Reader Comments of the Week — May 19, 2018

Oliver North speaking at the 2018 NRA convention

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

72 Ways to End up on the Terrorist Watchlist

Is this some type of social experiment or psych / IQ test? I think just by posting this comment I’ve made the list. I guess I’ll say I fail on all accounts, and hell my comment makes me sound paranoid, so I’ll just sit here in my easy chair reading the constitution, and wait for the jug heads in the black suits and sunglasses to show up.. I’m a caring guy, so I’ll have that copy of the constitution nice and softened up for them, so they won’t chafe their second point of contact when they wipe with it!


72 Ways to End up on the Terrorist Watchlist

So often I read strong declarations made by patriotic and passionate gun owners swearing to fight anyone attempting to take their guns, or how they will have to pry their guns from their cold, dead, hands. All of that sounds so noble and strong, but how many of those making such bold statements will do the one thing necessary to avoid such violent encounters? All we have to do is VOTE and get our relatives, friends, coworkers to do the same. So simple, yet so many fail to follow through and do this one simple thing to put the gun grabbers back in their closet.


Oliver North Set to Become Next NRA President

LTC North was clearly the guy slated to take the fall for all that business back then. I don’t worry about that. I am concerned about whether he will be taken seriously though. I agree with one of the other commenters in the hope he will bring some sense to things. Toting around guns at protests and looking like false idol worshippers does not help the cause of protecting our rights. To some extent, the NRA needs to get its grassroot supporters organized and under some modicum of control or start disavowing the methed out, tatted up AR toting paintballers that ruin the image of responsible serious 2A supporters. I say good luck to ole Ollie. We’ll see where it goes.


72 Ways to End up on the Terrorist Watchlist

Yes at some point there is a diminishing return. If everyone is on the list then the list is useless to them…

I lost count of my score… buy hey, I’ve always figured I was on the list anyway.


72 Ways to End up on the Terrorist Watchlist

I agree that we have to watch our government like a hawk, because the balance between security and personal freedom is very tricky business and definitely subject to abuse. For most Americans, actually reading and understanding the Constitution would be a great place to start (especially the tenth amendment!). However, listing these “groups” out without any context is pretty misleading. Most people won’t go to the trouble of actually looking at the documents to understand that (i.e., all evangelical Christians are not considered terrorists).


10 Top Handgun Choices for 2017

I’m CZ fan also. My is the CZ P07 w/15 round magazines. I especially like the SA trigger pull of slightly over 4 lbs. Unbelievably smooth & crisp. Even the double action is very smooth although a little under 9lbs,
I prefer hammer fired pistols myself. This one suits my shooting style perfectly.


YETI Drops NRA — A Knee-Jerk Political Reaction?

Seattle Socialist, the Truth about Socialist in Seattle, has recently been revealed; Seattle Socialist Democrats, are proposing a Head Tax, on companies, $500.00 per employee for business owners. … .

Wow, what a Gift, after all, the Socialist Democrats/Communist, have proven, Margaret Thatcher’s statement; ” Socialism, is great, that is until you run out of Other Peoples Money. ” The mere fact, Seattle’s a City Government out of Control, truly is amazing. … If this Horrible Legislation Passes, we will all watch as Home Prices Fall, Businesses, Evacuate Seattle and the City Coffers, Collapse under that Bulging Debt , Seattle will most certainly accumulate. … .

Washington State, a Beautiful Place, will be destroyed under the Weight of the Socialist Democrats, that have Ruled for over 35 years. … .
Take Note; The likes of Jay Inslee, a true Carpet Bagger, has never met a Tax he wouldn’t implement, as long as he was protected with his own Government Pay Check. … . Bob Ferguson, a Total DNC/SOCIALIST OPERATIVE, this has been witnessed as Fergy has gone after each of the Presidents Protection Orders, Banning the Immigration from some 7 Muslim Nations. Fergy, has himself, violated his Oath of Office, he’s not representing the People of the State of Washington, he’s instead, as an Operative of the DNC, taken on the Socialist Organizations battle to Resist TRUMP, this too will fail, it will show when he seeks the Office of the Governor . … .

Socialism….? You Tell Me . … . I implore any Citizen of the United States, to illustrate how Socialism has advanced any Country. … ?
Seattle will be the Litmus Test, as to whether the Outrage will lead to the Demise of a once prosperous and growing community . … .

~Consultant In Action

Oliver North Set to Become Next NRA President

Well, well well, seems the NRA might have a memory that is working for them. I hope the Colonel is still up for this kind of fight. He voluntarily took the sword during Iran/Contra, as was the plan, and he very handily handled the Senate and Congress but that was quite some time ago. Those who have had the honor and privilege of working with/for him and the White House remember his many leadership skills and his dedication to this great nation. Best of luck Colonel North and the NRA.

~Jeffrey Koon

Review: Blackhawk! Omnivore Holster

Who wouldn’t love a holster that can fit 150 different types of pistols, eh!? Of course, I had to find the two that will NOT fit, in which I was disappointed. The two are the HK Tactical 45 USP with a threaded barrell and a TLR-2HL attached, and the FNH 5.7 with a threaded barrell and a TLR-2HL attached as well.
That being said, I have nothing but love for Blackhawk and their line of gear (except the Sherpa – not to crazy about that one).
Kudo’s to Blackhawk!!
I’ll keep waiting for that Omnivore that will fit over 152 types of pistols.
Best regards to all!


Oliver North Set to Become Next NRA President

Lt Col, North was one of my instructors at the USMC Basic School in Quantico Virginia in the Spring of 1970. As then I stand with him in this new and appropriate extension of the journey to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Good luck “Ollie”.

~Dan Upham

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  1. How can Midway sell Yeti coolers….after
    They kicked the NRA to the curb? No more business from me!

    1. I suspect they still have some in stock that they’ve already paid for. No one likes to take a loss. Yeti already has it’s money. These companies don’t sell on consignment.

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