Reader Comments of the Week — May 26, 2018

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Academia: Seeker of Truth or Agent of Gun Control

Studies prove that “a vast majority” of Americans, including gun owners, support stricter gun control.

Studies show that “a vast majority” of Americans agree evil black rifles should be banned.

Studies show that “a vast majority” of Americans will vote for Hillary Clinton.

Whenever I hear “vast majority”, I know the study is BS, and the person who’s orifice it is coming out of is full of it.


Ruger CEO Fires Back Against ‘Gun Safety’ Advocates

The Second Amendment exists for only one reason.
To defend ourselves from the tyranny of government. Nothing else.
No citizen needs a permit from the government for that


Review: Ruger American Rimfire

My favorite .22 rifles are: Anschütz 1700 and 1422D. I am also fond of my Ruger 77/22, and three 10/22 for fun plinking. What every ammo you use in any of these rifles determines the accuracy you get. For the best result, I like the standard velocity.

~Ben Cardenas

NRA Sues New York Governor Cuomo & New York

NRA members must stand as one. I’ve stopped going into Dick’s Sporting Goods and Starbucks to name a few. Dick’s down here in Florida are having a bad time of it trying to stay afloat. Why they went anti-NRA is beyond me, but so be it.

NRA members buy goods. Alot of goods. Together we can topple the anti-gun support crowd.

….”From my cold, dead hands.”


Review: Springfield 911 .380 ACP

I just bought 2 Ruger LC9’s, one for the wife and one for myself. I have never been a Ruger handgun fan but these are sweet. Light weight, flat, compact, and shoot very well!! ! I am a retired Cop and carried the gamete of handguns over the years and these little Rugers are one of my favorites!!! To the gentleman with the wife with strength problems, I suggest an Air weight S&W Chief Special. Light weight and goes bang every time you pull the trigger.


Ruger CEO Fires Back Against ‘Gun Safety’ Advocates

They don’t WANT to make money from their investment, they want the ability to make noise. The law requires that ALL shareholders in a company, not only have a right to attend the Annual Shareholders meeting, but have the ability to put forth motions. So, they buy ONE share and they are “good to go” in what they want to do, disrupt, annoy and get publicity.


Review: Springfield 911 .380 ACP

The SA 911 and the Sig .380 are product-improved clones of the Colt Mustang Pocketlite. I have an original one of these. The specs for all three are almost identical. The biggest difference is that the Mustang has teeny-tiny sights that are difficult to pick up no matter the lighting conditions. For that reason alone the SA and Sig are superior. Don’t think you need good sights on a pocket pistol? Yes you do.

~Kaniksu Kidd

NRA Sues New York Governor Cuomo & New York

Well said. The only way to really hurt liberal Democrats is in their wallets, their agenda is plainly clear to all true Americans. The way we do this is to break off ties from every liberal leaning organization, banking institutions, Retail outlets. You name it we boycott it. Just like when we broke away from England back in the days of long ago. Take away what they worship the most, more than any God or church. $$$

~Loren Ortiz

Ruger CEO Fires Back Against ‘Gun Safety’ Advocates

Of the twenty-seven words contained in our Second Amendment nowhere do I see any caveats. I see plenty of elected officials who would just as soon try and TAKE our God given right by usurpetive fiat while at the same time refusing to abide by their oaths of office.

It should be apparent to everyone that we have far too many statutes that are IGNORED while blaming victims and everyone else when the blame lies squarely on their shoulders. These Anti-gun crusaders are merely attempting to deflect from their failures as civic public and government “leaders” so they needn’t answer for their malfeasance.

We all know there are statutes against murdering people however, those statutes don’t seem to matter when the media goes off full tilt on their anti-gun platform when a firearm is involved. All one needs to realize that the media always over-involves themselves to the point of being hyper stupid. After a bombing the media will blame the bomber, however after a shooting they blame the gun

The media further perpetuates this carnage by giving these depraved individuals what they sought in the first place their fifteen minutes of fame however with Cruz it’s more than a week!! They are not smart enough to realize by doing so they are inspiring others to act in a similar fashion.

We already have laws on the books to curb violence yet you Leftopathic Deep State Globalists REFUSE to be realistic and adopt and implement REAL solutions. The reason they don’t is because if there were to actually be any solution for these problems there would be nothing left for them to politicize and we know the Leftopathic Deep State Globalist platform would be irrelevant and we definitely cannot have that now can we??

The solution to protect our most valuable assets (our children) which cannot be replaced the Leftopathic Deep State Globalists want herded into DEFENSELESS Target Rich environments AKA Gun free zones which might as well post signage stating “Attention Criminals -This is a personal defense-free zone. All Law-abiding citizens at this establishment have been disarmed for your convenience and safety”

On the reciprocal since MONEY is all the Leftopathic Deep State Globalists care for and all but DEMAND that the worthless script (which can be replaced) they idolize be guarded, stored, and transported having 24/7 security and ARMED GUARDS which speaks volumes.

With that said the Leftopathic Deep State Globalists MORONS keep enacting more and more laws while NEVER enforcing them We have laws against murder yet you bleeding heart Leftopathic Deep State Globalists REFUSE to apply the appropriate punishment then ALLOW these criminals to repeat their heinous actions now that’s not only irresponsible but INSANE!!!
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE. Molon Labe

~Force Recon Marine

Ruger CEO Fires Back Against ‘Gun Safety’ Advocates

Thank you RUGER! Stay the course. There’s too many of us out here that still need and depend on YOU arms manufactures for our defense.
Any arms maker that won’t stand up for the 2nd amendment will get no business from me, period!
Proud NRA member since 1966 or 1967 {can’t remember which}

~Tom Adkins

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