students being brainwashed at liberal universities think in regard to concealed carry. Such a suggestion is an incredibly silly notion as it would be quite illegal to enforce should it win in a binding-vote.

A student’s ability to vote on school issues is allowed by universities for educational purposes only. It is presumably to educate students as to how government should function in the real world, and implemented through a process designed to affect the students with minimal consequences.

With that said, a reasonable person understands why it would be outrageously irresponsible to even consider allowing a fleeting group of students to make such life or death decisions for the entire campus; which incidentally is filled with far more employees, contactors, and visitors than the students alone.

The only reason these schools think they have the authority to ban guns to begin with is due to the misguided governmental authorities over those regions which have created laws to allow it. But even those laws are being knocked off one by one as they lose in the Supreme Court.

More on the specific illegality of such a student vote: The right to carry has already been put to a vote and won ratification as the Second Amendment back in 1791. The Supremacy Clause prevents any subordinate government from overriding this Amendment.

Even though some governments ignore this, the aforementioned enforcement of that ratification has become painfully evident to the various liberal governments once challenged in the Supreme Court. I imagine many more of these illegal laws will continue to fall now that the Supreme Court is being restored with justices that actually believe in defending the Constitution as it was intended.

So it should go without saying just how insignificant and illegal such a non-government vote by mere university students would be viewed in the eyes of any court. Thus explains why even the most liberal of universities would never dare consider it; and silly that you even mentioned it.


Review: Magpul X-22 Backpacker Ruger 10/22 Takedown Stock

Huggy, Just an FYI, Ruger is currently making an integrated suppressor for the “Take Down 10-22″. Go to and check them out. There are many numerous kits available for the Ruger 10-22. anything from an AR-15/AK-47 to the .30M-1 Carbine, to the M-1 Garand, and more. I have not seen the Magpul stock until now. While I like the storage it has, I feel it is inadequate. I do like it better than the Henry and I do feel the Henry’s are WAAAAAAAYYYYYY over priced. I did not have the money at the time back when they were the AR-7 and readily available for around $80.00 USD. I did not care for the barrel not having a fore stock and the small magazine….and the hard to find replacement magazines. I have some old Ram-Line 30 round magazines that are maybe HALF the size or so ….maybe smaller, than the current 25 round magazines. They also snap together and a bit of duct tape insures they stay together. I have a regular 10-22 I bought many years ago, long before the Take Down came out. IF the Take Down had been available at the time I purchased my 10-22, I would have bought it instead. I have my own ideas ( and I am QUITE SURE everyone else has their own ) on what I would like in a Take Down version stock to make a great survival weapon…..AT a reasonable cost…..ESPECIALLY now that we have 3D printers at reasonable prices, and build our own and no doubt beat the prices that some manufacturers are asking. Manufacturers better start realizing that…..THAT IS if they want to make and sell such products to consumers…….If you have a 3D printer or access to one, you can make/build your own custom stock made to your specifications…… think about it….


The Riot Gun

Just bought an 18″ Mossberg 930 for home protection only. With my RA and other physical problems with my hands, I figured that with 8 shots from my semi auto shotgun, if that doesn’t take care of the problem I’m done anyhow.
Did get some ideas on loads from this article.
Mick 7


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